8 comments on “Safestrap 1.04 for Droid 3 & Bionic

  1. So if we backed up stock, and flashed CM7 and have been using CM7… there is no way to restore stock (old safe/old backup), back up stock (new safe/new backup), the restore CM7 (new safe/old backup) because the new safestrap is imcompatable with old backups?In order to do this you'd have to install and uninstall diffrent safestrap verizions multiple times. New safe- new safestrapOld safe- old safestrapNew backup- backup with new safestrapOld backup- back up with old safestrap

  2. Sorry for the confusion:You can actually move the backups from /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup to /sdcard/safestrap/backup, and they should work just fine for when you have Safe System enabled.Just know that you don't have an original system backup in the old files.

  3. So if i boot from Cm7 to say Stock 5.6.893 and i want to restore a Backup rom that's not stock say Liberty , how do I go about doing that ?.

  4. When I enable safestrap my system won't boot. When I disable safestrap it will boot. I considered clearing system to see if that makes a difference but I have no available backups that are safestrap compatible…

  5. Every time I try to enable safestrap emmc space free is about 500 MB less.. I'm sure its due to a system backup but I have no way I can find to remove prior backups or the access them.

  6. Is there a way to get a different ROM installed in the non-safe mode. The on eI have in there is not the one I want, can I rename a safe backup to nonsafe and restore or something?

  7. Any way to get this on the new droid razr? I could benefit from being able to access recovery via BP tools right about now :p

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