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  1. Hash, as a user of your kickass Fire kernel, I say thank you! This is too bad for the Droid 3 users, and it’s a shame that Moto wont do something about it (among other things…that we’re all well aware of). I’m on a Razr MAXX running an AOKP port based off of the official ICS leaks….it’s really a shame the D3 guys wont have that option :-/

  2. Thanks a ton for all the hard work you have put in Hash. I hope everyone understands it is not your fault that ICS won’t work on D3, and most of us do. There will always be some people who will try to give you a hard time, but please know that we are thankful, and indeed awed by just the sheer amount of effort you put into these things and for free. You are a superman ;) Cheers!

  3. Sad news. But certainly not from lack of effort. Sounds like you have given it your all, and explored every possible option. Thanks for the hard work!

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  5. Man, I’ve been using one of the releases from back in March (i think), and it’s still working awesome. Yeah, some things like the qr scanner doesn’t work, but I can still use the camera and that’s really all that matters. Thanks so much for all your work. The ice cream I have is still delicious.

  6. While this all sucks terribly, I for one cannot believe insufficient RAM to be enough to stop us. The frickin G1 has a working ICS port. No hwaccel is needed when u don’t even have a PUG granted, but that phone was never even supposed to run froyo. The RAM tricks included reclaiming system memory reserved for ETA updates, bootloader tricks, radios taking up less space (all not available to us), amazing compcache and swap techniques using a well formatted and high speed sd card (adata class 6 all the way, still have mine in this very d3 I’m using). This phone has gobs of memory outside of RAM. There must be something we can do.

    • You’ll note that I never used the word “impossible”.

      You CAN get around the memory limits, but it requires more work and is easiest done with a full fledged 3.0.x kernel — that’s what I did for the Kindle Fire which also has 512MB of RAM. And that’s what I’m still attempting to do with the kernel modules that are in development — it just isn’t looking good.

      While I agree that there are phones “running” ICS like the G1. The experience can’t be good. Our main problem is we have a stock version of Gingerbread where you get 1080p video recording and can watch movies w/o lag on netflix. We have 2 fully working cameras and can arguably play some of the best games that are out there for Android phones. I’m not sure the same can be said about the G1. The standards for a “working” ICS port for the Droid 3 are arguably higher. And that’s where the challenge lies.

      I would ask: Why write a bad port of ICS? Why use a phone that doesn’t work well? W/o RenderScript(Chrome), HD Codecs, Video Recording, Face Unlock and all of the other ICS features we are struggling with.. is it still worth it? That gap will only increase over time, unless serious gains can be made via kernel modules, a kexec kernel or otherwise. We need updated PowerVR drivers and ICS compliant durcati binaries. Those are HUGE hurdles, and I’m trying to explain the “Why” of it all

      Hell, it wouldn’t hurt to have another serious AOSP programmer to help out as well. Many phones have 2, 3 or even more devs working on source code to fix issues.

      • mainly because of the locked bootloader, i guess it’s a great way to scare developers off the device.
        and partly because of the “early” release of the D4 (even though the D4 is not sold on GSM countries)

        this sounds like a great way to unstuck from my wonky programming skills, and a load of fun, too bad there is too much going on for me right now to do this

        regardless, id love to make my own device a beast, and i may eventually give you a hand on the d3

      • I remember watching you discuss getting the ducati binaries to work with 512mb of ram on the Fire in IRC. I remember you saying how difficult it was.

        It’s funny, a lot of people want ICS for the sake of ICS, when in fact a fully matured CM7 rom would be much better.

  7. Thanks Hash code. Your words mean more to me than I think I know. I am so sorry I can’t help develop and fix some of these problems. I know the only way to solve a problem is to put in the time. I have always felt guilty about the time its taken you to work on the D3. I fear the way in which we as a people do business, it comes with an increasing amount of fear too. No one wants their ideas stolen or used without permission. Its a fine line. They use to make cars so the owner could do their own repairs if they wanted. Now they make sure the owner can’t even change the oil. Laws are maybe the only way to turn this trend around. Looking forward to future D3 changes. Keep up the good work!

  8. I have been hoping that this phone would get ICS somehow. Based on these issues, thanks to TI (and motorola for not pushing them) we will never see a solid build of ICS for this phone. This is depressing, but I truly appreciate all the effort you have put in to this Hash. I am eagerly anticipating the new nexus devices google should be announcing at I/O, seems like jumping to one of those is a safer bet then trusting moto to fight for their customers to get device updates.

  9. if you pick back up 7.2 will you continue to post nightlies on the cm9 core?
    Losing my camera integration/netflix has affected me in insignificant ways but I love the new features that pop up, the fun “living on the edge” flashes
    So if you pick back up cm7 please don’t stop what you do for cm9 ^_^
    Keep up the good work! Love the product, and the love for a phone that was upstaged in 6 months, and declared dead @ 10

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  11. I can not find enough words to thank you for your effort and hard work, thank you for all you have done for us.
    From Brazil

  12. My biggest question is why are the phones produced with so little RAM in the first place? It can’t be a space issue on the PCB can it? I’m not expecting a small 16GB ESX host in my pocket, however I would think they could put at least 2GB of RAM in the 2011 models.

    I had some trouble with the D1 at times with it’s spec of RAM. I’ve got the D3 now and it’s not as much of a problem, however there are two apps I flip between for something I go to about once a week and about half the time it ends the app I just left. With what you mentioned for ICS on OMAP, I”m not getting the warm fuzzies for the D4 I ordered today (upcoming plan restructure and that it was free made me pull the trigger).

  13. your ICS-Port for the droid 3 is great…thank you for all your hard work!
    but I really would love to see cm7.2 for my droid 3. in my opinion is cm7 the better choice for the droid 1-3 :)

  14. Hash,
    You repeatedly talk about this 1GB issue, where everything is coded to work with 1GB, and that the only device out there with 512mb RAM and ICS is the Archos Gen9.
    Well, what about the Nexus S? It has 512MB ram and ICS 4.0.4

  15. I’ve been happily using your ROMs since November 2011. Your work is impressive and I admire your dedication. It’s been great fun playing around with CM9 and especially AOKP. Thank you. Unfortunately, I finally switched back to a modded stock ROM this month because of (what else) the camera. I need it now more than ever, and that need overrides the grossness of Moto’s ROM.

    I am eagerly awaiting a fully functional CM7. Moto’s ROM is indeed gross, even when tweaked and modded. It’s dirt-freaking-slow. Frustratingly slow. With horribly choppy animations. Little free memory. Touchscreen/keyboard input latency that can approach several seconds, assuming it doesn’t just drop inputs entirely, which is not uncommon. And Blur… :-O****** I’d forgotten, or maybe repressed, its awfulness.

    I can’t believe they expect people to pay money for this. I would have thought the hardware was crap if I hadn’t used your ROMs, which suffer from none of these problems.

    And I’m stuck with the thing for at least another year, so you can appreciate why I hot for a working port of CM7. And who needs ICS, anyway? Gingerbread looks nicer on phones. :)

    (btw, I hear the Xperia Arc S runs ICS with 512MB of RAM. Just FYI.)

  16. Oh Men, thanks for all the effort and hard work!! Please keep doing this, and one day yes, we got ics in droid 3!
    From Brazil

  17. This post is great. It has a lot of insight. Thank you for saying something.

    I’ve been following your blog– well more appropriately you for about six months. I am a mobile curious web dev already using Linux for work and home use. –Which is why the Droid3 with it’s super sexy keyboard with symbols is my device (for now).

    (…debilitating sadness from the Droid 4 keyboard lack thereof– Well, the symbols functionality isn’t horrible. It is just that the Droid 3 FN + L -> { is so nice. Curly braces FTW?)

    I will be looking at CM7 going forward. ICS meh. –It’s not that I don’t appreciate the valiant effort so far.

    Also don’t get me wrong, I am angry that my device was built with such short sighted bungling (and f’ing $#%! camera software). But, I agree in that I don’t know that the juice is worth the squeeze for ICS on the D3. –Unless you have enough donations coming in to subsidize work you enjoy.

    Thank you for putting in as much work as you have. I am ready to white flag it though. Because, were I in your shoes, I would be working on something that has a path of lesser resistance and a bigger scope.

  18. I loaded your CM9 program and now my phone works like magic. No more lag on games, the camera works great and fast, and I love the new features of ICS which I now could not live without. I hope you will find a way to get everything working.

    We appreciate your hard work on this and beg of you not to leave us in the dark like Motorola has chosen to do. Those of us who were duped into purchasing this Droid 3 phone deserve a working phone that doesn’t lag so badly that it can’t even answer phone calls.

  19. Thanks hash for trying on the D3 I guess this means I got to upgrade to the D4 makes me sad though I love my D3… but thanks again

  20. Hashcode you’re the man. The fact that you take all this time and effort to create a ROM that we can all use is more than appreciated. If only I had the knowledge you have, I would love to join in on your projects to try and relieve some of your work load, but sadly I don’t. All I can do is sincerely thank you for all your hard work, keep it up man.

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  22. Thanks for the hard work on this one Hash. Before I bought my d3, I did a quick check on XDA, saw that a ICS rom was in development and made the purchase. Little did I know it was a losing battle, but I am not too upset by it. CM7 is awesome, and I would love to see a fully implemented CM7 on my D3. I loved it on my OG Droid, but that little phone that could, was working a little hard to keep up. CM7 will sing on the D3. I believe a full CM7 would make MIUI components possible as well. I am not a huge fan of their launcher, but the drop menu toggles and underlying UI art is fantastic. Thanks again for your hard work. Now that we have a clear understanding of the D3’s limitations, coders can make it the best it can be.

  23. Thanks for your work on the Droid3

    I have a stock Droid3 with 5.6.890.XT862 and would love to get some kind of UI speed increase out of it.

    Can someone tell me which Droid3 ROM has a working camera, video camera, barcode scanner and improved UI?

    I don’t really need the front facing camera, just the regular one with flash.


  24. hash, thanks for the great work. You said you will work on CM7.2 for M3, so when should I expect this. Not a request, just to have an idea to when come back to download rom :) I have stock M3 from Motorola, just rooted. I’d like to install CM 7.2 as first custom rom.



  25. Thanks for the AWESOME work you made :)
    i think it’s better for you to work on CM7.2 rather than spending time in something “useless”..

  26. So… can we just skip ICS and go to Jelly bean on D3? Would that be any easier? :) I would think that its more optimized to run more with less?

  27. I’m not sure where else to ask this, but — is C7 still available? I’ve seen references to it, but can’t find it anywhere.

  28. Hash thank you for your work and that you give us hope for a new update Droid 3, but not so on Moto.Vy a very strong man, once saddled with such labor on their shoulders! What I am very grateful to you, and I think all users of the Droid 3 in Ukraine.Ya very much hope that you will sooner or later dadelaete this assembly, and the owners will rejoice Droid 3.I ask all those who, sooner or later finds out about a new release of an update for the Droid 3 of Hash to tell on this blog, but rather share a link to download.

    With great respect for the work of Alexandra from Ukraine.

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