17 comments on “Links Broken!

  1. Sorry to hear that dude!

    Hey did you See Nikon is coming out with the Coolpix S800c, an Android based camera? Might be fun to see if it’s possible to get a newer version of Android working on that.

  2. oh nevermind on the S800c, it only has 500Megs of internal memory. So I’m guessing that means it has the same problems as the Droid 3. But I can’t wait for the next revision of it.

  3. That is a huge bummer! Good luck getting it straightened out, and thanks again for all of the hard work you have done :o)

  4. Mod-Rewrite really only works if you have access to the old server as well. Looks like the old hosting site went belly up.

    But “sed” is your friend… making other assumptions.

  5. Yeah, I’m sure there is an innocent explanation for the broken links. But I smell a rat. Have smelled rat for a while. Just haven’t put together why. I’m sure I’m wrong….but then again we are smart , they are dumb and jealous.

    • My understanding is the proverbial hosting carpet got yanked out from underneath him.

  6. I tried solana cm10 of 24-aug for droid 3 with gapps-ics-20120429 but some things didn’t seen working like network, cams, the keypad light is always on, head speaker mic not work some times.
    Last Cm9 with same apps works with probs like cams, the keypad light is always on, head speaker mic not work some times.
    Can you fix cm9 isses and is cm10 need other gapps?

  7. hello everyone,
    Congratulations Hash for the work you are having, you and your team. I like to portray the following questions: how am user of Brazil, could not connect to any GSM network here, was also not possible to use the gapps-ics-20120429, as has previously spoken. In more anxious to see the final results!


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