23 comments on “Changes coming in Safestrap v3

  1. Wow i can’t wait this is gonna be awesome. Hash, love the work you do keep it up you’re the best

  2. Great job Hash! I appreciate everything you’ve done for the RAZR community! You’ve inspired me and many others like me to pursue Android development!

  3. I would buy a $5 donate SS from the market if it supported all my devices in one APK :) Just saying!

  4. My droid’s mouth is watering! You Rock! Thank you for your very well planned out intentions and hard work in this! Looking forward to the outcome…..

  5. Need option to turn keyboard lights to always-on on Droid 3 when ICS finally fully works

  6. i would have no problem paying 5 dollars for ss. I am ready willing and able to try this v3 version … thanks for all your hard work!!!!

  7. Thanks for all the hard work hash! CM10 looks AMAZING on my D3. Can’t wait till all the little (or big) kinks are worked out! Thanks again!

  8. Waiting soooooooooooooooooooooooo impatiently for this, Keep updating whats the status and how its coming along every week if you get some time…… Appreciate all your HARD WORK…

  9. Installed SS3 withe the instructions provided, after install was successful rebooted phone and no splash screen goes to the droid eye and goes no further. Am i bricked? Also was on SS2.11 and uninstalled beforehand.

  10. Installed SS3 withe the instructions provided, works good thanks for your hard work for the droid bonic using your cm10 kenex on it works awesome THANKS!

  11. There is apparently something very wrong with the latest cm10 for D3. I install it (with the jb google apps) and when I reboot, it boots the stock gingerbread rom. I have no clue whats happening. Any help? Thanks

  12. I’m sure you get this all the time but it needs to be said . you’re the best!
    You made my Kindle Fire amazing and you’ve paved the way for a long life on my Droid Razr. I would happily donate.

  13. Another satisfied customer — just got CM9 and KEXEC-CM10 installed via SS3 on my D3 :-D

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  14. I’ve been waiting for a cyanomod for my D3 since upgrading from the original DROID. I loved cm7 and really dislike MOTOBLUR. Finally my curiosity has gotten the better of me. I want to report that I was able to flash cm9 with ss2 and cm10 with ss3 but not visaversa. Both had no camera which I expected for cm10. I also experienced Safe system being active and my phone booted into the stock system like Topgun mentioned. Overall, I’m really excited about what I’ve scene thus far, and am really impressed by the work and effort. Im really hoping to install a rom that I can use as a daily driver and have read that some people have been doing this with cm9 or cm7.2. What I can’t find is nightlies or other rims to try. Does this exist? Thanks for all the hard work!!!

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