Current Projects

UPDATED: 2013-11-14



  • 3.4.y kernel from CAF based on branch “jb_2.5”
    • [IN-PROGRESS] Still  debugging boot to recovery.
    • Crashing in PMIC setup


  • [Currently @ 3.0.8] New KEXEC kernel with dev history, better battery life and camera function for all but D3
  • [FIXED 3/6 – DHacker] Bluetooth troubleshooting
  • [FIRST UPDATE 3/14 – Hashcode] Native camera improvement
  • MMS debug



  • [MOSTLY DONE] 3.4 kernel upgrade
    • Sound / MIC debugging
    • Deep sleep issues with “omapdss_dpi” device
    • SmartReflex shutdown loop fix
    • Charging driver / OTG improvrments
  • Bootloader update: Text menus, reboot bootloader support

KINDLE FIRE HD 8.9″ / 7″:

  • Sound driver fixes + Dolby surround support
  • Bootloader update: add reboot bootloader support
  • Migrate to 3.4 kernel


  • Add support for virtual “boot” partition which can store kernel / ramdisk to be applied later
  • After ^^ is implemented work on “unlocked” device builds of Safestrap

29 comments on “Current Projects

  1. Fantastic! Own an OG Razr, Kindle Fire HD 7 (my wife’s) and a Nexus 7. You continue to give us the love. Thanks so much for all your efforts!!!

  2. Using Safestrap for my D3..
    I only wish my MTK8377 tablet could be supported aswell.
    I would gladly donate one if that meant you would port safestrap (and CM 10.1) to it. :)

  3. I hope the 7” kfirehd kernel is able to be released soon I can’t wait. I check xda daily looking for updates but always to no avail. you the man hash code if I had a sister I’d let you bang her.

  4. why not camera for D3?
    It’s the missing feature that make me still don’t use the rom…

  5. Comment on the OMAP build (for Droid Bionic / Verizon)

    Noticed that the Speakerphone during phone call is DEAD. I can hear the other party on the Speakerphone, but they can’t hear me talking back. (Microphone/echo cancel killed all sound?)

    The Gapps, specifically Play Music and Play Books, are crashing upon launch, no error code displayed. There’s a dialog box that kills itself in a second. I think it just says _____ stopped responding.

    Many apps, like Pulse and Evernote, can’t install, errors out with code “-24”

    ROM Manager closes upon launch (but ROM toolbox works fine)

    This was using the 0415 (afternoon) build. If any of this was fixed in the subsequent builds, I’ll try it and get back to you.

    • Oh, and the Car Dock thing wasn’t working. There’s no app for that at all, and when I plugged it into a dock, no event was registered. I downloaded a few car dock apps to try out, but none got triggered when the phone’s plugged in.

  6. I just got a bit into booting Linux on my Droid Razr. They seem to install the system as an image much like I see you doing with /ss. Next I have to boot into the os using androidVNC. Is there any way I could do any of this through a rom slot?

  7. Hashcode,

    I understand this is your email for donating and I truly wish I could. I have been having a extremly hard time getting my kindle fire hd 8.9 rooted. I had originally looked for a long time to get just adb working ect. Now I am the step of actually rooting the device. I used the binary root tool.

    I used the 2nd option then clicked 1 and enter. While the process went through, It kept saying “system cannot find the path specified” Also my kindle did nothing during the process.

    I would love your help because you are an extremly helpful person on xda. I love how you do so much for the community with developing roms, ect. I have used them in the past on my gen 1 kindle fire.

    Thanks so much!

  8. Just a thought about the D3’s camera. If the problem is a matter of ram then perhaps we could partition a small portion of the users sdcards for use as a little extra ram such that the phone has enough to play with. Again it’s just an idea, not sure if it’s worth playing with or not.

  9. Hashcode continue the great work with CM for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9. I recently rooted my device, installed the second bootloader and twrp and flashed yiour CM 10.1 Rom following your directions to the T. I am now enjoying your Rom on the my Fire. I look forward to future updates. THANKS!!!

  10. Hi, I use motorola xt910 and I’m impressed by safestrap recovery. It’s great tool but I would like to request one feature – silent boot – it would be great if safestrap could be hidden and launch rom from specified slot automaticly but if i launch phone with, for example vol up, button it runs rom from different slot. Main reason is to be able to prepare custom rom “for theft”, (full of gps logging app, automatic photo send to my email etc.) which start by default, and every day use rom which will start only if i hold volup key on startup (theft wouldnt do it). Please email me is it possible and what do you think about it, thanks in advance.

  11. Can you please make a safestrap for for the AT&T G2. Id be willing to donate when there is a working safestrap. I love the idea. I get paid this week i can donate a good portion of the check:)

  12. Wondering if you have considered creating SafeStrap for the at&t samsung galaxy note 8.0 sgh-i467?

    I’m not a developer, but I would like to try building a few roms for my tablet (as I have for a few other devices in the past). There is a way to root the tablet, but currently no way to install a custom recovery or custom roms because of the locked bootloader…

    I also have a rooted and rom’d att samsung galaxy s4…. thats how I heard about SafeStrap.

    Thanks for all you do.

  13. First of all, thank you for keeping my razr alive, it’s been a fun year and a half of safestrapping and flashing but i came here with a little warning, 2 days ago, i flashed the newest safestrap on my device and when i rebooted to recovery… well it died on me, it bricked my device, after a few hours i was able to return to stock rom and revive my device, so for those out there, be careful, it’s awesome to extend our device’s life, but it can be dangerous, anyways thank you hash, and bless you for all your work

  14. I love the work you’ve done with Safestrap and the Galaxy Note 3 (AT&T). I agree with a previous poster about Safestrap for the AT&T Galaxy Note 8.0 (SGH-I467). This would be a huge help for those of us in the community who would like to have custom ROMs for this device. Again, thanks for your hard work and best wishes.

  15. Do you have plans on supporting more devices like the ASUS TF201. There is a big issue with people unable to unlock the bootloader on that device. Your program would work perfectly for it. Would you be willing to adapt your program to run on JB 4.1.1?

  16. Normally I don’t read article oon blogs, howevver I wish to say that this
    write-up very compelled me too take a look at and do it!
    Your writing taaste has been amazed me. Thank
    you, very great post.

  17. Any chance that any of these files work for the I435 (S4 mini) from Verizon??? I’m really feeling left out :/

  18. Sorry for resurrecting a dead horse – so to speak – but where’s the love for KFSOWI? Better known as Kindle Fire HD 2013; root’s been achieved, even crippled ‘custom’ roms which are still FireOS-tainted due to the locked bootloader… any hope at all? :-/ (Side note: SafeStrap kicked ass on my Droid RAZR M thanks!)

  19. Can you make a Samsung version that runs on smaller screens (like the s3 mini)? I can use the s4 safestrap but you can’t see all the options or really use it.

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