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  1. I just flashed the newest cm9 rom for the droid 3,but was unable to reactivate my phone on verizons network? It said programming successful and all but I had no service and was roaming? Any suggestions

    • You applied the patch, wipe it and reinstall the rom without the patch and it will be fine. I did the same twice to make sure that was the issue

  2. I have a Droid RAZR 6.12.173.XT912.Verizon.en.US, I downloaded and installed RAZR_Safestrap APK v 1.09 for the RAZR XT912. It installed or says it did but when I select it to open it, it crashes and forces closed! Any suggestions? I really want to root my phone but was hoping to back it up first with safestrap…

    Any suggestions? I don’t believe there to be any other bootstrap software installed – I’ve never tried anything like this before…

    • You need to get rooted before safestrap can be executed, I’m pretty sure. I did it on the same set up except I was rooted first then tried it and when I opened it, it asked for root permission.

  3. I have tried both AOKP and CM9, and after wiping and flashing both… i cannot get the front facing camera to work. Does anybody have any advice? The normal camera works fine, but as soon as i press the front camera button, the whole camera stops working all together. any help would be much appreciated. been trying to get this to work since the ffc update was released…

    • What version(s) of cm9 and aokp have you installed? Because the latest releases in the nightlies have the camera fix installed.

      • I have tried the latest of all of them. (i’m not that unintelligent) I know the the camera SHOULD be fixed, that’s why i’m asking for help, because it’s not working on mine.

    • I am also not able to get the camera to work at all. Droid 3, with KEXEC-cm-9-20120905-UNOFFICIAL-solana.zip, phone is rooted, and safestrap 2.1 installed.

  4. Hashcode, you are my inspiration brother, i am going start learning how to dev for the droid line of phones, Thank you for all that you’ve done for us since VZW and Moto hung us out to dry!

  5. Hashcode, I have a XT883, which I am not able to backup with 1.08 as u already know. Now you have releases 1.09, will it work? if yes how shall i ununstall 1.08 or just install 1.09 & it will update.
    Please guide this noob. Posted on XDA but till now no response.

  6. I have to say that as always, I continue to be impressed by the work you do. After running CM9 on my Droid 3 for about a month, the bugs are few and far between. I know you are working hard to iron out the last few details and greatly appreciate all the effort you put forth. Keep on hashing codes.

  7. Any chance of getting this ported over to a Tegra2 platform? I would love for my moto Droid X2 to have this!

  8. I really like ICS. I am running mod9 on a droid 3, however yesterday I started getting a error code when trying to download from google play. Any suggestion on how to repair.

    Thanks for developing ICS for the droid 3 and keep up the good work.

  9. I installed cm9 on my Droid 3 about 5 weeks ago and it worked perfectly, but today there was something like a bug coming up. After a while my keyboard stops reacting and my screenkeyboard is replaced by white space. Even if I turn my phone, theres just white space, which remains when I’m launching apps. When I reboot my device its not possible to type in the pincode of my simcard with my keyboard, just with the screenkeyboard, but typing works for SMS for a while. Then theres this bug again and it needs a reboot…
    And the second part is, that after every reboot today my battery has only 1% left.
    Hm, I know these are a lot of problems, but I just wanted you to know about them.
    And keep up the great work!

  10. hello! i am somewhat new to this whole flashing ROMs and what-not. But i have the Droid 4 and followed every single step here (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1533161) and when i finally booted into the ROM i was unable to fully set up the phone because i wouldn’t stop receiving the dialog box saying System UI has stopped responding. and for me to realize that i had to keep tapping it to get it to go away and pop up really quick and then the box would go blank(black) i had to end up restoring. any suggestions?

    i used the rom dated 09-Jun-2012 04:36 138M from this website (http://rombot.droidhive.com/ROMs/maserati/cm9/)


  11. Hello! I have been testing the last beta CM9 release in my Motorola Milestone 3 (South American version of Droid 3), and yesterday i switched to the last nightly in the ROM list. Everything worked fine in both versions, but in the nightlies i only have 2 of 4 bars in the signal display as the maximum, while in the Beta release I have the 4 bars…is it normal?


  12. Newbie here:

    In the downloads section, I see a CM9 directory, but not a CM7. Do you have/can you post a latest/greatest CM7 for droid 3? I would be very appreciative and donate some cash money dollars.

    Thanks a ton. You are proof that Ayn Rand was wrong.

  13. So wich one has less bugs on a Droid 3? AOKP or CM9? Or fixes are being equally applied for both and it’s just a matter of taste?

    Thanks a lot, Hashcode, just bought my D3. Dying to try some ICS on it.

  14. After I have installed ICS MC9 on Droid3. Call function stop works, with this massage

    com.android.phone stopped

    • I’m building a test for the D3 now to see if I can’t pinpoint where a merge went badly and has affected com.android.phone.

      Thanks for letting me know of the problem.

      • Ok, I am from Brazil, use Milestone 3 / Droid 3 (everything worked fine, unless the calling). I have changed it to GPS Only (*#*#4636#*#*), and calling was fixed, but then it get wrong again! (

    • I’m from brazil too, and has a Droid 3 \ Milestone 3.
      I had the same problem with the fone, but I reflash using the cm9 published 28-06 and it works fine now !
      Thanks for these great work.

  15. I would like to uninstall Safe Strap from my Razr so that I can get the OTA update to ICS. Other than root and Safe Strap, I am stock. Any way to do this without fastbooting and losing my data?


  16. Hello I want to know how i can get better signal!? I got only 2 lines of signal, i made all the changes on build.prop, but nothing, it still 2 lines of signal, i’m GSM user! If someone can help me i appreciate a lot!

    • I second that. I plan to wait more for CM9, and I pretty sure CM7.2 will make me like more my phone, as Motorola’s Android is really trash. Can’t wait to see CM7.2 oficial for Milestone 3.

      thanks for the hard work,


  17. Hey Ijust flashed your latest aokp and I know I’m new at this but I can’t seem to access my files that I backed up on my ext sd card any help would be appreciated. Also no g apps

  18. Hello,
    Someone can help me how too get work Google Play on CM9 for Droid3 ?

    I’m waiting to use CM7.2 and its stuff too !

    • I see now its related to lack of hardware acceleration in d3 ics builds (AOKP does same thing). Is there any reasonable expectation for future support of this feature?

  19. Firstly – thanks! …where could be without your ROM…

    Couple of questions:
    How could I flash my safe nandroid backup into unsafe?After couple of months of regular use I feel like to have it as the primary one and start playing with nightlies in secondary (safe)

    Will I lose something really important if I do factory reset? (I mean except the obvious..)

    Do you think the camera on CM9 ROMs is ever going to support 3rd party apps such as barcode scanner or HDR camera?

    Thanks again…and again

    • To answer your first question, all you should have to do is switch to non-safe system in recovery and flash a ROM. However, Hashcode has stated on XDA (and on here I believe) that he does not support doing this. Not sure if that means flashing is disabled for the non-safe or not though. Even if it is supported, it is NOT advised and I urge you not to. To paraphrase Hashcode, Safestrap was not intended to be a method for dual-booting; it was meant as a recovery system in case of disaster. Use it wisely and carefully.

      • Switch to nonsafe + flash did not work for me – I tried to flash nandroid backup of my safe one as well as one of latest nightlies… the only result was bricked droid and return to the safe system… how should I proceed exactly?

      • Can you boot to the safe system with safe mode enabled? Also, have you tried flashing a nandroid of your non-safe? I did warn you that Hashcode doesn’t support using safestrap for this. At last resort, you can backup your data on your computer via ADB interface then SBF your phone. After that, you would re-root and install a recovery software (bootstrap instead of safestrap this time), flash your nonsafe (stock) nandroid and then boot. Then you would uninstall bootstrap and install safestrap. Then you will be back where you were before you tried dual booting.

      • your “unsafe mode” is your “stock” backup. its your safety net. You flash in “safe mode” so that you aren’t stuck with the “questionable-build-rom” if that makes any sense. i hope i’m right on this, i’m still learning about this safestrap thing myself. but from what i understand its the in’s and outs of it. it works just like clockwork mod after you are in safe mode.

  20. for the people having the issue where they get a black screen maybe try and make sure you are wiping data/cache BEFORE installing the ROM.

    My problem on a previous attempt was that I wiped data after installing the ROM.

    Just a thought!

  21. i’m running the latest nightly of the CM9-UNOFFICIAL-Solana, it isn’t packaged with the Wifi-Tether app that was on the last build I was using. Is that available somewhere for download?

    Also, any updated information on getting phone encryption working?

  22. Hey. First of all hash code, thank you so much for this on my droid3. I love it. And do you know when you are going to add functionality to the video camera I at all. Thanks

  23. Ok well first off Iwould like to thank you hashcode for all of the hard work you have done and Ihope your work continues, especially on the Droid 3.

    I do have a problem that just recently started happening (week and half ago.

    I am running the March 16th build of CM9 on an XT862 and the camera has been great since I flashed the ROM. I did have to do a complete wipe and factory reset due to intermittent wifi issues as well as a couple other problems. Reflashed a clean March 16th build which fixed the problems but now 3 weeks later both cameras have COMPLETELY stopped working. I have no idea what has caused this but one day both were working fine and the next nothing. All Isee now is a black screen and the auto focus reticules when Ipress the shutter button.

    Rebooting and wiping dalvik cache has done NOTHING and now Iam worried that Iwill once again have to do a factory reset and wipe due to the fact that I absolutely need the camera.

    Before Igo about that does anyone have any suggestions on what to try to get the cameras back in working order?

    Thanks in advance

    • Ignore all that above. I wiped the dalvik catch 5 more time times and I now have my camera back.


    • I’m having a similar issue but instead of 2 bars showing all the time its 4 even though Iknow for a fact I don’t have full signal.

      Let me know if you find a fix please.


      • Yes I have done multiple dalvik wipes (10 now I think) as well as multiple cache, and data wipes and also 2 factory resets. I even reflashed a freshly downloaded CM9 (same build date) and that did not fix the issue. The signal bars were working perfectly for about 2 weeks then nothing. My wifi strength reads fine it’s just the signal strength when on T-Mobile. On stock the bars are fine but after 2 weeks on T-Mobile on CM9 something happened and the signal strength doesn’t even read under phone info (*#*#4636#*#*).

        Any help would be great

  24. Hi. i have another question, i installed this KEXEC-cm-9-20120715-UNOFFICIAL-solana.zip, now my cellphone does not have signal, neither work on GSM!? How can i fix this problem?

    • I can’t reply with certainty because I’m not the developer, but my assumption is that the kexec kernel is still new and released primarily for testing. Flash a ROM from either the CM9 or AOKP folders and you should be fine.

  25. Cm9 installed with no issue, but i couldnt deal with no camera or wifi… and it wouldnt allow me to restore my apps or contacts -__________-

    • The wifi works fine and both camera work as well. Only camera issues (for me at least) are video and panoramic functions. Did you wipe data before flashing? And did you wipe dalvik after installation?

  26. yeah i did all of that…. Camera just kept crashing and wifi wouldnt connect at all…
    Then when i restored and tried with aokp everything worked… Idk which one is better for d3
    Only problems I have with aokp is using my phone while on my phone. =\ oh well

  27. Hi, what is the most stable and fully functional version of CM9 at the moment? I mean…. in the download section there are a lot of zip files available, but I don’t know which one is the safest one to use on my XT862

    • I am currently using CM9 build date March 16th, 2012. Besides for a few problems and the most recent; camera no longer works when trying to switch to front facing camera until a dalvik wipe, its perfect. Incredibly fast, stable and amazing on battery life. I am thinking of flashing one of the newer unofficials with the new kernel though. If do ill do a comparison for you.

      • So, front facing camera only works when you do a Dalvik cache? If it works, then no problem! At least it works! lol
        I’ll try using that build… looking forward to read your comparison.
        PS: I speak spanish, sorry for my english mystakes :P

  28. Actually it doesn’t work for me at all anymore. It used to work perfectly fine but after my reflash of CM9 trying to use the front facing camera makes the HD camera stop working until a dalvik wipe. Not sure why but i’ll figure it out.

    • Ok, so… I’m about to install one of the latest CM9 builds. I know that I have to do a data/cache/dalvik wipe before and after I install, but I don’t know much more than that and I can’t find any guide on how to do it in a safe way.
      Could you give me some link of a guide to do this without bricking my D3?
      Do I need to install gapps after CM9 also? And what does it mean when they say “don’t let google restore your settings”?

      • That is all you need to worry about. Just make sure you don’t remove the battery or let your phone die while it is flashing and you’ll be fine.
        Enable safe boot mode first by going to the safe boot menu and selecting “Toggle safe boot”. Once that is done go to “install zip from sdcard”. Choose either internal or external (depending on where your CM9 is located), and select the zip you want to install. After it installs flash the gapps over and do your data/cach/dalvik wipes, reboot, let the ROM settle in (mine took 5 minutes before the setup showed), and enjoy.

  29. Alright well i just flashed the CM9 unofficial nightly build (July 22nd) and the Play Store and Gmail keep crashing every time i try to launch them. I reflashed a newer version of the gapps, flashed the gapps fixer, wiped cache and dalvik cache and still no luck.


  30. hi! i’ve been following you with the Aopk Rom for the Droid 3 …and I found that sound is not so loud like other roms. well, thanks for the good work!

  31. I was using safestrap-1.0 apk on my Droid3 all was working well, then sunday phone froze had to pull battery and would not boot past the duo core flash screen. Verizon sent me a refurbished Droid3, I install Safestrap and it forecloses. I have tried both safestrap-1.0 & Safestrap-2.00, both foreclose immediately. Any help appreciated! Android version is 2.3.4 system ver. 5.7.906.xt862.


    • Probably goes without saying, but did you root the device first? Also after rooting the device and installing the App you need to open it and install the recovery. If you run into the same problem you can find SBF files and instructions on the XDA forums.

      • I was going to root from safestrap, it was my understanding that that was the best method. Or do I need to do the root from pete’s one step method first??

      • You cannot root from safestrap, you need to download motofail. Then you can use safestrap

  32. hello
    congratulations for this incredible work…
    i installed razricsbootstrap3 and clockworkmod recovery runs perfectly…
    my problem is after start backup i see the message “don´t free space”
    i have microsd 32 gb… 23 gb free in this sd …

    the recovery internal is CWM


  33. I tried installing almost every rom for droid 3 but it seems that none of them let me sync with my gmail account and it doesn’t get me 3g. I am currently on the newest released aokp rom and I was wondering if anyone can help me get this problem sorted. Also, whenever I open or close my physical keyboard, the touchscreen becomes unresponsive. Someone please help?

  34. You’re doing great man! Can’t wait for main audio on the kexec rom, as soon as its up I’ll be on it! Once again thank you very much for your hard work and dedication!

  35. I apologize for a noobie type question: how do I flash ICS-leak .725 on my D4? I have root access – Voodoo Root enabled – SU is up to date – but I am not sure the exact steps to flash the ICS-leak with adb or fastboot — can someone point me to what I need to do? (BTW – I do not have an external ED card).
    Thank you!

  36. @David: Just installed it, camera is not working yet. One of the devs was talking about a fix for an alarm but that was draining battery. It also screwed up my market but a reinstall of the Google Apps package fixed it.

  37. I have a Droid 3 with hacked radio firmware that allows me to use it on AT&T’s cell network. If I flash AOKP Milestone 6, will it revert the changes I flashed to the radio firmware? Is there a way to keep the current radio firmware while still upgrading to ICS?

  38. Agreed … none of the Links are working. DroidHive.com seems to be Parked according to GoDaddy. What’s happening.

  39. On Droid3 ICS ROM (which I love), the hard keyboard sometimes stops responding and reboot is needed – is it something about the ROM, or just “standard” behavior? Thanks

    • That has happened to me multiple times as well and it’s very annoying. I haven’t heard of a fix but so far it hasn’t happened on the AOKP ROM which I’ve been running for a month and a half now. You could try flashing that ROM and see how it works out for you

      • Thanks… I have tried AOKP on the beginning and then settled on CM9 – what are other issues to be aware of when switching to AOKP? how about speeds? and which version do you use/suggest? The latest nightly?

  40. I am on the July 22nd build but I do recommend flashing the latest nightly as there may be some bug fixes and/or additions to it. Speed and stability are great and I love the customization options that come with it. There are a couple bugs like the 2 bar max signal strength that can get annoying but besides that it’s a very solid ROM with a nice boot animation as well.

  41. I don’t know if this is a problem with the cm9 rom or my configuration but my droid 3’s sound keeps cutting out for calls (this seems to be a consistent issue with the droid 3 hardware as well, so that’s a viable issue), but I thought I should mention that in case somebody might know something about it.

    More importantly, I thought I’d check for a newer rom to see if that would fix it somehow, but it seems whoever owns droidhive.com didn’t pay for their domain this year, so I can’t access it by the links present here. I thought I should mention that as well.

  42. hola me gustaria que me ayudaran a decirme como puedo instalar la cm9 detalladamente soy nuevo en esto espero su ayuda :)

  43. All of our hosting sites have been turned off as of today:

    I’ll be finding a new home for the downloads and updating links as I get time.

  44. I downloaded the nighly build for Droid 3 cm9, worked well for the first day, other than the fact that the phone did not work. Then, after a day, the sms stopped working aswell. I was not recieving messages

    • Tyler I had the same problem that you are having now. I find the problem not in a specified ROM but in Safestrap version 2.00 I back to safestrap 1.08 with last version of CM9 and the telephone works fine now

      • yeah what I did was download the stock mms app from a xda forum post, installed it. It worked, and for the phone, I just reflashed the CM9 nightly, no wipes, just a reflash and it worked for me so yay, looking forward to cm10 now :)

  45. I’ve a DROID 4 and noticed when downloading the ROM it says CM10. Does this mean DROID 4 has a jellybean ROM?

    • I have not yet tried the new build but the 24th build was very slow and lagged pretty bad. Also, phone signal did not work. That is my experience with cm10 for droid 3, test the new alpha though, maybe hash fixed it all.

  46. Latest CM9 nightly (8/30) for Droid3 has no phone service for me. I also tried re-flashing (without wipe) as well as another suggestion I’d seen of turning airplane mode on then back off. Nothing. Anyone else have any luck?

    • Same here, no luck fixing it yet. It also happened in the CM10 KEXEC build (8/28) that I tried first. Thought that was what broke it, but apparently not, they both just have the same problem.

      • I’m having the same issue with all of the nightly builds up available now. Is the CM10 8/24 build supposed to work and if not, can someone link me to a cm9 or cm10 build that does have phone service?

  47. Hey guys I have a issue here. please help? <(^_^<)
    Ok what ROM do I need to be on before flashing CM9?
    I didnt think this would be an issue..

    I was on SteelDroid 5.6 ICS and when i flashed CM9 via safestrap, wiped, then rebooted and after the Dual Core logo came on and off it was stuck with a black screen..tried rebooting…same thing…battery pulls….same thing…i ended up SBF back to 5.6.890 and this is where i am now.

    I dont read anywhere online what ROM you should be on before CM9. No one addresses it. Ive heard that you need to be on a ICS leak but what leak? I was just on a leak and CM9 wouldn't flash.

    Any advice?

    • missionmankind, wipe before your flash. if you wipe after you just delete the OS, hence the black screen, because you have nothing to boot into.

      • thanks man! i actually was impatient and didnt wait for it to boot fully. a guy said it took like 5 minutes for him to boot his Droid 3 after CM9 flash. I reflashed the same with all the steps (and yes i did wipe everything before and after) the black screen still came on but i gave it a minute and then CM9 booted. patients was my issue LOL
        thank you though for the reply my friend!
        I just commented here again on my update of the nightly 8/31/2012 KEXEC CM9 ROM.
        I posted my issues and thoughts. hope it helps someone!

  48. CM9———– “KEXEC-cm-9-20120831-UNOFFICIAL-solana.zip” REVIEW———-CM9

    I been using it since yesterday. issues so far…? A couple minor, a couple critical…

    – CM9 booting is always randomly different. Sometimes super slow like there’s just a black screen that flickers & other times a white screen then the logo comes on. Times vary from 10 seconds to even 15. Strange. Something going on in the Kernel or Boot Image? Maybe its the 512MB of RAM which has been a topic of inadequacy for ICS? Im guessing its its KEXEC running over the other Kernel but thats supposed to cause a quicker boot so I duno..

    – The soft key LEDs & the Keyboard lights on the touchscreen dont light up. Must go into Display and move brightness cursor bar to re-enable the soft key LEDs & Keyboard backlight. Every time i turn the screen off and then hit power button to get my lock screen the soft key & keyboard LEDs go out again. You have to repeat this annoying display brightness toggle over and over which also overrides & resets my Screendim app making it useless. For now I just leave the soft keys LEDs off. Screw it. Saves battery on the upside.

    – Under “Settings/Launcher”….the ‘Dock’ and ‘Icons’ settings dont do anything when you select them. These are either broken or not configured. Which is it? you tell me. I cant configure my icons rows or remove the dock due to this. This really annoys me but they most likely will fix it. Has to be a glitch.

    – Camera & Video apps do not work. Not even 3rd party camera apps work, not even the extra one that was included in the ROM (forget trying and save the headache) This is one of the most awaited fixes along with HDMI.

    – No HDMI settings & HDMI out does not work. ive tested it with my HDMI cable that works on stock GB ROMs and i dont even get notifications saying im connected.

    – Battery drain seems to be normal to below normal. Nothing exciting here. My Droid 2 running CM7 has the most insane battery life yet. i can run that thing almost 3 days with moderate use before a charge! This ROM isnt anywhere near that yet but hopefully soon. im only using my phone as a WiFi/voip device on airplane mode too so something is wrong here.

    – Free memory always says under 100MB (like 85MB) compared to my Droid 2 running the same few apps (google voice, groove ip, wifi keep alive, screendim) which has nearly 200MB freed at all times.

    SIDE NOTE: Apollo app that handles music on CM9 (pardon my expression) sucks in my strong opinion. makes me miss the stock music GB app like crazy. UI is horrific. I disabled it and im downloading a new music app. This was an app that was raved about. I see no rave.

    Also, Not sure about Bluetooth audio. you might want to check on that yourself since i never use Bluetooth and dont have any Bluetooth device connections to test. Ive heard there are issues with Audio not working.

    Other than this i havent spotted any other issues and the ROM runs ok but more work is needed.
    The settings need work. I wish the settings were exactly like CM7. Im sure there a couple more glitches i missed but ill update this later. So far this CM9 ROM seems to have some of the same issues the Steel Droid: 5.6 ICS ROM had. Strange. I think im going to test CM10 after a week or 2 with the CM9 ROM here.

    The CM9 still has beta issues. There seems to be not much changing with the nightly releases, in fact, what exactly IS changing with the nightly zips? hmmm.

    But all in all hash-codes is pretty dam awesome at this so faith is FAR from dead and appreciation is pouring out :)

    Thank you, thus far, for all the hard work hash-codes!!

  49. CM9———– “KEXEC-cm-9-20120831-UNOFFICIAL-solana.zip” REVIEW———-CM9

    To add some info to my above report on the nightly KEXEC CM9 dated 8/31/2012..

    — Battery life is super WACKY! I went to sleep with a 100% full battery charge and it was at 21% when i woke up. This is definitely a ROM issue. Hardly anything was running on it (google voice, groove ip, wifi keep alive, screendim). These same apps run on my Droid 2 A955 with CM7 and battery stays strong for up to 2 days! Not even my Droid 3 Stock gingerbread v5.7.906 update have nearly this bad of battery life. I would wake up with 90+% the next morning on stock ROM.

    — The ROM freezes (3 times in 24hrs) and it will either reboot on its own after a few seconds or you have to do a battery pull. It has froze on me both under light use with minimal apps running and while multitasking so this seems to be a issue either way.
    It froze on me while bringing up the touch keyboard and another time while just swiping home pages. the first freeze up occurred when i had the slide out keyboard in use and was testing every button functionality for glitches. after a battery pull and reboot I tested the slide out keyboard buttons again and completed with no flaws. all the keys work to their respective positions.

    BE AWARE: I backed up, wiped data & uninstalled the following stock apps in CM9 ROM using the Titanium Backup App in Market. However, these removals should’ve been safe & not a cause for ROM freezes.

    – Wifi Tether 3.2 Beta1 ***BETA*** (didnt work anyway & had no use for it)
    – (Google)Talk 4.0.4 2999849 (dont want it, dont need it)
    – Movie Studio 1.1 (dont want it, dont need it)
    – Camera 1 (camera doesnt work anyways)
    – Apollo 1.0 (i replaced it with PlayerPro Music Player v2.44 & GTunes Music Downloader V6)

    No other changes were made to the ROM (no added launchers or major changes).

  50. hello, i have tried to install both cm9 and 10 on my Droid 3 but both roms ( more that once) but they always end up stuck at the boot screen. Eny help?

    • Make SURE you wipe all data, cache & the dalvik cache PLUS do a factory reset BEFORE AND AFTER FLASHING the CM9 or CM10 roms. If you dont you will get stuck at boot. HOWEVER, this can be confused with another scenario……
      Meaning you actually DID successfully flash it with CM9 and CM10, only you need to wait for it to boot. youll get a black screen (sometimes white) but wait for it to boot. KEXEC is a Kernel thats booting over the other Kernel so its initial boot time can take anywhere from a few seconds to over 5 minutes! it hangs sometimes. you need to wait and you will see the new CM9/10 boot logo. Its pretty cool as matter of fact.
      Trust me i ran into the same thing and this guy said it took 5 minutes for his to boot but it eventually did.

  51. I’ve been reading a little bit and im on stock 5.6.890 do i need to update before i try another time ive been using the KEXEC builds

    • Yes Update to the latest OTA stock gingerbread 5.7.906 (i did) and flash right over to CM9.
      There isnt much about this on the internet anywhere (not even in droid forums) but here you go..

      The link for the Latest Droid 3 XT862 version 5.7.906 OTA is here (244mb): http://d-h.st/uEA

      You will also need Gapps installed for CM9 or CM10 (2 different gapps files for each CM9 & CM10)
      CM9 Gapps: http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip
      CM10 Gapps: http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20120726-signed.zip

      Place Gingerbread 5.7.906 stock rom on your external sd card & rename the .zip file “update”.

      Flash it with stock recovery this time (i flashed this rom with stock recovery) power down phone, hold power button and “X” on keyboard to enter stock recovery. toggle with volume buttons.

      Root your Droid 3…..
      Try motofail method:
      or try zergrush method:

      Install safestrap APK on your phone: http://dl.hash-of-codes.com/ROMs/solana/

      reboot phone, enter safestrap mode when prompted by pressing menu soft key button, toggle “Safe System” mode so its active, wipe data/cache/dalvik/factory reset, begin flash of CM9/CM10. After flash is complete, wipe data/cache/dalvik/factory reset again, before you reboot install Gapps for your version of Cyanogenmod 9 or 10 (do not wipe data anymore after this).

      wait for boot to start (may take up to 5 minutes). Youll have a black screen that may flicker or turn white. ignore this and wait.
      You might want to familiarize yourself with what the KEXEC Kernel is. You will experience issues like your phone freezing up, things not working, etc..but overall its a awesome ROM that when complete is going to rock! Dont worry they are working on it. Droid 3 is not dead.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: ive experienced an endless boot also when I didnt install Gapps or didnt wipe all the data and factory reset before and after a flash before rebooting.
      If that dont work you can also try toggling OFF “Safe System” mode. It worked for me once also with CM9 not booting. As soon as I toggled it off it booted. If all else fails do it over again. It WILL work.

      Support the DEV’s on this page here! Donate, Give Thanks, Stay In The Loop!

  52. BPropst, one last thing..

    There are some who say you must be on a Ice Cream Sandwich leak to flash over the CM9 or 10.
    Ive seen this stated for other devices but not yet for Droid 3. I tried flashing CM9 from Steel Droid 5.6 Ice Cream Sandwich build and it didnt work but i dont know if it was that or another mistake. I just SBF’d back to stock ROM, updated to the latest 5.7.906 version for droid 3 and flashed CM9 with the above method and it worked (i also tried a few things slightly different and that couldve helped my success).
    Im running CM9 with issues of ROM randomly freezing (just now did while i was texting a friend) and things dont work like camera, HDMI and some other things.

    After i test CM9 fully im going to try our CM10 and then revert back to a deodexed stock gingerbread 5.7.906 build with bloatware removed. its the best option until they get these ICS builds working on Droid 3.

  53. I’m still using the version before named “kexec”. i have problems with my network signal with those versions. (i’m in argentina and have a xt862). it works fine with “9-20120725-unofficial-solana”. but doesn’t with any kexec version. it could be bandwith or something here in argentina that is not compatible with that compilation?

  54. in my opinion after dealing with this KEXEC 8/31/2012 CM9 nightly rom for only a few days now, im thinking its not the best way to go on these CM9 builds. It freezes too much, reboots on its own, and thats just the beginning. Id say these issues make it look like an Alpha build all over again..

  55. I am using preKexec version dated May 14 … I am very happy with it. Stable, usable, nice, used to be fast. Now it is too cluttered, so it is time for reinstall. I have two related questions:
    1. Should I install KEXEC?
    2. If not, which version of older one to flash and where to get it?

  56. HELP: I stuck at: Installing: /sdcard/KEXEC-cm-9-20120905-UNOFFICIAL-solana.zip
    Finding update package…
    Openening update package…
    Instaling update…
    Installation aborted.

    Why aborted? I did everything correctly and wiped everything. DROID 3, Verizon, 5.7.906

  57. @ Jomathan:

    Either your Droid 3 isnt rooted (lost root somehow) or youre not on the right ROM to flash over to CM9.

    Did you SBF back to stock ROM first?
    If not go here and download the 1_CLICK_SBF.exe located here: http://d-h.st/mvX

    First Step: connect your Droid 3 to your PC via USB cable.

    1. Power down your Droid 3
    2. power up your droid 3 by pressing power and press both volume buttons (up and down) at the same time which brings up the boot menus.
    3. toggle by pressing volume down (not up) rest on “AP Fastboot”.
    4. select it by pressing the up ^ volume key.

    Your phone should now be connected and it says ‘usb OK’, etc..

    Open your 1_click_sbf.exe file on your windows desktop and allow it to run and then select accept and let it finish flashing.

    After it finishes and reboots you must then flash your phone again.

    Try motofail method here:

    or try zergrush method here:

    After this you must install safestrap APK on your phone: http://dl.hash-of-codes.com/ROMs/solana/

    reboot then hit menu softkey to enter into safestap menu.

    toggle on the “Safe System” mode so its active, FIRST do a backup of your ROM, Then wipe data/cache/dalvik/factory reset, begin flash of CM9/CM10.

    Then go to select (zip) update from sdcard.

    Flash CM9.

    After flash is complete, wipe data/cache/dalvik/factory reset again, BEFORE you reboot You will also need Gapps installed for CM9 or CM10 (2 different gapps files for each CM9 & CM10)

    CM9 Gapps located here: http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip

    CM10 Gapps located here: http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20120726-signed.zip

    (do not factory reset or wipe data anymore after this)

    @ RostaR:

    Beware of the KEXEC versions. They have issues and they get more as time passes. Freezing, glitches, slow, crashes, etc.. its still in beta stage though so dont expect fireworks.
    try out the other versions that dont run off the Kexec Kernel. Ask around cus i dont know where any are at the moment.

  58. My Droid 3 is alsready rooted with motofail (Superuser, Titanium worked perfectly) Then I wanted to unlock it for T-Mobile, that’s why I tried to flash it.

    Problem: I am using MAC.

    I have done a Recovery with safestrap before I started flashing. Can I go back somehow?

  59. Jonathan just reboot your Droid 3, go into safestrap recovery, go to nandroid menu (backup/restore) and restore your phone with the backup you did. select the back from the external sdcard or internal (wherever you saved your backup).

    The only reason you cannot flash CM9 is due to a few things.
    1. your sdcard isnt mounted before you reboot causing errors in finding your “update.zip” file

    2. youre not on the right ROM, meaning youre already on leaked or custom ROM (you should SBF back to the original ROM for Droid 3, root, install safestrap, make a backup, the flash CM9).

    3. you didnt wipe the cache, dalvik and data and factory reset before your new flash (if all protocol was taken care of mentioned here in #2)

    4. You didnt root your phone after wiping data/cache.dalvik/factory reset and going back to stock ROM

    5. MAKE SURE YOU ROOT. if you’re not sure check it with root checker in market. Its free.

    To make things easier on your just SBF back to stock ROM and root and then proceed with safestrap install and then flash your ROM.

    DO NOT INSTALL CUSTOM ROMS WITH STOCK RECOVERY. USE SAFESTRAP ONLY and make sure you enable (toggle) “safe system” mode to ON.

  60. sorry i have not posted back but i found out how to do it, all i needed was to use safe strap instead of koush bootstrap(<——-problem) flashed both cm9 and cm10 with out updating. thanks for all the help!
    By the way eny camera fixs for cm 10 droid 3?

  61. No, Camera and Video does not work whatsoever on CM9. Ignore posts that say it does because I have yet to see any app of any sort work including the stock camera app. It is broken on CM10 as well. This is why some are headed back to debloated/deodexed stock ROMs for droid 3 until DEVs can get the custom ROMs working and stable like CM7 for Droid 2.

    • Older (nonKEXEC) Hashcode ROM does support the camera, but not the video. And some camera functions are limited…here is a link to the photo I took as I am writing this – EXIF would hopefully show it was taken on Droid3. http://db.tt/CjHGZAcm …it DOES work.
      My ROM is 14th May preKEXEC nightly.
      As it got cluttered, I would like to reflash, but I dunno which one to choose… please, advise.


    Droid 3, 5.7.906.XT862, Android 2.3.4, Mac User

    My Droid 3 is rooted, checked it. I wiped cache, data, davlik; I mounted the SDcard.

    I tried several CM9’s, no matter which one I used, it always aborted the installation.

    Please guys, I am a real AMATEUR and have no clue!

  63. I noticed all the phones except RAZR have some kind of rom download and timeline on RAZR downloads yet? Thanks for all the hard work!!

  64. you guys should just use the SteelDroid ROMs for Droid 3 (GB 4.8 or ICS 5.6) until these CM9 & CM10 ROMs get fixed.
    Right now they are super unstable and if youre wanting a permanent regular ROM thats dependable youre going to eventually grow ever increasingly tired of the CM9-10 ROMS and revert back to to other custom ROMs. These ROms are still in Beta mode and seem more like Alpha with the things that went wrong on me.

    Take it from me Ive installed both CM9 and CM10 on my D3 and both were complete headaches, although the work is greatly appreciated by the DEVs.

    If you MUST have this ROM then go for it but my advice is let the developers work out the bugs. They work hard on this stuff but they work on so many devices that youre not likely to see anything anytime soon as the RAZR, Droid 4 & other devices are first in line.

  65. Hey man, thanks for all the work you’ve done for the Droid 4…I was wondering if you had your latest copy of CM9 laying around as I’m not seeing it on the server…I wanna attempt to port MIUI to the D4 and was hoping to use your CM9 as the base…let me know man, thanks…

  66. Why isn’t the solana CM9 at “http://rombot.org/ROMs/solana/”? Are you only working on CM10 right now?

    I’m using the CM9 and I’m waiting for the CM9 rom with the camera working… and I’d like to use the CM9 as soon as it’s finished… I mean, I thought the CM9 would be finished sooner than the CM10 rom, but if it won’t, then I’ll upgrade my droid 3 to CM10 and I’ll forget the CM9 xD.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for giving us the oportunity of using the last android versions.

  67. Hashcode, I have the same question as the above poster. I personally like cm9 better and see that all the links for cm9 are missing on all devices. Have you ended the development of cm9 or are you just focusing on cm10? I would love to get cm9 on my kindle fire as well.

  68. I am using AOKP job on my RAZR Max Bluetooth works with music but not for phone calls is this normal. Can’t find a thread for CDMA.

  69. Excited for SS3! However, I’d like to hold off updating SS until a more stable build has been released, I’m still an amateur. The download links for older versions of ROMs (for SS2) are missing, are you updating everything to SS3 at the moment?
    Thanks for all the great work!

  70. Sent from d3 with cm9. Slide keyboard seems to be shortcutting or something. had to type from soft keyboard.

    On telus network.

    • Running latest CM9 built on D3 (on Telus network) for the day now. Appears to be a usable build.

      Battery life is not the greatest. Sent/received a few texts, no real browsing or calls.

      Phone has been off the charger for about 11 hours, and I have 43% left.
      Screen 44%
      Android OS 24%
      Android System 11%

      The screen auto shutoff is 1m. Changed to 30 seconds, see if that makes a difference.

      Camera does not work.

      Wifi works

      Haven’t tested bluetooth and gps, but I assume they work since no erros when I enable them.

      I noticed sometimes when the screen locks in landscape mode it will not return to portrait when rotated. Unlocking still does not return to portrain. Sliding the keyboard out and in fixes it.

      Thanks for getting me off the crappy verizon build.

  71. Just got an message saying I don’t have permission to dl roms and an error code 404 file not found.

  72. Running CM10 and only thing I’ve found was sometimes after waking the phone up the keyboard won’t backlight but switching the brightness up and back down fixes it…no biggy and THANKS SO MUCH for SS3 and CM10 on my VZW D3…hoping camera works someday even for still shots, but until then that’s what reboot into Stock is for :)

    P.S. More beer funds coming soon!

    • I couldn’t get CM10 to load on mine… When I reboot the system after installing it starts to load and then the Verizon rom loads up in a fresh state. Not sure why that happens. If I install CM9 again it works just fine.

      I usually do a factory wipe/reset and dalvik wipe before I do the install which appears to do it any way for good measure.

      • Actually I just created a 3GB new ROM Slot with SS3 (3.05 is the newest as of now for D3) and did the install via SS3 and then installed gapps (gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip) before rebooting for the first time. CM10 isn’t the most stable so far, so I’m gonna wipe and flash again, but so far AOKP has been solid!

      • I had just the opposite experience. CM9 never loads. the display seems to turn “on” but nothing else happens. I have to remove the battery to reset it. CM10 works OK. I guess the deep sleep problem exists in CM10 which makes it not suitable for daily use because it would eat up the battery. I instaled both CM9 and CM10 with the relevant gapps.

    • I’ve found on my Droid 3 current AOKP to be the most stable. I get an occational com.android.phone crash at the end of a call, but it clearly doesn’t affect my calls. CM10 has a deep sleep issue for my Droid 3 (on VZW) so I can’t use it for now…but am waiting for the fix from hash!

  73. So I was able to root my D3 using motofail which did give me super user and the ability to install safestrap for D3. Everything works great, except until i try to flash with any ROM. I remember to wipe the cache and the system, but no matter what ROM I use to flash, it installs rather quickly and after the reboot, it appears that it hadn’t installed at all and just goes back to 2.3.4 stock. My flashes aren’t taking.

    • Problem fixed. Didn’t like the posted version of safestrap in the Solana folder so I tried the 3.0 beta and it works. 3.0 could use some better navigation through file directories when choosing zips though.

  74. Which gapp should i download with KEXEC-JB-aokp_solana_unofficial_Oct-18-12.zip? and how do i install it too? i’ve installed the KEXEC-JB-aokp_solana_unofficial_Oct-18-12.zip already though then i realize i was missing gapp

    • Jimmy, you need to re-flash your device with aokp and right after it’s complete, flash it with gapps. Google gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip and you should find your rom.

      • I end up using the KEXEC-cm-10-20121018-UNOFFICIAL-solana.zip and also the 20121011 at the gapp goo.im.

    • Which phone? I know for the D3 it is not working and has to do with the ducati binary and only 512MB RAM on the device…for other devices I’m not sure. For the D3 there is a work-around, but I know Hash said he’s working on general stability with AOKP and CM10 before the camera…

  75. trying to install cm9 for the first on my Droid 3
    I have the following on my SD card:

    I sbf back stock, rooted, install safestrap (3.05), backedup. then updated to the latest 5.7.906, rooted, install safestap again, backed up.

    I then wipe cache/dalvik/factory reset – how do i wipe “data”. its referenced on missionmankind posts, but i dont see that option in safestrap.

    I have a Rom slot setup. i wipe cache/dalvik/factory reset, install the KEXEC-cm-9, then install gapps.

    I then reboot and get stuck on the black screen (waited 20min or so just in case)

    What am i missing?

    How do you toggle “Safe System” mode? Is there an option that im missing or is it just simple as changing from stock to another rom slot? does it matter which version of gapps I use to install?

    As of right now, i get the black screen if i load the rom and the phone works fine on the stock rom slot.

    • tomsgt123 on youtube helped me get an answer. i was trying to install ss2 roms on ss3. installed mavrom 4.5 with no issues. anyone have any other roms they think are great? post link if possible please.

  76. I don’t understand this. How can my older version of CM9 on my Droid 3 have a working camera (both i might add) and after I’ve replaced it with another Droid 3, no ROM for Droid 3 has a functioning camera. I tried AOSP, AOKP, CM9 and CM10. This is a very important part of the phone and I need it for work. Now I’m faced with a decision: Awesome OS with settings I crave and the damn ability to send a text with enter, or gingerbread with working camera (thanks moto…). Someone please provide me an answer to this or a link to a working nightly that has a working camera. I’m sorry if this seems out of place, but I’ve been tearing my hair out with nearly 10 flashes today trying to get this little damned eye on the back of my phone working.

    • If you find one do please let us all know. I know I’d love one too, but for now since I use my camera so little (pix at a jobsite mostly) I’ll just reboot to stock when I need it. They built-in GB camera is so dang slow to initiate anyways…

      • What I was saying was, I had a hashcode daily updated ROM of CM9. Everything worked except voice while bluetooth was on, but that was fine. My point is that the camera once worked in a hashcode ROM. What changed?

      • Logan, I did something smart and saved my backup before I replaced my last D3. It’s CM9 with working camera (from hash). It’s 9-20120623-UNOFFICIAL-solana. I’m not sure where you can find it.

      • Thanks Kip! I’ll keep on the hunt for that ROM name. I do hope to see functional camera (stills are just fine with me TBH) on my Droid 3 inside of JB someday, but in the meantime I’ll just enjoy having JB and rebooting to Stock for my camera.

        P.S. Watch for some more beer funds coming your way later today Hash! Keep of the great work!

  77. eu instalei o cm10 no droid 3 mas, ele fica sem sinal de rede, será que a rede dele não funciona ainda aqui no brasil ?
    aguardo respostas

  78. well I tried to install CyanogenMod oapk and 10, but both had the same problem with the GSM network signal (TIM BRAZIL), the one that this problem was not aprentou the CyanogenMod 9 (which was posted on 08 – 11-2012) however he is experiencing many problems (crashing all the time).
    des of the initiative and I thank you from the hash-of-codes en trying to find a working version of room for the droid 3, and anxiously await the full version.

  79. well I tried to install CyanogenMod oapk and 10, but both had the same problem with the GSM network signal (TIM BRAZIL), the one who had this problem was not the CyanogenMod 9 (which was posted on 08 – 11-2012) however he is experiencing many problems (crashing all the time).
    des of the initiative and I thank you from the hash-of-codes en trying to find a working version of room for the droid 3, and anxiously await the full version.

    • You can try repack build with edited build.prop
      find and change values:
      ro.telephony.gsm-routes-us-smsc = 0

  80. i flashd cm10 the right way. and flashed gAPPZ right after. no keyboard on my droid 3. is this a flash problem or is there something wrong with the build???

  81. I have a droid 3 flashed to cricket and i dual booted cm10 and my phone doesnt have a prl,imie,my phone number, and my min. is it possible to flash the phone back to cricket on this rom.

  82. I’m currently running the most recent CNA build for the targa which works fine, aside from the known bugs/not working features.

    However, neither of the CM10.1 builds want to boot for me… I see the CNA boot logo instead of the CM boot logo and it just hangs on boot logo.

    Any suggestions?

  83. Abandon all ye that post here. Hash has lost interest in this (and for fair reason) I’ve spent over a year with the Droid 3 and trying to get it to look like all the other phones with jellybean and ICS has been a nightmare. It has always barely worked or been missing something. I’ve learned my lesson and i’m just going to let Moto write my OS. Thanks to hash for making this a bearable phone. Gingerbread was awful. :)

  84. Well, I would point out that there are Jan8 2013 builds of cm10 and cm10.1 available in the dl section.

    Having said that, I take your point about this being a platform that was always on the edge of greatness, but never able to reach that potential.

    I have not tried the cm10, I went straight to the 10.1 nightly. bluetooth doesnt work on it, so i may drop back to cm10

    if folks are going to try them, then i suggest that they follow the instructions carefully.

  85. Hi! I have a cell phone XT860 called Milestone3 on Brazil. (Operator Vivo)
    I installed everything perfectly.
    So I ran a patch I found on the web ‘ics_ptbr_patch.zip’.
    And he began to make calls. But another problem appeared, the wifi stopped working.

    Any Suggestions?

    Thank you, for your attention.

  86. Both myself and Dhacker work on the ROMs for Droid 4(maserati), so if you want to donate for that, you can use the either donate link in the upper right corner.

    That being said, I always like to add: I don’t work on Android for donations. I work on Android because I like to and there are no strings attached. You should never feel any pressure to donate. BUT, it does make my day anytime I get a donation.

    However, goo.im is also a fine hosting provider for many many devs and i’m sure they would be pleasantly surprised with a donation. But they have no direct involvement with the making of the Motorola ROMs that we work on.

    I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the ROMs.

    • K awesome. Yeah you guys rock. My d4 is nothing without your roms. (plus once I donate, I won’t feel so bad about asking you to re-enable the camera in cm 10.1!) Please keep up the awesome work as it’s much appreciated

  87. On getting the Milestone 3 data/wifi working: I don’t own a M3 so I rely on community devs to sort of make the Droid 3 ROMs work on the Milestone 3 via patches or otherwise. You can search at XDA for more help on getting the Milestone 3 working (I think).

    Sorry I can’t help more. :/

  88. Are there any roms for the D4 with working bluetooth audio and what not? Meaning to only have bluetooth radio on and still hear calls? Seems to work once bluetooth is paired.

  89. I am on XT870, which I SBF´d to XT862 – back in preKEXEC times there was something to flash to make all these ROMs working on XT870. Now I am not able to make them running – what should I do? Thanks

  90. CM 10.1 flashes OK, but once loaded, it gets stuck on “Setup Wizard stopped responding” – how to get out of the endless loop of OK buttons?

  91. What would it cost me in dollars to have you make a cm10.1 rom for the d4 that is able to recieve picture txts, a running camera, (make sure the alarm works on the newest update, this last release made me late to work!) and and top of that possibly get it to broadcast fm. I know thats asking a lot and thats why im wondering how much you would want.

  92. PLEASE can anyone tell me what the best functional ROM is for Droid 3?
    Where HDMI, camera and video recording work and is stable enough like the Droid 2 CM7 ROM was.

    ANYONE PLEASE? Ive been looking for months and months.

    I know nothing about CM10.1, CM10, AOKP, AOSP or Killrom.
    Does anyone know what each are and their pros/cons?
    Already tried CM9 once and it was very buggy and camera didn’t work and video codecs didn’t work and the LED flashlights were melting my led light.

    THANK YOU!!!

  93. This has been by far my best experience with safe strap. I’m using a Droid Razr CDMA. This was the first time I was able to switch between versions so easily. I am now confident enough to help others with upgrades. Great Work!

  94. I’ve installed the latest Droid 3 AOKP ROM from here and the new CM10.1 several times each in the last couple of days and can’t get either one to activate on Verizon. After install, I simply don’t get a setup and activation sequence. Worse, if I flash GAPPS (whether at the same time or as a separate flash afterwards) it starts giving error messages and becomes completely unusable. Delete (in SafeStrap), wash, rinse, repeat.

    SafeStrap works great for me, I’m able to get back to my stock Gingerbread setup each time without a problem. The phone works great all day, I’m just spending an awful lot of time each night messing with Jellybean with no success.

  95. how do you get into diagnostic mode with safestrap 3 on a droid bionic? i need to use cdma-ws in order to nv only with the blurry maxx 4 release, or any other rom for that matter, when i try bp tools and blurry is on slot 1, goes to safestrap screen, please advise thanx.

  96. Very nice! You made my Droid 3 ten times better. I appreciate your work — do you have a Bitcoin address?

  97. I was previous running the older Safestrap 2 on my Droid 4. When the Jellybean update was released I uninstalled it so that I could apply the OTA. Now that I am on Jellybean I would like to install Safestrap 3. Are there any known issues with using this on the Droid 4 with Jellybean?

  98. there is something wrong with the droid3 cm10.1 13/4/9 release
    the rom doesn’t boot even if installed on slot1
    sometimes it starts after a lot of reboots…

  99. I have been using SafeStrap v3.05 on Droid 3 successfully for some time now. Got three slots used with original, Steel ICS, and AOKP Build 6.
    Mainly using Steel Droid but wanted to switch to AOKP today. Did a reboot and hit “menu” so I could activate AOKP. But, the phone booted back into Steel. Tried reboot several times, even reinstalled Safestrap from within Steel ICS. For some reason, Safestrap does not want to pull up even when I select “menu” with each reboot. I have latest Busybox Free version (1.2.1 I think) installed under Steel ICS.
    Anyone have any suggestions? How can I resolve this issue?

  100. HELP: OK so I have applied the CM 10, and CM 9 EVERY VERSION THERE ARE, and it apply’s just fine but keeps saying to place a call please turn off airplane mode and air plane mode is off I have a DROID 3. Please help!!!

  101. My Droid 3 did that, telling me that airplane mode was on and to turn it off. Check to see if your SIM card is installed. Several months ago, I had removed my SIM card (it’s not used on Verizon and I don’t travel out of the country) for whatever reason and putting it back in fixed this problem.

    • :( at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1804665


      ** I would never expect the camera to be fully functioning. I am working several avenues to get a functional camera on the Droid 3, but they’re all sketchy at best. Just know that if you choose to flash custom ROMs w/ newer OS versions: You won’t have a camera.
      ** Did I say don’t expect the camera to be fixed? If it was to be fixed, trust me, you’ll see me all over the boards, twitter and the social universe telling people about it.
      ** There are other devs now working on the kexec kernel and it’s possible that they can get some basic camera functionality through kernel drivers. It’s quite complicated and there are no public data sheets which describe the sensor functions in great detail for our devices.
      ** Don’t expect the camera to be fixed.

  102. I have not checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring,
    but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my
    everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend

  103. That’s like Houston Texas being without a Country station. It was an entertaining radio program that played the music people wanted to hear combined with his groovy upbeat personality. Perfect for long trips and for up to date information on road conditions ahead.

  104. I have a Droid RAZR MAXX HD (XT926) (Verizon) running 9.16.6.XT926.Verizon.en.US. Which of the RAZR versions should I use — the RAZR/MAXX or the RAZR-HD/Atrix-HD? I used the RAZR-HD version and performed a backup without a problem, but I just want to be sure.

  105. Awesome things here. I am very happy to see your article.

    Thank you a lot and I’m taking a look ahead to touch you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  106. I need help and Im sure im doing something wrong, I downloaded the newest safestrap, however I get a zip file instead of the actual apk. ?

  107. Whenever I click on any of the download links I get a “500 internal server error” message. This is also happening when I try to link to the hash of codes downloads off of other sites too. Do you know what is happening or how to fix the download links? Thanks for everything

    • Figured out that it is not an error on this site, but goo.im is down so all of the download links are temporarily down

  108. Hey Guys,
    Is there any body who have been able to get the camera work on Droid 3 with Cyanogenmod. my camera does not work on this mod. I love Cynogenmod but I need the camera. at least some basic functionality of it

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  111. i found this site thru a blog about flashing ROMs to Verizon SCH-I535 Galaxy S3 phones that were updated with OTA 4.3 Jelly Bean VRUCML1 firmware with locked bootloader/KNOX. now, i don’t see this an option here for saferoot for this phone?

    I am rooted, but would like to install custom ROMs. any help is appreciated!

  112. Doe anyone have a link to a working rom of CM7.Anything for xt862(Droid 3)? The download links elsewhere seem to be dead.

    I am having ‘random reboots’ of a Droid 3 about every 24hrs or less. I’ve tried Maverick, and minimoto and they seem to do the exact same thing as stock(I wonder if they were ripped) CM9 does not reboot, but it is way slow and no camera etc(rumor it is ‘sort of works on CM7).

    Minimoto & Maverick are stable on first boot after reinstall(test run time 12 days(and doing stuff’), after rebooting and forever after it is unstable after about 24hrs(sometimes less).

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