Safestrap: Read for Instructions

This bootstrap/recovery works by installing ROMs to an alternate area of your device. Please remove Koush’s Bootstrap prior to installing Safestrap.



Droid 3 [XT862] 2012-11-05 v3.05 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Droid Bionic [XT875] 2014-04-14 v3.72 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Droid RAZR/RAZR-MAXX [XT912] 2014-04-14 v3.72 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
GSM RAZR [XT910] 2014-04-14 v3.72 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Droid 4 [XT894] 2014-04-14 v3.72 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
RAZR-HD/Atrix-HD [XT925/XT926] 2013-09-20 v3.60 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
RAZR-M [XT907] 2013-01-04 v3.12 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Moto X & Ultra (VZW) [XT1060/XT1080] 2013-11-13 v3.65 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Moto X (ATT) [XT1058] 2013-11-13 v3.65 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Moto X (TMo/Int’l) [XT1053] 2013-11-13 v3.65 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Galaxy S4 (VZW) [JFLTEVZW] 2013-11-13 v3.65 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Galaxy S4 (ATT) [JFLTEATT] 2014-04-02
v3.72-KK-B01 [KK BETA]
Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Galaxy S4 Active (ATT) [JFLTEATT-ACTIVE] 2013-11-13 v3.65 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Galaxy Note 3 (VZW) [HLTEVZW] 2013-11-14 v3.65 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Galaxy Note 3 (ATT) [HLTEATT] 2014-04-14
v3.72-KK-B01 [KK BETA]
Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Galaxy Note 2 (ANY) [T0LTE] 2014-04-03
v3.72-B01 [BETA]
Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Amazon Kindle HDX 7″ [THOR] 2014-03-26 v3.72 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (
Amazon Kindle HDX 8.9″ [APOLLO] 2014-03-26 v3.72 Mirror 1 (Crackflasher)
Mirror 2 (


  • [04/14] (3.72) TWRP base update
  • [04/14] (3.72) Couple of new devices brought up
  • [01/15] (3.71) Code cleanup
  • [01/15] (3.71) Minor hijack updates
  • [12/18] (3.70) Mount cleanup during hijack / debugging output
  • [12/18] (3.70) Splashscreen: Instant stock boot key (needs to be set for Moto OMAP4’s still)
  • [11/13] (3.65) TWRP base update
  • [11/13] (3.65) recovery init.rc cleanup
  • [11/13] (3.65) fix updater build for cm 10.1 and 10.2
  • [09/20] (3.60) Better handling for virtual images > 2gb
  • [09/20] (3.60) Much improved block device handling
  • [09/20] (3.60) Bugfix in script translation
  • [09/20] (3.60) hijack / init.rc tweaks
  • [09/06] (3.53) Fixed mass_storage in recovery (via Mount menu)
  • [09/06] (3.53) Added Webtop to partition backup list (optional)
  • [09/06] (3.53) New virtual systems created will be 640mb (got reset 600mb)
  • [09/06] (3.53) Fixed file selector when changing from internal to external storage (previously location wouldn’t update)
  • [09/05] (3.52) added “Reboot to Recovery” in APK
  • [09/04] (3.51) Disabled screen blank while creating a rom-slot
  • [09/04] (3.51) Fixed openrecovery script processing for stock slot to re-inject hijack after .zip install (cmupdater on stock now works)
  • [08/30] (3.50) If running a new CM10.1/CM10.2 ROM (08/30 or later) you *should* be able to install Safestrap and update the recovery w/o having to go back to stock. If Safestrap shows “recovery not installed” while you’re on a ROM-slot, then that ROM hasn’t been updated and it won’t work. Swap back to stock ROM and update Safestrap from there.
  • [08/30] (3.50) Worked on stock ROM flashing and *should* work with CM10.1/CM10.2 builds on or after 08/30 *WILL NOT WORK WITH OLDER ROMs.*
  • [08/30] (3.50) Battery meter is back
  • [08/30] (3.50) Updated TWRP theme
  • [08/30] (3.50) Added partition sizes to ROM-slot screen when it’s ACTIVE
  • [08/30] (3.50) Added “Check FS” function to ROM-slot screen when it’s ACTIVE
  • [08/30] (3.50) Complete re-write against TWRP 2.6 base (up from version [URL=”″%5DTWRP changelog for reference[/URL]
  • [01/04] (3.12) Fix initial file selector location for backup/restore
  • [12/29] (3.11) Allow use of custom updater-binary in .zip files for flashing on stock ROM (virtual slots still use prebuilt updater-binary in recovery).
  • [12/29] (3.11) BUGFIX: Fixed fake flash error at the end of a .zip install. (No real error, .zip installs fine)
  • [12/29] (3.10) Early support for booting custom ROMs on stock partitions. * STILL TESTING — BUGGY*
  • [12/29] (3.10) Enable flashing to stock ROM
    • After .zip installations, nandroid restore or system wipe on the stock ROM: the current Safestrap files are restored to the system partition (Doesn’t include the APK in /data — so if you’re restoring an old backup, be sure to update the Safestrap APK)
    • During the Safestrap files restore a check is done to be sure there are minimal files on /system to re-enter Safestrap
  • [12/27] (3.07) Bugfix: missed some changes in Safestrap 3.06
  • [12/26] (3.06) Bugfix/Update for JB4.1 OTA for DroidRAZR (Non-JB devices can also use)
  • [10/17] (3.05) Fixed UMS for sharing SD card
  • [10/17] (3.05) Fixed recovery installation/removal from ROM-slots
  • [10/14] Safestrap v3.04 beta for BIONIC/RAZR/RAZR-MAXX/DROID 4
  • [07/30] Added KEXEC support for the new builds on or after 7/30
  • [05/20] Updated for ICS-Based Phones using sources from CWRecovery (v2.00)  [ Motorola ICS leaks for the RAZR and Droid 4 — Use this version ]
  • [02/29] RAZR version / install check fixed.
  • [02/28] New version for Droid 4.
  • [02/28] Fixed webtop restore for RAZR.
  • [12/14] Added “Search” button binding to splashscreen to continue w/ boot up.
  • [12/14] Added better handling for ICS startup via Safestrap hijack
  • [12/14] Added “Disable Safestrap” under Advanced menu.  This removes the hijack for Safestrap.  Emergency use only.  For the rare case where someone has a messed up touchscreen and enters recovery even though they don’t hit the “Menu” button or boot up in bp-tools mode

207 comments on “Safestrap

  1. Working good on Razr X910 (Install of Programm and safeside creation), but non of my Roms is getting installed. The Setup “runs” like the maschine isnt really working. Simply said, the Install text ( for example CM9 ) runs Smoothly down the Screen ( without getting interrupted for writing, or loading etc. ) and the result is a black screen and nothing boots after the SS Screen (Only in Save mode the Problem exists)… In “noobwords” spoken : Opticaly it installs in saveside, but physicaly and with an eye on time, its unrealistic short.The result is the blackscreen, like nothing has really been written.
    Newest OTA X910 Razr Germany, Busybox and SU are up to date.(Cm9 Install takes 15 sec for example).

  2. Enougg space on the SD Card ? “Real” Root, not partial ( because of writing rights ) ?

    To my Problem : Iam Discovering that it seems to be more and more a Problem with Bootstrap…
    Bootstrap installed : no recovery, Freeze
    Non Installed : Android recovery
    Safestrap : Recovery SS Normal

    So what , from one day to another BS shouldnt work.

    • Unfortunately, the XT910 has a very small “preinstall” partition and it doesn’t work with Safestrap :/ I apologize if I didn’t make the post clear, and will add (XT912 only)

  3. Little to Late 4 me ;) No matter… Repartitioning to a bigger space might be a way ?

    Help me getting this little thing up and running ^^

    My problem is : The Phone is Formated, the Phone is SBFd, and the Problems stay the same… Ive got the feeling, that the SBF`ing and factoryreseting do NOT kill the whole phone…

    Do you know a method to really wipe it completly ?

    Will there be an XT910 Version in Future ?:) Because its runnig ( and even starting like it should).

  4. hmmmm… I installed safestrap on my droid 3, put the CM9 zip on my external card, booted into safestrap, flashed the zip, flashed the second file, cleared user data, cleared catch partition, rebooted, and now the phone won’t turn on at all. What in the world happened?

  5. I download droid3 v1.08 and the file it is downloading is Droid3safestrap-1.0.apk. Not sure if the link is wrong or just mislabeled. I am currently on v1.06 and need to uninstall / update to this version.

  6. Hey hashcode, I need some help, I am running the stock D3 ROM and I am rooted, but whenever I try to install Safestrap it says that it is installed in the push notification, but the nice thing above the install button says other wise, and when I reboot, it doesn’t show up, either in BP tools, or in the form of the splash screen, PLEASE HELP!!! Its very important that I install this. Thank you, sir.

    • Never Mind good sir, I rooted my phone using superoneclick, and because it doesn’t install busybox, well, it didn’t work, Please, To everyone out there, make sure you have busybox installed.

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  8. Hello, ive followed all the steps and when i reboot. it shows the splash menu, after 10 seconds it shows a black screen. after a couple of seconds it shuts down and reboots, and reloops..
    Droid 3. trying to get the ICS.

    • Can you get into the recovery by pressing the menu key?
      If you can navigate to the safe menu and ensure the safe system is disabled. Then connect you phone via USB for mass storage, the ICS ROM file on either your internal or external SD card. Reboot into the recovery, re enable safe system, and go back to the main menu. Navigate to install zip from sdcard. Pick either your internal or external sdcard (depending on where you put the ICS ROM) navigate to where you put it. Select it. Navigate to yes (after about a million no’s). Wait for it to install. Go back to main menu. Go to wipe data/factory reset. Click yes. Its very important you do this step, or it won’t work properly. Reboot. Enjoy ICS.
      Let me know if you have any problems.

  9. Will it backup my XT883? If yes shall i uninstall 1.08 first or just install 1.09 over 1.08?
    In no then please suggest some other safe method if possible. Thanx in advance.
    Already posted this question on your blog & XDA.

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  11. any update for Atrix2? seems there is an unoffical release for Atrix2 and still has some bug with it.

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  15. OK i need help. I install safestrap never install anything else like bootloader. it worked fine for a week or so now when i go to the splash screen (Moto Symbol Dual core Tech………) i press the menu button but instead of taking to the CWM menu it start rebooting itself over and over but if i press the search icon it Boot up normal. I Installed a old version of Safestrap and unstalled it when it stop working and installed the newer version from this site yesterday still the same issue. Anybody have a solution?

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  17. I downloaded the Bionic Safestrap 2.00 apk and I’m getting a “Parse error” every time I try to install it. It says: “There is a problem parsing the package.”

    I also tried downloading 1.07 and it installed just fine. For grins I tried the D4 link too and it would install, though I cancelled the install JIC.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone successfully installed 2.00 on the Bionic.

    I’m on 905 and rooted if that makes any difference.

    • I have managed to get 2.0 installed on the new Verizon ICS 4.04 on my Razr XT912, but when I attempt to do a backup, it fails with the error message “Error While making a backup image of /systemorig!”

      I uninstalled and reinstalled Safestrap, but that did not resolve the issue.

      — Tom

  18. As I mentioned earlier I can get SS 2.0 .apk installed when running an ICS ROM, and I can get it to flash the recovery image. However, when I reboot and the SS splashscreen comes up, it is dimmed and I cannot enter it via the menu key. Furthermore, I cannot get any ICS leak or Liquid ROMs to boot. Any Idea’s for either problem?

    I am running the 5.9.905 System Version and ICS on Bionic.

  19. I’m having an issue starting the D3 Safe Strap Apk. I cleared the cache and was able to install it but now every time I try to open it it Force Closes. I’ve restarted my phone a countless amount of times. I previously had my phone rooted for many months and I was having an issue with the LED light so I toggled Safe Strap to “Off” and then my phone automatically updated the Gingerbread OS. I can’t figure out how to get my rooted stuff back! Any ideas? Can you help me?


    • Sorry, I correct that statement, it works wonderfully on 215 Kernel. I tried porting it over using without using your 211 files and just the edify code and it failed, but someone got it to work by dumping 215 over your 211 files and using the same edify code. There is a couple files difference in the system dumps so I am not sure which file made it so it didn’t boot before. But it works, great job.


  20. Droid Bionic – On ICS Leak 2233 and tried to install Safestrap V2. When trying to install says Unfortunately, Safestrap has stopped. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

    • The issue for me was that I didn’t root the phone. The dev’s should have a dialog saying “Is your phone rooted?” rather than letting the app crash. Worked after I rooted my phone! Best of luck.
      The rooting package can be found here:

  21. Is there a Safestrap 2.0 for the Droid 3? I thought I read elsewhere that you had to have 2.0 to install CM9.

  22. Yes definitely and I have had a chance to check out the new Motorola DROID 3 the Best Model of DROID Series. Since I found its a great piece of technology…… so I prefer you all to check it out. I have purchased it from Electronic bazaar of Australia coz there U can find some cheap stuff with good technology…….!!!

  23. How do I get safe strap for my non PICS DROID 4? The URL is not listed and I would like to use it.


  24. Hey, so i installed safestrap last night, and i tried to install the recovery, but everytime i try, it sats “starting intsallation” but never does anything, it always says recovery status not installed =( ive done everything right and have a fresh root so theres no way i could have installed anything else.. any fixes for this? thank you.

  25. There is a fix, do you havebusybox installed? If not, it requires busybox, so if you have root, you can get the app “busybox installer” by JRUMMY16 (I think). It will fix it.

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  27. I downloaded the latest version as listed below for Safestrap 2.11 (08/01/12) from this site’s download link and still getting the error when trying to install the .APK file “There is a problem parsing the package.”

    I have tried to look at various articles for a fix but could not resolved this issue. Even used “AndExplorer” program and got the same error.

    Have Droid Bionic with current system version of 5.9.905.XT875 with Rooted phone.


    BIONIC (XT875) [REQUIRES MOTO ICS UPDATE] – Uses “preinstall” as 2nd-system
    Download v2.11 [ 2012-08-01 ]
    md5sum: 6f1e803730efce20bb4cc59ad6ea8440

  28. Congrats on the release! I very much appreciate all the work you do for our devices. I know that the whole android community appreciates it too! Looking forward to trying it out! I’m downloading/installing now :D

  29. Install Safestrap 2.10 on Droid 3 running 5.7.906.XT862.Verizon.en.US (phone is rooted).
    Can not enter SafeStrap on power via Menu key. Just an endless reboot cycle of Droid & red logo until battery is pulled. Any ideas or is the ulimate FU from Motorola/Verizon.

    • Same exact thing happened to me, I’m stuck in a boot loop now and tried flashing fastboot files RSD side and still nothing. I’ve never been this bricked before.

  30. Just loaded first rom wizzbean in slot 1 came up perfect. Reboot back on stock rom. Wow is all i can say
    Great job!!!!!!!

  31. Installed SS3 withe the instructions provided, after install was successful rebooted phone and no splash screen goes to the droid eye and goes no further. Am i bricked? Also was on SS2.11 and uninstalled beforehand

    • Matt, if you download the stock ICS images and then install them using RSD then go into stock recovery and system wipe and cache wipe you should boot back up into stock.

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  33. I think I’ll wait until there is some headway in the actually ROMS specifically the D4 ROM before I dive back into this. I personally don’t see any of it worth it until the ROM goes into BETA or RC.

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  35. I really NEED safestrap 1.07 for the bionic and it would be very helpful if someone knew where i could get it or has it and could post it Thank You in advance

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  40. Ok I am a noob at this kind of stuff, but I have managed to root my droid Razr hd, and I got titanium backup and payed for the pro version. I was wondering because it says in capital red letters do not download this with any other recoveries. Does this include titanium plus? And if it does, I was wondering if titanium can create a backup of the rom for recovery purposes. I am asking this because from what I gather titanium makes a back up of your apps and the “system data” . Does “system data” include your rom your rom when you back it up in titanium. I apologize in advanced for how much of a noob I am at this. I also really appreciate your responses.

  41. Hey hashcode–first of all, great job on this! It works great and I love it on my bionic. I’ve been a fan since my Droid OF. My question is if you were going to open up the ability to install zips on the stock ROM? I wanted to install Google Now for ICS and I couldn’t find a way to install. If I missed out, please let me know. Thank you.

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  43. Does it work on XT860?
    If it doesn’t work, will I brick my phone or just have to reflash the original rom?

  44. Hello, Thanks for all you do for the development community!
    I have searched for a solution with no luck.
    When I select backup, set the backup name and slide the slider, it goes to the backup screen, lists the backup folder location on the bottom of the screen for about 2 seconds, then just goes right back to the home screen of Safestrap.
    I am running .246 and I know that I have enough space on my SD Card for the backup. Since this problem started 2 days ago, I have since uninstalled Safestrap and upgraded to 3.11. The problem still persists.

    Has you seen this before?

    Thanks in advance.


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  46. I am rooted jellybean ota safestrap permmisions su installed but when I reboot screen for safestrap comes up I hit recovery and it just bypasses and does not go into safestrap recovery. I had 3.05.17 uninstalled took it off cleared from sd and loaded 3.12 went through premissions agreed su installed recovery booted and still will not go in safestrap. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  47. I have Eclipse ICS ROM in slot 1. Created ROM slot 2 and installed CM10 JB ROM in it. Install goes without error but when I try to boot JB I get the Eclipse splash screen and it never goes away. I don’t understand why a piece of the ROM that I have in another slot is showing up in this one. I did all the wipes before installing. Droid XT912 on VZW.

  48. I have the safestrap 3.11 installed on my razr XT912 CDMA OTA 4.1.2 JB leak version 98.72.8, I have
    installed Batakang rom on slot 2 and Diabitis rom on slot 3, both working great, I have tried 5 maybe 6 times to Install cm10.1, different versions on slot 1 and one time I got the cyanogenMod logo for a minute and then black screen. It flashes the rom fine, reboot I get the safestrap recovery screen and
    then black screen. I have to do the battery remove process and go back to safestrap and run stock, slot 2, slot3 Help! Thanks!

  49. Hey Guys, I found the right CM10.1 after searching every forum I could find. Installed it in slot 1
    and all is well. The safestrap 3.11 is a great tool for recovery. I now have slot 1 cm10.1 alpha, slot 2
    Batakang, slot 3 fat bean, slot 4 Diabitis and all working perfectly. Thanks hash, You’re to code man!

  50. Ive installed safe strap,flashed it,but it says safe mode or safety mode not enabled and i performed a backup and restored, the backup did not take.luckily i didn’t do anything to screw up my phone. I downloaded it OTA on to my phone and flahed.did i do this wrong. Do i need to download to my laptop place on my sd card and flash or is the phone method capable of this. Wat am i doing wrong.please help

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  52. I’m looking to install safestrap on my freind’s verizon razr so I can get him on those new CM 10.1 nightlies. From the safestrap site, it says it’s based on TWRP, but the 4.2 multi-user datawipe issue ( wasn’t fixed until TWRP

    Is it a bad idea to use SafeStrap with Android 4.2 as of now?

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  54. I have a Razr Maxx (Not HD) rooted with Superuser Permissions. I at one time had Safestrap installed. When I reboot my devise it still shows Safestrap but there is noting in my app list. There is one file under My Files labled Safestrap and inside the file it shows a file that can not be opened. How do I get rid of that start up of Safestrap at boot up so I can OTA my phone to Jelly Bean? Any info would be helpful.

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  56. I downloaded and installed the app. When I try to open it, it tells me that it stopped working and closes. I have a RAZR with jellybean.

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  65. when I try to put safestrap 3.11 on my bionic it says the file is empty. Could it be a bad download? If so could you send me to a link that would have a good download please. I can get 3.05 to work just fine. Thanks.

  66. Only issue I’m having with safestrap on my Droid 4 is that I occasionally use the BPTools boot option for development purposes and with safestrap installed it won’t let the phone boot with the BPTools option.

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  69. Hello,

    I recently rooted my Droid Razr HD (Jelly Bean 4.1.2) and I am in the process of installing a custom rom. I have decided on Nexesque which recommends Safestrap. The problem is when I go to download Safestrap and install I get a “parsing” error. I know this has happened before but I haven’t been able to figure it out myself.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.


  70. hello,
    I have problem with roms installed with Safestrap – bootloop when starting flashed rom. Here is more about this problem and discussion:
    somebody can help me?

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  72. Trying to install a ROM on Bionic. However, there’s no space on my internal storage (0 mb). I can’t mount the storage to remove files. Any ideas on how I can get access to my internal storage?

  73. What happens if I back up one phone, transfer that backup to another phone of the same model, and then try to restore it on the second phone?

  74. Guys i need urgent help my moto razr xt 910 has been stuck on the M logo screen and after a minute it disappears leaving the screen blank, it was after i tried to install a custom rom, the installation went smoothly and when the phone rebooted it just stucks on boot logo and after a minute it disappears leaving a blank screen. I tried getting into stock recovery by pressing volume up-down and power key but it doesnt works ……pls guys i need it ….pls help me pls guide me what to do……thanking you in advance…

  75. I’m confused to which version is the newest. I have a Verizon Droid Razr Maxx. I’ve just downloaded SafeStrap v3.04 new Touch Based Interface 101612. I also have your 3.11. What is the newest?

  76. I am a little new to rooting so please don’t judge too harshly. I am having issues loading recovery. I had my bionic rooted, booted into recovery and created a backup of my stock. I then performed a factory reset and had to re-root download and reinstall superuser, busybox, and safestrap. Everything looks good except when i boot i select the menu touch icon, not button, it vibrates and continues loading normally.
    Ive also tried uninstalling and reinstalling superuser, busybox, and safestrap butno luck.

  77. Sure this has been covered but I can’t find it anywhere, galaxy s4 am build, roms not installing. I’m sure it has to do with not installing the modules zip file bit I have no idea where to unzip it to.


  78. thought I had lost my D3 and just found it. Has safestrap v2.1 on it. I want to update but can’t find it to uninstall. What to do?

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  80. I seriously love you man. You saved me from the horrible stock crashes of Motoblur on my Droid 3, now you are saving me from spam of verizon apps on a Galaxy S4 with the ability to easily go back to stock. This is by far the most useful little piece of heaven I’ve ever had to install for my phones.

  81. Install 3.63 a few days ago for spyder. When I go to create a ROM it spams E:unable to mount /Josh after it creates and I try to flash a ROM it does the same thing. XT912 4.1.2 rooted is what I have

  82. has been upgrading their servers for the past week. I had originally thought that the downtime would be small. But, it hasn’t been. So I’ve updated the download links for most of the devices. Sorry about that.

  83. I am running xt910 (canada Fido 4.1.2) and wanted to install factory Gingerbread 2.3.6 into one of the ROM slots. Is this possible? It fails everytime I try.

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  86. very good post.. but i got a question,. when will be avaliable the safetrap 3.65 or above for the motorola xt907 cuz im stuck on the 4.1.2 last update (98.30.1).. XD and i want to get cm11 on my devices.. pls will be very nice if a can get it.

  87. Hello,
    Question … There are so many choices for APK down loads. They range by date and size. What am I supposed to chose for my Note3 by vzw?
    Pardon me if my question is lame….
    Thanks …

  88. pls help i cant setup Safestrap on my device my device is note3 n-900 android 4.4.2 rooted whan i setup Safestrap status stay not installed i do every thing to setup this program and i cant setup it pls help

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  91. hi bro sorry to disturb you… i have a request if you can help us to create on custom recovery for samsung galaxy grand 2 SM-G7102… it has 4.3 JB and unlocked and no knox… we dont have any developer to help us to createSafestrap recovery for our device. plz plz help us or suggest some person that can create recovery for us.. .Divice is already rooted with CF root.. by chainfire.. waiting eagerly for ur response..

    our bootloader is locked hence we can install CWM or other recovery .. we require the same Safestrap like S4/S5 devices.

  92. I rooted my bionic via virtual box Linux minimal. The superuser app it pushed updated but the such binary won’t it says error please report to developer. I didn’t think a big deal so I continued. I couldn’t figure out how to use safesyrap so I bought and installed bionic bootstrap. I flashed gapps for cm10.2.1 and flashed cm10.2.1. Wipe data than reboot. All I get is the “m” logo and then d peeminant blank screen helppppppp!!!!!!!!

  93. Hi, HashCode! I have to report the BUG for MOTOX’s SS:
    SS version:3.6.5
    Model: verizon MOTO X

    package_extract_file(“boot.img”, “/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/boot”);

    I found all MOTOX’s Safestrap couldn’t flash the boot kernel.Can you fix this bug?Thank you!!!

    By the way,Call you update SS sources to TWRP for MOTOX?Thank you again!

  94. Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 MJ9. Saferooted and installed safestrap 3.72 I’ve tried everything I can think of and still no luck everytime I install alliance ROM build 26 after the install and all that then I reboot and after the safestrap boot animation thing my phone has a black screen and the only way to turn it off and back on is to take the battery out. Please email me

  95. I have an ATT Galaxy S4 and installed safestrap 3.72 no prob…flashed goldeneye no prob, used it for a cpl days then made a backup of it and tried to flash hyperdrive15 as directed by xda thread and when i rebooted just went black for a cpl mins and kept going back to safe strap so i tried to wipe again and install recovery first my golden eye backup then my stock rom and getting i keep getting fail…something about unable to mount system and / i tried advance wipe everything except extsd and also receive fail (system unable to mount) only success is regular wipe but its ot doing me any good. I know im a complete noob and probably did something stupid ! please help!

  96. Just curious if there’s gonna be any further updates on the RAZR HD to a version that is based on twrp 2.6 or 2.7. If not, no worries, this is just a testing phone for me now and I’m looking for a good way to load any 4.3 and 4.4 ROMs. (Pretty much a semi-newb) to this stuff. (However, I’ve never bricked my phone with all the crap I’ve tested woooooo lol)

    • Edit comment above: downloaded the 3.12 version instead of the 3.6x that’s based on TWRP 2.6.x so no worries there. Just curious about any further updates if there will be. I’m really glad someone on posted a link here for everyone to find you. your page is really helpful at bringing the lingo down to an understandable level. kudos!

  97. I was wondering if you have plans on making this program compatible with tablets? Specifically the Asus tf201 that is still on jelly bean. The Asus bootloader unlock app does not work on my version of device becuase it was originally designed to work on ice scream sandwich. Although I bought a new tablet since those days, I would still like to put cyangenmod on that older tablet to make it more useful.

  98. I have a zte sonata4g I rooted but try to install safe strap it load s up good but splad screen does come reibstalll a few times still no good Model #Z740g help please thanks and also which ROMs can I use

  99. helo hashcode0f, can you add safetrap support for my devices Asus zenfone 4 T00I? devices I have a recovery is locked and the bootloader which is locked as well. please help me. thank you if you can respond to this

    Best regard,


  100. I have a similar issue as Fabiano…
    I’m (unable to flash roms including my own recovery). I’m 100% knowledgeable on CM, but when it comes to Safestrap or TWRP base Recoveries I’m far from noon but not an expert so to say… Here’s my issue. I have the NC5 firmware and once had the Hyperdrive RLS17.1 KK S4… I went back to the…. I recently attempted to download another ROM, (based on the same firmware of course) as soon as I attempted to flash it (which only took about 1 min and didn’t work) I figured something was wrong. So I just decided to go back to my recovery that I’ve made a few moments ago. When I tried to do that. The msg ” E: Unable to mount ‘/system’ ” appeared.
    Now I’ve notice since then Wiping and Flashing return the same results.
    There is no longer an OS on my S4… I can not Mount the System.
    So I believe in stuck in Safestrap 3.72.
    (Please let me know what other info you need, I spent the last couple of days trying to figure this out on my own, so far I’m losing the battle)
    Please help guys.

  101. I have a question is there anyway i can get safestrap working on my galaxy s4 mini verizon build number ne1?

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  105. I installed Safestrap on my XT910. It seemed to work well. I created a partition, installed CM11 and all was great. However, I found that if the battery completely drains, I can no longer charge it. I plug it in, it hangs at the Motorola logo but never shows the battery icon and will not charge. I’ve tried the phone with 2 different batteries. I guess this is an issue with either safestrap or CM11. I’m not sure which one.

    • Older motorolas have been known to require a more beefy charger in order to charge. I have had success charging “uncargable” moto’s with moto’s 6w charger the one’s with the auto detect fast charging feature. I have also had luck with the occasional 2.1 amp charger. Basically if it will charge any device including tablets it will charge a motorola.

  106. I need a link to the old versions of safe strap. I beleive I may have installed it and failed to properly remove it when i first rooted my xt926 a few months ago…. I installed the new version and get no splash screen… I want to avoid factory reset with OTA updates…

  107. Hi there terrific website! Does running a blog like this require a large amount of work?
    I’ve absolutely no understanding of coding but I had been hoping to
    start my own blog in the near future. Anyhow, should you have any recommendations or tips for new blog owners please share.
    I know this is off subject nevertheless I just had to ask.
    Thank you!

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  109. Quick question: which version of the apk should I use for a Samsung note 3 sm-n900w8? It’s a Bell Canada phone and I want to try new roms.

  110. I will donate if you can get this to work on the locked bootloader VK810 (Verizon LG Gpad 8.3) so I can test porting lollipop over

  111. Hi hashcode, I am unable to root my xt 912 device using droid utility however safetrap is installed on my device and shows status as not rooted.

    each time i try to root the command prompt shows messages as ADb server is out dated killing…… and doesnt root my device what to do? pls suggest

  112. I’ve been exploring for a little bit for any high quality articles or blog posts in this kind of area .
    Exploring in Yahoo I eventually stumbled upon this site.
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  114. After bricking my phone while trying to install cm12 using ss 3.73, I used the droid razr utility xt912 to try and get my phone back. I was able to get jb 4.1.2 back, and even downloaded the latest ota. I couldn’t get root or safestrap to work via the utility so I accessed root via Kingo Root. At this point, I went to download safestrap when I noticed there was a new version 3.75, so I downloaded the apk and installed the recovery. And here is where the problem started… On initial reboot, following the motoroal logo, the new splash screen appears for approximately 10 seconds then the screen goes black, rather than booting into 4.1.2. I tried to reboot the system and touching the menu icon to enter SS gives me an oversized boot options and backup screen, but i am unable to see an entire screen to make selections. I tried to reboot again, this time touching the search icon to enter normal power up and I just get a black screen. Please don’t tell me that I’ve finally killed off old reliable. All help is greatly appreciated.

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  117. dont work link for

    Moto X & Ultra (VZW) [XT1060/XT1080]

    Need last recovery for Droid MAXX 1080m

    • I know the support is EOL on the Droid 3, just wondering if there is anyway I could get a working link to the last rev. Please let me know. Thank you all for your hard work!!! You guys are the best!!

  118. So, I am looking for a little help from anyone willing and able. Immediately after the unboxing, I rooted my hdx 7, sucessfully flashed the strap and everything was running beautify. I got up to grab the laptop to disable ota, wasn’t gone for more than 5 minutes and the dam ota pushed. I returned with 98% of the update downloaded which completed when i hit the screen to cancel. This then caused the device to restart into boot loop. I cannot get it to appear on windows 8.1 but it does register at some point causing computer to chime. Any ideas as to where I can find a tool kit or guide/tutorial, written @ a noob difficulty level aiding in the solving of this conundrum

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  124. The download links do not work, can anoyone upload safestrap v3.72-KK-B01 [KK BETA] and reply the link to me?

  125. The download links do not work, can anoyone upload safestrap v3.72-KK-B01 [KK BETA] and reply the link to me???

  126. Request for SafeStrap for my S4 SCH-i545 with OC1. I took the OTA Lollipop update which I was just recently able to root using KingRoot. I then used SuperSume to switch over to SuperSU, and then I installed BusyBox. From most of the information Ive gathered there isn’t a custom recovery that has listed support for this setup. Thanks in advance for any advice pointing me in the right direction.

  127. I am on the droid razr hd maxx (xt926)
    all the links for it appear to be broken. Is there somewhere i can go to get them working?


  128. Hi guys. There’s any Safestrap for LG LS660 (Tribute) or I can install any other compatible? I’m tying to change it from CDMA to GSM with a patch and I think I’ll need it. Thanks

  129. #,
    I know this is an old thread and probably rarely looked at anymore, but
    Is there any way to get safestrap on a att galaxy tab 4 10.1? I know you have plenty more projects that require your attention, but I have searched a few days and have not found anything. If I could use another one of the builds and compile it myself or whatever I need to do I would be happy to. Just wondering if at all possible. I don’t use social media but a response here or an email would be most appreciated and would absolutely come with a donation for your efforts. Info included, if you need more just let me know. Many thanks.
    AT&T SM-T537A
    ANCE1 4.4 KK

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