How-To Safestrap (Updated for v3.04)

[ New Safestrap v3.04 Video by DMX: ]


Safestrap is a Bootstrap / Recovery for locked bootloader phones.  The goal is to avoid touching  your primary system (I’ll call this “stock” system) and only flash or make  large changes to another place on your phone that Safestrap treats as a  “2nd system” (in this case, it’s a series of virtual ROM slots located on the internal emmc area: “/sdcard”).   Once installed, you will see a “Splashscreen” giving you the option to hit “menu” to enter recovery.  The recovery portion of Safestrap is now based on TWRP (a touch based recovery) and you can perform .zip installs, backups and restores here.  The additional features I’ve added to TWRP are mostly located under the “Boot Options” menu:

  1. Here you can create virtual ROM-slots (up to 4) for flashing ROMs.  These ROM-slots allow for 3 different sizes of /data partitions: 1GB, 2GB and 3GB.  NOTE: The bigger you make the /data partition the less room you will have to make other ROM-slots.
  2. You can activate a new ROM-slot by choosing the slot you wish to make active and then selecting the “Activate” button.   Once active, you will see the “rom-slot#” up in the top of the screen shown in green.  If you make the “stock” ROM active, then you can see it in the top shown in red.
  3. Once a ROM-slot is active, all actions you would normally perform using TWRP are directed to that ROM-slot.  For example, “Install” to flash a .zip, backup and restore.


  1. You will want to move the entire “/sdcard/safestrap” directory to the external SD card (/sdcard-ext).  These are your backups and in a catastrophic situation you could revert to Safestrap v2 and use them.
  2. Go into the existing version of Safestrap and use the “Remove Recovery” button to remove the Safestrap files from the stock /system.
  3. And lastly, remove the APK from the device as you would any other app.


  1. Download the Safestrap APK from here.
  2. Find the APK using a Filemanager tool and open it on your device, then click “Install”.
  3. (If updating from an existing Safestrap v3 you might be warned that this will over-write the existing installation.  Click the “Yes” equivalent to this message.)
  4. Once installed, open up the Safestrap application as you would any other app.
  5. Agree to the disclaimer that you won’t try to sue me and hunt me down with a rifle if you manage to break your phone..
  6. Then use the “Install Recovery” button.  You should see the current version down in the lower left corner of the window.  And the “Status:” should say “Installed” when you’re done.
  7. From there you can reboot and you *should* see a new splash screen  during the boot up.  While this is showing you can enter Safestrap  Recovery using the [ menu ] button.
  8. That’s it for the installation!  Read below for a brief overview of Safestrap Recovery v3


As of version 3.0, Safestrap Recovery is now based on TWRP  For more on TWRP you can visit their website:

WARNING: Safestrap is heavily modified to be “Safe” for your device. Do not download TWRP from their website and expect it to work the same way.  Also TWRP does not support Safestrap, tho some issues that may come up will be TWRP dependant, please try and contact myself or look on the forums for your device for answers before hunting down TWRP people.  They won’t be able to help w/ Safestrap specific questions.


  • Boot Options: This area is for managing your virtual ROM-slots.  You create a new ROM-slot by clicking on one and if it doesn’t exist you will be prompted to create it.  Follow the on-screen guides.  Once a ROM-slot is created you select that slot to activate or delete it.  Under each ROM slot (once created) you can:
    • Activate: Makes the chosen ROM-slot the “current” one, where almost all of the features of TWRP affect that slot.   This will also be the ROM that is booted.
    • Set Nickname: For convenience you can set a small name for each ROM-slot.  This is limited to 10 characters as it will eventually be added to the beginning of backup names.  This name is shown on the ROM-slot button once it is set.
    • Fix FS (coming in the future, if needed)  This could potentially be a button to perform file system checks on the ROM-slot and fix any errors found.
    • Delete: Delete the ROM-slot files (disabled if the ROM is active — please choose another ROM-slot to activate and then come back)  USE WITH CAUTION, THERE’S NO GETTING THESE BACK UNLESS YOU HAVE BACKUPS.
  • Install: This is for flashing a .zip file to the currently active system.  Currently, this is disabled for the stock system.  In a future release I will enable flashing to the stock system.
  • Backup / Restore: This should be self-explanitory, but you use these options for making backups of the currently selected system.  Or restoring a previously made backup to the currently selected system (regardless of where you backed it up from).  DON’T RESTORE A CUSTOM ROM-SLOT BACKUP TO THE STOCK ROM.  THIS WILL MOST LIKELY BRICK YOUR PHONE.
  • Mount: You can manually manage mounts here.  NOTE: the “system”, “data” and “cache” mounts will use the currently selected ROM-slot.
  • Wipe: Manually erase portions of the device.  NOTE: You only have 1 internal and 1 external SD card.  These are not “virtual” if you erase them.  They are gone.  Use with caution.   Wiping the “system” when “stock” ROM is selected has been disabled.  You can thank me later.
  • Advanced:
    • Copy Log to SD: Experienced something odd and want to report it?  DO THIS and include the log when you send me the report.  Otherwise, the recovery.log will disappear when you reboot.
    • Fix Permissions: This can fix up ROMs which are displaying odd force close issues, etc.  You will probably never need to do this.
    • Partition SD Card: You can add ext3 partitions to the external SD card if you want.  I’m not sure we have much of a need for this on our devices.
    • File Manager: This works like any other file manager inside Android.  You can thank the TWRP people for this, because it is quite possibly one of the best features I’ve ever seen in a recovery.
    • Terminal Command: Also very handy for those once in a while moments when you have to do something via terminal but don’t have adb handy.  USE WITH CAUTION
    • Settings:
      • Here you can turn on and off signature verification of .zip files
      • Force MD5 sum checks on .zip files prior to flashing
      • “Use rm -rf instead of formatting” will always be checked so that Safestrap will not break partition signatures on locked devices
      • There are a few other checkbox options in here.  Please know what you are doing.
      • Simulate most actions for theme testing.   If you have this checked, Safestrap/TWRP will not perform most actions but show the dialog boxes so you can review theme elements.  If you turn this on, it STAYS ON till you turn it off.  And will show “SIMULATING ACTIONS” up top.
      • Set the Time Zone (use “Set Time Zone” button after choosing which time zone you want)
      • Restore Defaults.  Use this to reset all options back to default as it came when you installed for the first time.  Does not erase backups or ROM-slots, tho it might change the active slot.
  • Reboot: Choose from 2 options for rebooting “System” which performs a reset/reboot of the device and “Power Off” which turns the device off.


559 comments on “How-To Safestrap (Updated for v3.04)

  1. How to delete Safestrap when its installed on an GSM phone ? Ive got it installed, didnt work like it should.. Then i SBF`d the phone, and now theres no chance of getting into CWM via Bootstrapper, only hangups @ the Motorola Logo. Any Suggestions what to do, to get again Bootstrapper running ? Phone Xtimes completly erased, SBF`d and cleaned.

  2. Oddly, a full SBF should erase any trace of Safestrap (it lives on the /system partition which gets reset by a SBF). Have you tried wiping your data/cache in the stock recovery?

  3. SHI*** … I was hoping you will tell me sth. other ;) Iam using Linux for 12 Years, so i know the Systems quite well , so my opinion was the same as yours.. After SBFing the Phone is fresh…

    Ive SBF`d the Phone 6 Times with different versions. Via Linux…Is there an difference to RSD ? because this didnt work with my phone… Data deletion via System is done for 6 Times too…

    So what to say ?! I have had an running system with Bootstrap, Installing CM9 broke it. Flashed it to Stock, rooting and installing Safestrap… This was not working, so i flashed again, and up to this state no Bootstrapper is working and hangs @ Bootscreen.

    Your Safestrap is still working well, booting well, restoring well.. But via GSM the system in Safemode will only boot in Blackscreen. When it would work, it would be my favorite. But so ive got to switch back to BS, which isnt loading anymore since SS was on it.

    If U`ve got email or so, we dont hat to figure it here out, but iam very Helpless @ this point ;)

  4. Hey I tried to do this about 4 to 5 times. I followed all the steps to installing one of the ROMs. I am trying to get CM9 on my droid 3. after i do all the steps correctly, i just get a black screen. ive waited half an hour and still a black screen. wha should i do???????????????????

      • To confirm: you’re using a Droid 3 VZW (XT862) and you’ve swapped to Safe mode, and then flashed the CM9 .zip, wiped cache/data and then you’re rebooting to a black screen? There’s not too much else to it. You DO need a good busybox installation and you can confirm that you can try a “Root Checker” or similar app from the Market.

      • I’ve swiched to safe system and installed cm9, then wiped cache and data and then rebooted. After safastrap’s menu I’ve got black screen and after 10-20 seconds it reboots. I’ve tried various combinations of wiping and installing, but got the same. My model is XT682.
        I’ve installed on nonsafe system “root checker” and I have root))))
        Do I need to install busybox?
        I’m installing cm9 from internal flash.
        What should I try?

      • Lots of issues with ss3 on vzw d3 xt862. safestrap 1 worked pretty well. Now, I can’t get clockwordmod recovery to come up either and can’t seem to switch into “safe” mode with safestrap3. after installing ss3 could not do backup of system/data with compression on (would crash when backing up data). It has completely disabled my clockwordmod recovery (probably don’t need it now, tho… just like having a plan ‘b’).

  5. I was wondering if i could delete any of the safestrap backups from my SD card. It’s using well over 3GB. Right now I have the following files in the backup folder:




    I was wondering, would it be safe to delete any of those?

  6. For me it seems to be, that SBF`ing istn killing the whole Partition of /… Ive deleted everything and SBF`d the Phone ( XT910 ), and the Phone still “knows” that i dont wanna use 3G ( Whats ON @ Standartconfig ), so theres some trash left, and i think this trash is the reason why only SS is now working and Bootstrap doenst work any more. I Will send my Phone to motorola to reset it, there seem to be no other way, if YOU dont know what to do any more…

    So @ This State ive got to admit that SS is editing the Phone in an unknown bad way, so DONT use it for XT910…

  7. Has anyone tried this on a Droid X? I will test it myself either way, I feel like this thing is unbrickable. Which of the supported droids is most similar to the X? Im guessing that it would be 3 or bionic, however, I am also aware that moto no longer uses the sbf files. Will this cause any problem with safestrap or is this non related? Thanks for the help.

    • Little bit late for a reply, but yes. You can just go into the unsafe side, open the Safestrap app, and click uninstall recovery. Then, un-root (varies by which mode you used to root), and reset to factory. Then you should be good to go.

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  9. Help! Im trying to put the phone into safe system, and every time I try to do it its says there is an error when making a backup image of /data. Any suggestions?

    • I also have the problem of making backups of my nonsafe system. It says “backing up systemorig,” then “backing up system,” then ends with “can’t mount system!”. Not a big deal, but would be nice. I’m gonna delete and reinstall and see if that helps. Otherwise I’ll be buying a different phone lol. I have one line left with an upgrade available, and I think this time I’ll be going with something more hack-friendly.

  10. I can’t seem to get SafeStrap itself working. I have a Droid Bionic (latest version from VZW). What is strange is that when I click the install button, I never see any disclaimer?? Every time I launch SafeStrap I get a Force Close… :-(

  11. Are there any bugs when installing from the internal SD card?

    I just got a used Droid 3 on Craigslist (VZW). Rooted it, installed Safestrap, downloaded the [Beta 2012-03-16] build of CM9 to the internal SD card (No google apps for now), rebooted, wiped cache partition, installed the .zip (seems to have gone well), wiped cache partition again for good measure, and rebooted. My result was the CM9 loading screen looping infinitely.

    I was wondering if that could have been the result of not having an external SD card installed (I thought this may not be a tested scenario). Alternatively, is there another wipe menu option I am missing?

    Thank you for your time,

    — Henry

  12. When I try to boot into safestrap, it shows the splashscreen saying to press [menu] to enter recovery, and my XT860 (Droid 3) vibrates upon keypress, so I know it’s receiving it. It just boots like normal afterwards.

    • turns out i was pressing the home button and not the menu button…embarassing, but fixed. Thanks.

  13. After installing per instructions, I get a bootloop after the splash screen when booting to my safe system. I’ve tried three different custom ROMs, with the same result. Uninstalled and reinstalled Safestrap. Verified busybox. Wiped data / cache, deleted backup folders, removed battery, even wiped Dalvik cache. Droid 3, version 1.08 installed. I have done the tether hack, but otherwise stock. Ideas?

    • Thanks, I was missing that step. Couldn’t figure out why the install would go through but wouldn’t actually install

  14. Hi folks,

    First of all, thanks for making this software. It really helps a lot to have some peace of mind when testing new ROMs.

    This may be just a question of usage. I did a clean install of the stock 109 on my VZW RAZR, root, installed Safestrap, enabled the safe system, and tested a new ROM.

    All good so far. So I really liked my new ROM. I spent a lot of time configuring it properly and I decided I want to keep it. So how do I now protect THIS one as my new baseline? If I go into recovery and toggle, it will just come back to my stock…

    Thanks again for your help and your work!

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  16. Just wondering, do you have an automated script or Makefile or something for building the Safestrap APK? I’d like to be able to test my ME863-customised build without so much mucking about as I do now.

  17. 6. Wipe data/cache

    Question, how do you wipe data/cache? The only options I see are wipe data/factory reset which is going to delete the ROM I just falshed, and wipe cache. There is no option like you are saying. Thanks.

    • Ah, you must mean “format data and format cache” which are located in mounts and storage. Maybe at that piece of info to the instructions?

    • Err… no… wiping /data and /cache delete user data & cache data. You’d need to format /system (DONT DO THAT) to remove your newly installed rom

  18. I was hoping someone could help me out here, i have just restored a retail system image for my XT860, I install Safestrap apk, run it, press Install Recovery, and calls it’s all fine, but nothing changes, app shows “Recovery not Installed” and “Safe system not installed”. I rebooted to check, and effectively nothing was installed. Tried bootstrap too, same thing.

    What am I doing wrong? Or what is messed up. Tried googling and no result whatsoever. Thanks in advance

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  20. I had no luck with either ROMManager or safestrap on my DROID3 Global; after they reported installing there was no splash screen and the phone booted normally. I have finally installed Clockworkmod with an app called “DROID3 Bootstrap.” Don’t know why that one works and not Safestrap or ROMManager, sadly.

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  22. Safestrap owns: CM9, latest gapps, now if I could only use it with the fastbootable ics leak for the RAZR, u’d be the man… well u are already :) Oh and if I can, come find me on the forums. I’d love to know how.

    Thanks for this,


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  24. I have the XT912 Razr Maxx rooted and running the latest OTA from VZW. I’m also using Safestrap 1.09 (version still displays 1.08 but downloaded immediately when update didn’t display correct version). I often get stuck in bootloop when I reboot and recently I tried doing a new backup just in case of more troubles and now I’m getting errors saying “Low on volume space” and my internal storage is low. Can I delete the old backup(s) I made using Safestrap and if so, how? I have Root Explorer installed as well. . Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

  25. I have a simple question that I can’t seem to find the answer to anywhere else. What’s the proper way to completely wipe the safe system to start over? I’m using a Droid Bionic, and while everything is working fine, I notice that after installing and uninstalling tons of apps, there are a bunch of junk files left lying around.

    I would just like to wipe the safe system, and clean install one of the latest CM9 ROMs that I’ve been using. Do I just go in and format everything?


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  27. Droid Razr Maxx (XT912) running latest OTA from Verizon, just bought the phone yesterday. Already rooted, clicked install, rebooted, pressed menu, and all the comes up is a black screen with CWM watermark logo in the BG. no menus or anything. Any help?

  28. Probably already been answered but my phone is pissing me of, or maybe its me idk.
    i have safestrap v1.07. downloaded the (XT912 ONLY) RAZR ICS-LEAK :: v2.00 [ 2012-05-20 ]
    and i cant get it to “update” im at a total loss and would appreciate the help.

    ALSO my original safestrap v1.07 is not showing up on my computer.
    hoping i havent done something i cant fix. Help please

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  30. Help! I am getting “error while restoring /data” when trying to return to unsafe mode with Safestrap 2.0 in a VZW RAZR.
    I was running the .79 leak in my unsafe partition and then loaded the 211 leak in my safe partition which ran fine.
    Now I’d like to revert unsafe mode and my .79 leak but I am getting the “error while restoring /data” message.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  33. So I scanned through the above replies and I did not find my problem. I downloaded and installed Safestrap “Droid 3 :: v1.08 [ 2011-12-16 ]” and had no problems…until I tried to run it. Every time I try to start the app on my XT862, I get a force close. Have I done something wrong while installing Safestrap?

  34. I’m having a little problem with my Verizon Droid Razr Maxx XT912. I’m on the official OTA ICS (6.16.211) rooted but otherwise totally stock. I have the safestrap app installed and I can open it and hit the install button and it’ll go through the whole install procedure and say success, but at the top it never says recovery installed and I don’t get the splash screen on boot, it just boots normally into the OS. I haven’t seen a similar issue anywhere else I’ve searched and everything I’ve read has said that it should work. Am I supposed to be doing something differently?

  35. Ugh! just days too soon….Droid Bionic

    Last week I took the OTA 905 then;
    1.) Rooted with Motofail, Deleted some bloatware, reinstalled it and used TIB to freeze it.
    2.) Decided to ROM with Eclipse 3.0. Unfroze apps via TIB. Installed Safestrap v1.07 then installed Eclipse 3.0 to Safe System.
    3.) Tried to toggle between Safe and Unsafe systems. I returned to Unsafe System, no problems. Tried to return to Safe System, No Go? Tried to return to Unsafe, no Go. Used my Unsafe backup, all good.
    4.) Uninstalled Safestarp 1.07, deleting the sdcard backup files and folder.
    5.) Reinstalled safestrap and Eclipse 3.0. I haven’t toggled back to Unsafe.


    With ICS out, I’d like to do that. I want to keep Safestrap. How do I get from Safestrap v 1.07 to Safestrap ICS 2.0. What is the recommended ICS leak that works with SS v 2.0.

    I hope my question may help others.

    Thanks for any info and help,


  36. hell yeah those questions I want answered…how to go from 1.07 to 2.0??? i get an error tring to install2 over 1.7

  37. So I installed safestrap 2.0 after going through the ICS leak, and on reboot, I pressed menu to get into safetrap when the splash came up, and now it’s a blank screen. I can’t get out of it, and I cant get the phone to turn off to reboot again. Did I brick it?

  38. If you have boot-loop(Black or blank screen), after installing Safestrap and Enabling Safestrap,
    Do the following
    Update Busybox (Use android market and find an app for doing that)
    Update su binaries. (Use SuperUser App)

  39. Ok, got busybox installed, re-enable safestrap, installed the autocheesecaketools and it doesn’t let me boot, maybe that app just doesn’t work.

  40. I tried SS before the .509 update and it worked great on my Droid Bionic. Installed Eclipse and everything was fine and no issues switching back and forth. Then it started factory resetting my stock ROM whenever I’d switch, Eclipse stopped working and no other ROMs would install properly. Update broke root so I re-rooted, tried to install SS V2, but got a “parsing error” so installed 1.07. CM9 installed fine, then phone stopped working in it, reinstall didn’t work, back to stock. It reset itself again but all apps were gimpy. I got stock working again, rooted, but what next?

  41. I’ve looked all over for an answer to this. I have a Razr Maxx. I installed the OTA upgrade to ICS. Then I rooted the phone and installed Safestrap 2.0. I switch over to Safe Boot mode and install a custom ROM (tried Eclipse and INFEX) following all the instructions to wipe cache, format data, format system, clear Dalvik cache. Whenever I try to boot the safe system I get the Motorola “M” screen followed by a black screen. I have to press and hold POWER-VOLUME DOWN until I see the screen flash slightly, then I release both buttons and re-press POWER to get the phone back. I switch off Safe Boot mode and the phone re-boots normally to stock. I think the phone was in a spin loop because after about ten minutes of black screen it was quite warm to the touch, and about 30% of the battery was used. After I reset it the phone cooled off.

    I’ve tried de-installing Safestrap, unroot, factory reset, re-root, re-install Safestrap. All that accomplished was make me re-input all my personal settings (thank goodness Google re-installed the apps and my contacts). I’ve tried several times to see if I have missed a step. And yes I have Busybox installed. At this point, any help would be appreciated. I hope it’s something obvious that I’m overlooking. I don’t want to waste any more hours trying to get this to work.

    Great work (my troubles notwithstanding)!

    • I have been having the exact same issue with my phone not booting into safe mode. I’m going crazy trying to figure it out. The only difference is I’m on a regular razr and never tried installing a rom since i took the ota. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  42. I’ve followed the directions and when I reboot and hit menu on splash screen it just brings up a real dim CWM symbol and stays there….I got worried because there’s no battery to pull anymore….but I hit the search button and it went on into normal boot….I’ve read through most of these posts…and can find nothing related but I had read something before about the same thing happening to someone else but don’t remember where….any help would be helpful…I can see your bombarded with questions….I appreciate your work…

  43. Hash code you are amazing with your contributions to the development community and keeping up a blog, I tip my hat to you good sir, this next rounds for you

  44. @Decon I’ve got Android version 4.0.4, Webtop version 3.0.0, kernel version 3.0.8-g29cf5e7, build number Eclipse-1.1, build date Thu Jan 14 14:57:16 CDT 2012 according to About phone. Found on a post by Nitro on razrforums so I may be dealing with a beta; no matter, it works fine for me.

  45. I’ve tried to install safestrap lots of times on my droid3 vzw (xt862) and still no luck…
    The phone is rooted, I install the .apk, then I click on “Install Recovery”… It says “Installation complete” but in “Recovery State” it keeps saying not installed. Tried it lots of times, but it doesn’t work for me…

    Am I doing something wrong? I wan to install CM9 but I can’t get pass safestrap :S

    • I had this same problem with my razr, go to Google Play and download busybox, its the first one, and install that and then it should work no problem.

  46. Is there a reason why we cannot choose to store the backups for the 1st and 2nd systems on the external SD card? I’d like to have that choice because my internal SD card on my RAZR is low on space due to other apps I have installed.


  47. I haven’t really seen a reply to some previous inquiries about Moto’s Bionic not loading up once Safe Mode is Enabled. I am on the latest ICS leak 6.7.235.XT875.Verizon.en.US SafeStrap v2.0 was installed AFTER I updated BusyBox and update the scripts the su Binaries. SafeStrap runs like am champ, can do everything except load up Safe mode. Once it loads, reboots, the SafeStrap splash screen shows it’s Enabled in Green. All appears normal…Then screen just goes black and sits there. I can toggle back and ICS Stock loads up normal. I am at a loss…help :(

  48. I have a Droid 3 rooted with Verizon stock .906 rom. Can not use 1.08 safe strap with .906? Tried V2.01 and reboot loops till I pull the battery. What version do I need?

  49. I had safestrap 2.01 and in safe mode i installed a custom rom,
    I saw that safestrap 2.11 was available and reinstalled it in my SAFE system, (2nd system),
    I am assuming this is ok…. My question is… Is that okay to do?

  50. Hey, so i proceeded to install safestrap after rooting last night, and whenever i try to install the recovery, it always says that its not installed after i press it, and when i reset the device nothing happens and i do not get the flash screen wher i have to press the menu button.. any fix for this? thank you!

  51. D3 Issue with Gallery Thumbnails after Safestrap: I installed safestrap v2.10 last night and tried the JB ROM. It worked fine, but when I got back to my unsafe OS (original D3 .906), many of the thumbnails in my image gallery are missing and don’t seem to rebuild. Sometimes a few rebuild, but when I scroll and then come back, they may be gone. very strange

    I saw a suggestion to go into Settings->Applications->Manage apps and try deleting the data and cache for the gallery app, but that doesn’t work (and cache was grayed out).

    Any suggestions?


  52. So I have been running SS 1.0 for some time now on my Bionic, running a Gummy 4.0 rom and I think .902 system (how do I verify that BTW, RSD Lite?). Now I want to try out some JellyBean roms, and I hear that I might have to update my system again, as well as updating SafeStrap to a new 2.1.1 version. I have searched everywhere and have yet to see anything on steps for upgrading from older versions of SS… so do I have to uninstall SS 1.0 first, or can I just install the 2.1.1 apk right over top of the existing one? Is this done within the OS after I have booted up, or is there an option to update it from within SS itself?

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  54. Please, I need some help:

    I installed Safestrap, and put a CM9.

    But the CM9 had no sound, so I removed the safestrap, I clicked uninstall recovery.

    The problem is that now, whenever I restart the Razr, it goes into fastboot mode, it does not restart normally.

    Whenever I restart the machine, I have to exit fastboot, press vol + – and power, go into recovery and click “Normal power”.

    I think I uninstalled safestrap so wrong and damaged some file that makes the boot device.

    Now reinstalled safestrap, but this problem continues with the boot.

    Could anyone help me solve this?

  55. I attempted to install the most recent version of safestrap on my D3 (with a few month old build of ICS) everything went fine until the reboot. I get an E:Missing Bitmap Startup-Safe (error -6) error, then a black screen. From there I can get it to give me an unknown battery symbol (similar to the one made when it doesn’t have enough to start up.) This is all based off of my wall charger, when pluged in to a computer the charging light on the droid lights, but the droid will not. Is it really bricked?

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  58. hey guys… I am having trouble installing rom with safestrap… I followed the exact directions from this thread and from youtube videos thinking maybe that I was doing something wrong. I do everything right down to the tee with the directions… when i start installing my zip file it says “installation aborted”… anyone going through the same issue or maybe anyone can help?

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  60. Loving SS3 so far! I greatly appreciate your work on it. Now I just can’t wait till I can flash to stock system. Hate having to switch back and forth from SS to bootstrap all the time.

    • Thanks :) And stock side flashing is coming soon. I just need to work out a few kinks.

      Also, look for the MotoBlur ROMs which are stock-based and you can flash those to ROM-slots as well, so that you never have to see the stock side again, unless you really want to. :)

  61. :O safestrap 3 sounds awesome, thanks so much for your hard work. Can’t wait until it comes out for droid 3.

  62. Installed SS3 withe the instructions provided, after install was successful rebooted phone and no splash screen goes to the droid eye and goes no further. Am i bricked? Also was on SS2.11 and uninstalled beforehand

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  65. Here are my questions for hash: (im on a bionic)

    For the sake of this post:
    *External sd is just that, the card you insert
    *Internal sd is 8 gb partitioned of 16 gb total space (on bionic)
    *Emmc is the 8 Gb partitioned for.operating system and data (apps).

    1. Where is the stock rom and data stored? Emmc?

    2. I understand that the slots are on internal sd, so, to use all that space (hypothetically 8gb), one would need to format that partition. When i formatted in 3.04 recovery, it didn’t appear to work. But, assuming it is formatted, I create slots. Slot 1 I did as three gb, installed ROM…when i view that Folder in OS, all i see are the three files that get created in recovery when i create slot. Is this where the actual ROM and data are being stored? I guess I’m thinking if i had a better understanding of where things are being stored, it would make more sense how to size the slots.

    3. Can a “stock” ROM / zip be installed on a slot? I.e an ICS leak for bionic.

    4. Lastly, before i installed v3, i toggled to UNsafe to boot and uninstall v2 and install v3. There were two odd things. One, the safe strap v2 app wasnt there. I had to reinstall, uninstall 2.11 recovery and then uninstall 2.11 and install 3.04. Also, all the apps that i had installed on safe side in my custom ROM showed up in my UN safe stock ROM. Is this normal behavior if i don’t wipe after toggling?

    5. What is the ss folder on emmc? (seen at root using a root explorer)

    That should do it. As I’ve said before, this is an astounding application

    • (Reposted here for the sake of reference)

      1. There is only 1 emmc chip in the device (it’s 16gb) and there are about 25 partitions on it. Of those there’s a stock /system, /data and /cache partition (#20, #24 and #21 I believe). There is also the 8gb emstorage partition (#25) shown as /sdcard and formatted vfat to be treated like an SD card as well.

      2. I don’t think a “format” of the sdcard area will work correctly while in Safestrap (and I should probably build a “smart” replacement for this function). The reason is that the recovery has already mounted that partition and is using it for storage of private Safestrap files (active_slot, translate, and potentially more).
      2a. a 3gb data partition is probably overkill for all but the most intensive phone users with literally 100’s of apps. My recommendation is to stick with 1GB data unless you are a heavier phone user and then go with a 2GB data partition. If you’re a nutty gotta have all of those apps kind of person, then 3GB is the way to go. The reason is that the larger you make any individual rom-slot, the less space there is for others.
      2b. Each data slot includes a 600mb system and 300mb cache on top of the size of data partition you select. So for the 1GB data it’s very close to 2GB TOTAL space used for that rom-slot. And going with that math, if you create 4 of those you will use almost all of the internal space (which was how it was intended, and why we have 4 slots available).
      2c. If you create a 3GB data partition that means you’re using close to 4GB for the 1st slot. This means you will only be able to create 2x 1GB data partitions if you had the maximum free space on the emstorage (/sdcard) partition.
      2d. The virtual rom-slot files (system.img, userdata.img and cache.img) are all stored in “rom-slot#” directories in the emstorage partition under the “safestrap” folder. These are large partitions formatted as ext3 but kept in 1 file which are mounted at boot time if that rom slot is active. To the OS they are identical as the stock partitions once they’ve been setup.

      3. A stock ROM can be installed in a rom-slot, but only in the form of a “MotoBlur” ROM which has been setup by myself or another ROM dev. The reason is that there are key changes in the init files which let the ROM be setup on the virtual rom-slots. Eventually I might have a feature which copies the stock ROM into a rom-slot and adds the necessary changes. But that’s all up in the air.

      4. One of the down sides of the v2 Safestrap is that it shared the /data partition across the safe ROM and the stock ROM. So during the “swap” from one to the other, it would take everything on the /data partition and back it up into a file on the sdcard, and then extract the old stock ROM’s data information back onto the /data partition. If there was any problems in that transition then you could end up with a mixed set of data (and it happened occasionally for one reason or another). This doesn’t happen on v3 because every ROM has it’s own set of files.

      5. “ss” is the mount used by Safestrap to run the virtual ROM-slots. It’s identical to the “/sdcard” mount. The reason I have a seperate mount for Safestrap is that the OS can unmount the “sdcard” at times for various OS features (UMS, etc) and we really can’t do that if you’re using files on there.

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  67. When I try to create a rom slot, it won’t let me. “Create rom slot” is grayed out. It says “Free Space: 0MB”. Is that the problem? If so, how do i fix it?

    Help, please.

      • Nevemind. I thought it was working on my external sd card, which had plenty of space. My internal was almost maxed. Thanks, Marty

      • I am having this problem as well, plenty of room on internal. Device is Motorola Razr M, 4.1.2 (for now), using the 3.12 release. I ran into a lot of problems.

        A few things I noticed: as the user above, it says Free: 0 MB. (I have 4 gigs free in internal and 7 gigs free in external). The Create ROM button is greyed out. I *cannot* switch from external to internal. If I attempt to switch, it merely toggles me back to external.

        A second, perhaps unrelated point: When I attempted to do a backup, I noted a lot of failure messages indicating a failure to mount /data and /data media. Only System was backed up, to my knowledge.

        Any help appreciated, I’m excited to have Safestrap available for the Razr M.

  68. How long should it take to transfer sdcard/safestrap to sdcard-ext? It seems to be taking longer than it should. Also, there already is a safestrap folder on my ext, but I said to go ahead anyway and merge. Ok?

  69. I installed safestrap on my Droid 3 and it worked fine. I flashed my custom ROM and all went according to plan. When i reboot my phone, i get the splash screen where i can choose to enter the boot options page where i could switch back to the stock ROM. This also worked, but only the first time. The second time i rebooted from my custom ROM, the splash screen comes up and i can wait, hit menu, or hit search, but no matter what i do, it boots up my custom ROM. i tried this 3 times and i got the same result. Pleas help, thanks.

  70. I love the new touch screen safestrap but I have ran into 1 issue with the stock rom option and it could be I’m just a noob but I’m not sure. If I try to bootup to stock my phone hangs on the boot screen but if I’m booting up to a slotted ROM it boots up without a glitch, is this normal?

    • I’m having the same problem. In V2 you can toggle system but that doesn’t exist in V3. I assume that activating Stock Rom is the same but on the top where the active rom is listed is red when I try to activate the stock rom. It’s turns green when I activate the slot-1 rom. I assume that when it’s red it means that it can’t boot up…since it doesn’t bootup when I activate the stock rom.

  71. Hello, I have a question. I was wondering how well Safestrap 3.05 is working for Droid 3 XT860? I’m currently using Safestrap 3.05, I completely reset my whole phone with the SBF and cleared most of my sd cards. I can’t seem to get any roms working. I’m pretty sure the CM9 ones are not suppose to work currently, but what about the gingerbread roms? I’m currently trying to get Liberty to work but it just gets stuck on a lit up black screen. Besides my installing custom roms issue, I really like this Safestrap layout, thanks.

    • Well, it seems every rom works fine except for Liberty and the Safestrap 2 roms, which is good enough for me. I have one other question though I’ve had it before this safestrap and it happens with all ICS roms. When I flash a new ICS rom (after wiping data/cache then formatting system) say CM9 for instance I patch it with the xt860 zip then boot up. When I call someone or they call me nothing can be heard on both ends. Now say I wipe data/cache again for the second time after installing the rom and applying the patch calling works fine. But after two days it craps out and I can’t hear anyone and they can’t hear me. Or when I pick up it instantly forwards them to my voicemail. Any ideas? Thanks.

  72. I’ve been running cm10 on my droid3 via SS3 for a couple of days. I love the interface of ss3 and cm10 is amazing. A thousand time better than stock, but have encountered a couple of problems. My phone has frozen and reboot itself a couple of times. Once reading tweets and once writing txts. Keyboard and phone process stopped msg while using them. If I press star to leave voice mail I always get the stopped msg. And the ‘call in progress’ icon is stuck in my status bar. I hope that means my minutes are not being chewed up…
    Great work!

  73. maybe a silly question, installed 3.05 slot 1 installed a rom, installed TIBU found my backups, whenever I go to restore it just hangs. I could restore sms data but nothing else.. am I missing something? stock rom was rage3 V2, slot1 is synergy both pretty similar in database structure from what I see. any help is greatly appreciated.

  74. I installed the program without an issue. I have a Motorola RAZR V XT885. When I restart my phone and it gets to the splash screen and I hit the menu button, the recovery interface is all garbled. I can not see anything at all as it looks like it is smeared across the screen. I have rebooted, downloaded, and reinstalled the program a few times and it still does the same thing so I have not idea what went wrong if anything. I am fairly competent in rooting and such and this has never happened before on a phone when I go into recovery. It seems that it does not work on my phone or that the interface is bigger than my screen can display which would make it un-usable on my phone. I can send a picture of what it looks like if someone can point me in the right direction as to what is going on. I updated SU and Busybox to the latest versions before i even installed. Thanks

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think the current APK works w/ the RAZR V. As of this time, it’s: Bionic, Droid 4 and XT912/XT910(RAZR) support for the 1 download file, and then Droid 3 for the 2nd file.

      • Sigh… Okay then, how to I uninstall it? Just through regular way of uninstalling any apk? If I can’t use your program, can you point me to one I can use? Are there any plans to expand the usage to XT885? Thanks for your response.

    • I’d also like to see a solution to this. My XT885 gave the same issue, except for me, even the splash screen was garbled. (Using the recommended v3.11). Tried uninstall/reinstall, and earlier version (3.08) with the same results.

      I uninstalled, and went back to the Droid 3 version (3.05). Now the splash screen shows up, but none of the buttons are responsive. It simply pauses there until timeout.

      • Tried all versions available for download on my XT885. In all cases, the android app functions as it should. The problem comes with the loader itself.

        3.05 doesn’t have touchscreen support on the splash screen, (waiting for hardware keys on the XT86x?) but displays fine.

        3.08-3.11 (recommended for my phone) give a garbled, unreadable display, not sure how best to describe it. You can tell where buttons are roughly, and the text is sometimes readable to guess what its saying. When you do touch a button area, it works (I got into the program, and was trapped till I could figure out where the exit is supposed to be).

        3.12 skips the splash screen sequence entirely, and moves straight on to boot.

        I see you said the Razr V is currently not officially supported, but isn’t this just an issue with the display driver, or does it go deeper than that?

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  76. After having a major headache over removing bootstrap and going back to stock on my Droid 3, I got Safestrap v3.05 installed. The Stock rom loads up just fine, but installing CM9 and CM10 does nothing; it even says successful. Upon reboot I get a black screen. I’ve wiped cache. I’ve wiped cache and did factory reset. Nothing seems to work.

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  79. Phone: Droid Razr Maxx
    O/S: ICS 4.0.4
    Vendor: Verizon
    Safestrap: 3.0.5

    Goal: Create a ‘cloned’ version of stock onto Rom-Slot-1.

    I am having trouble setting up the ROM-Slot-1 image. It’s likely end-user error. I followed the directions at the above link. The software went into place very easily and does boot up.

    Steps towards goal.

    1. Rooted Razr Maxx via motofail
    2. Installed safestrap v3.0.5
    3. Booted Razr Maxx into safestrap
    4. Performed two backups. One with cache/secure data and one w/out.
    5. Set Rom-Slot-1 up with 1GB of space
    6. Entered the wipe menu and performed (Cache,Davlik and Factory Reset) wipes.
    (note: Rom-slot-1 was active so this is probably moot point…)
    7. Restored backup with cache/secure data.
    8. Performed the cache/davlik/factoryreset wipes again.
    9. Rebooted
    10. Safestrap splashscreen comes up with the 10 second warning.
    11. boot commenced…i.e. screen went black
    12. After some number of seconds splashscreen appeared again.
    13. Went black again…never came back.
    14. Had to reset the system with two finger method.

    I am able to reselect the stock partition/slot and boot into it without any problems. I tried repeating the above steps and using the other backup that I made. Same result. I also tried various combinations of not doing the cache wipes.

    What am I missing? I envision that Safestrap operates similar to grub.conf on linux and I thought that the restore feature was pushing a bootable kernel (along with everthing else) into the rom-slot-1 partition…possibly even doing a dd command under the covers.

    Ps. I don’t know if its relevant but rom manager is already installed on my stock system…but there is no clockworkmod recovery installed. I think this is unrelated but its better that I provide all the data.

    • Phone: Droid Bionic
      O/S: ICS (Latest)
      Vendor: Verizon
      Safestrap: 3.1.1

      You may want to try setting up your rom slot with a larger size. I just did basically what you did, but created the rom slot with 3gb. It cloned the stock perfectly, flawlessly.

      You can also try 2gb first. You can also try upgrading SafeStrap to the latest then trying the same thing again.

      I also have Rom Manager and Clockwork mod was installed before I installed and used SafeStra. I’m not sure that made any difference (I doubt it).

      I hope that helps ;)

      • *That’s SafeStrap 3.11
        *Rom Manager w/Clockworkmod were installed on the sotck before I installed SafeStrap. And the clone worked flawlessly following the steps you mentioned above, selecting every option when backing up (cache, android-secure, compress, etc.)

  80. I was unable to use bootstrap for my needs but in doing so it appears I have created. about 10 partitions because. my file manager. In. Mnt. Shows 11 usb files which I cannot delete and nothing is in them. Please How can I delete these partitions of file folders?

  81. I have installed safestrap 3.5 on my Bionic, and I go into rom slot one, and whenever I try to install a zip it says, “unable to open zip, install failed.” Any ideas? I have downloaded several roms (icarus, eclipse) and I get the same error everytime. I did try installing my saved backup on the rom slot, which worked, but then bootlooped.

  82. Following up on my original post. Hash code actually already answered the question that I posed. Apologies for not completely reading what had come before. Also, Steve (Nov 6 7:47am post) this would also apply to the last step that you tried which resulted in a boot loop.

    In the Oct 17 entry from Hash-code there is the following bit of information:

    3. A stock ROM can be installed in a rom-slot, but only in the form of a “MotoBlur” ROM which has been setup by myself or another ROM dev. The reason is that there are key changes in the init files which let the ROM be setup on the virtual rom-slots. Eventually I might have a feature which copies the stock ROM into a rom-slot and adds the necessary changes. But that’s all up in the air.
    —end of quote.

    Is there a list of changes available that need to be made to the init files?

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  85. Steve, I don’t know your specific issue of course. I can only say that for me the following worked.
    1. Created a folder (name it whatever you want) at the top level of my phone’s sd card.
    2. Downloaded the Rom I wanted. Moved the file into that newly created directory
    3. Shutdown my phone ; Booted into safestrap
    4. Selected boot options from the main menu
    5 Created my rom-slot (1gb)
    6. activated my rom slot
    7. Back to the home page ; selected wipe
    7. Performed the wipe actions for cache/davlik/factory-reset (probably unneeded)
    8. Back to the home page ; selected Install
    9. Browsed to the directory where I stored the ROM and selected the ROM I wanted.
    10. Was then presented with the option to install
    11. Installed and then ran the cache wipe again.

    Install went smoothly. I’ve installed two ROMs so far. CM10 and Eclipse 1.4

    • Thanks for the steps. I figured it out, I have corporate email on my phone which required data encryption, so that meant the file could not be read by Safestrap. I took off the data encryption and it finally loaded up.

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  88. Any possibility of this working with the Droid Pro? I really need it to boot dual Rome since the chase quick deposit only seems to work with froyo and I wanted to run cm9 with it too.

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  92. once we have used latest version of SafeStrap and everything works can we delete this> the entire “/sdcard/safestrap” directory to the external SD card (/sdcard-ext) from external sd card?

  93. I have a Droid 3 XT862 and just installed the beta safestrap… When I try to install one of the new roms.. cm10 or aokp, it gives me a failed to install file… I tried both on the rom-slot 1…

    Also, after trying to use the copy option in safestrap for copying the old safestrap folder over, I get some black sreens and then its freaks out, and acts up.. I know Beta…

    Thanks for all the hard work.. I like the SS so far, if only I can get a rom to install.

    • ^—– More from above comment

      E: Unable to open zip file.
      Error Flashing zip ‘/sdcard/ same thing for aokp and cm10 that i just downloaded…

      Under recover, There is nothing listed not even a root folder. I copied the old SS folder to rom-slot1 folder ever.

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  95. Hi my phone is a droid 3(xt862 from Brazil) and i was using the cm9, i didn’t make the correct steps, i just install safestrap and make the install recovery, and now all i got is the loop in M bootloader, what i supost to do to recovery my phone? Wipe all data and cache and return to the stock rom? Thanks to anyone who can help me!

    • Well after the shock passed, did the following.
      onscreen initiation of safestrap 3.5, did backup system and then i make a factory reset. In Original rom installed safestrap old. Restarted by pressing M + Power button, and restore the backup that I had made! And then rebooted and the system started in the same way as it was before installing safestrap 3.5

  96. Hi guys,

    So I made a 3GB slot for a ROM, installed, and everything runs fine (great actually – I’d been procrastinating an upgrade from a 2.3.6 ROM to ICS for… well, forever). I realize in hindsight that 3GB was probably overkill. I’m stuck with a constant low storage notification after installing a rather large game (which can’t seem to be moved to the external SD card). I think I know how to fix it, but I’d like to get some confirmation before I do it. I just spent all day getting my phone set up the way I like it, and I’d rather not start from scratch.

    If I backup my current ROM to the external SD (already done, actually – 412MB system & 727MB data), delete the 3GB ROM slot, create a new 1GB or 2GB ROM slot, and restore that backup, I should be right back where I am now, plus a little more storage breathing room, correct?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Theoretically, this should work… but then again everything works in theory.

      To be safe, I’d recommend backing everything up with Titanium first so that if things hit the fan at least you won’t have to go through re-installing everything and getting it all set up (which is a gigantic pain in the butt). I go so far as to then copy my Titanium backup dir onto my PC so that even if my phone has an aneurysm and formats all of its storage, my apps/settings will be safe.

      Give it a try and let us know what happens :)

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  98. tried reading though most of this, didn’t see an answer. after installing, i noticed it it not using my external sd card (16 gig) but my internal phone memory to install new rom slots. any way i can manually change the setup to boot from external sd card? internal memory only hold 8 gigs, id much rather use my external (16 gigs). is this an option?

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  102. I completely screwed up. I was on ss 2.11 and I was running FT Retro cm9. I upgraded to 3.05 and the first thing I did was make a back up and then I rebooted and it just got the droid eye on the boot.
    That was when I got even dumber and I went to restored the rom I just backed up over the stock rom and now when I boot the stock It just freezes. Then I tried copying that first back up to rom slot 1 and when I boot that I just get a black screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  106. Hey buddy I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong wIth the safestrap recovery. Stuck running the Mav Rom 4.5. It won’t boot into recovery mode. Hitting the menu button does nothing. It looks like a bunch of us need help with this solution. Would love the help!

  107. Hey,

    I have a big Problem. My KFHD is hanging in a bootloop. What have I done?

    1. rooted
    2. installed Androidmarket
    3. installed ss3 (no problems)
    4. boot into ss3
    5. installed customrom into slot 1
    6. now i thought it will work, but it failed

    Now always the Kindle Fire Logo appears, then the KFHD shutdown and boot again.


    P.S.: I am sorry for my bad english!!

  108. Alrighty… so i’m a bit of a retard, and after creating a custom rom slot (1) and etc i forgot to swap back to stock ROM before rebooting…. is there any fix for this?

  109. Tested on Razr V xt886 Splash screen at start up works but when i go into the recovery its all distorted and nothing is Legible.
    But I can still boot normally so it didn’t brick my phone would be nice if it worked for my phone though doesn’t seem to be alot of support online for Razr V models i just tried this and hoped it would work so i could have a Recovery.

  110. I don’t understand your boot loader. I had Arctic 1.0 all installed and perfect with Recovery 2.1.1 then I upgraded to your boot loader, it selected the Motorola Razr MAXX stock rom, but now it won’t boot at all, I am stuck in the red orb screen.

    I made a backup on external SD of the original Recovery folder, should I load that back into the device? How do I disable your boot loader and get back to where I was or ???

    Gary Brant

  111. um… so how do you actually turn on safe system? i haven’t used safe strap since it changed to twrp ui and i would likes to activate safe system. I’ve installed and flashed the recovery, made backup of stock ROM but idk how to turn on safe system and flash a new ROM

    • The option to “turn on” safe system is under ROMs… or it might be ROM options. Somewhere in there. I’m waiting for an important call currently and can’t turn off my phone to check, but essentially what you’ll be doing is partitioning your phone’s internal memory to accommodate multiple OSes. Before you get started, make sure that the .zip of the ROM you want to flash is in the root dir of your external SD card.
      From my (limited) understanding, it’s a bit like dual-booting, say, Windows and Linux. SafeStrap needs to first build a new slot into which you’ll install a “new” OS – once that’s done, if memory serves, you need to activate the new partition you just created so that your phone knows that’s the one you want to boot. Then, tell SafeStrap to flash the .zip and the new ROM’s install process should take over and guide you the rest of the way.

      It takes some playing with – I highly, highly recommend you make both a Nandroid backup (with the NEW version of SafeStrap, since apparently old Nandroid backups don’t work with the new version) and back up all of your apps/settings with Titanium. You’ll need another app to back up things like sms messages and your call log – if you want to have those in your new ROM, that is.

  112. Wow! This is fantastic! I did a full SBF nuke-the-site-from-orbit on my phone, and am just now playing around with Safestrap 3. It’s awesome! I’d gotten so used to using the volume buttons to awkwardly wander around v1, and this is night and day different. Thank you so much for your work!

  113. I installed v3.04 on my D3 and everything appears to be working well so far but I can’t seem to choose the “Use external SD” option under the backup menu. What am I missing? It just won’t let me select it.

    • Sorry. I meant I installed v3.05.
      I installed v3.04 on my D3 and everything appears to be working well so far but I can’t seem to choose the “Use external SD” option under the backup menu. What am I missing? It just won’t let me select it.

  114. Hi
    I install SS3 on my XT860, on the first boot i’m asking to enter motoblur ID an password what i never owned. any suggestion?

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  117. Hi
    I installed Safestrap V3.05 on my Droid RAZR and the install worked perfectly. After install I was looking it over and touched the “terminal” button. Now it is saying Updating filesystem details… and won’t respond. Is there a way to escape out of this screen?

    Sorry I’m new at this.

  118. I’m on a Razr HD Maxx OTA Jellybean Rooted. Downloaded and installed SS3.05 v 17 did an Install Recovery with confirmed Recovery State: Installed. I have never had an older version of SS on this phone. When I shut off phone and turn it back on I don’t get the SS splash screen, just a normal Droid startup. Help please.

    • I was able to get this to work. The solution was that I had to reboot “into recovery” the first time and now I get the SS splash screen any time I reboot “normally”.

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  122. Install: This is for flashing a .zip file to the currently active system. Currently, this is disabled for the stock system. In a future release I will enable flashing to the stock system.

    HEllo, how do I get around this? I was under the impression I could root and flash this recovery to install roms. What am I doing wrong? Sorry to bug you! Thanks for this recovery, it’s AWESOME!

    • The stock system is your original OS – you can’t flash anything on your stock system with this version. You have to set up at least one ROM slot, activate it, and then flash a custom ROM on that. Then you can switch back and forth btwn stock and custom if you want.

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  124. OK, droid RAZR Max…I rooted, and installed safe strap and voodoo right afterwards(I know, first mistake), then did temp indoor, installed to 4.1.1….then rooted again….here’s my problem.s….when I connect to my computer, it doesn’t recognize USB mass storage or SD card….yes debugging i s active…. so I try 3 different updates of 4.1.1 manually, aborted….then I tryed sbf ….fastboot not recognized, so I try the original process that has a build in sbf to 4.0.4….fastboot and adb not recognized! Please help!?

  125. Here’s my problem. I am trying to install a custom ROM and I can not format /system. I can install/flash the ROM, wipe cache, format data-all that good stuff-but can’t format /system. I have tried SS2.11 and SS3.04 and SS3.07. I uninstalled SS in each case and also tried a factory restore with the same results. What gives???

    • Well, I got v.2.11 working. Still not sure what I did differently. Uninstalled everything. Unrooted. Formatted SD and internal SD. Checked both for errors using check disk in Windows. Did a factory reset. Went into factory recovry and wiped data and cache. Started up the phone and 2.11 works and I was able to format /system and install a custorm ROM.

      3.11 still will not see the SD card though.

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  127. Pingback: [ROM] Unofficial CM10.1/JB 4.2.1 ROM Development [12/05: ALPHA] - Page 7

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  129. hello i just went to say a big thanks to sir james for helping me upgrade SSEGC he is the tureful you can call him with dis 07063669162

  130. I used ss 3.12 on my RAZR m us. I tried to install cm10 in the stock slot because some folks at xda said they had done and it worked. It forced my phone to fast boot claiming am error, something about a HAB check failure. I like the features of stock ROMs. I won’t use another slot because it shrinks my memory down to about 500 mb. Even tho I have vast evidence that I had at least 2.23gb left. Can you explain this?

    • The RAZR M only has 8GB of internal memory. After all the system stuff, there’s about 4GB of available space for apps and fun. Doesn’t leave a lot of room for an entirely different image. I found trying to install CM10 into one of the other slots was pretty much a waste of time and resources. I’ve 32GB of external storage but it doesn’t look like it can be installed there. So, that’s why you have almost no usable memory for the phone to actually do stuff.

      I came back here because I’m running SS 3.12 and I’m trying to get loaded over the stock slot. Luckily I backed up first because it caused my phone to be unable to boot. Stuck me in the fastboot menu. Luckily, I’ve got too much experience getting myself out of this mode and was able flash the boot image back onto the device which at least got Safestrap to load (still wouldn’t load the image). From there I was able to restore the backed up image.

      So, I suspect I’m missing some step in putting the custom image over the stock slot, and can’t find that information here.

  131. I’m running an OG RAZR with the JB leak and TripleCore V1 in slot 1 which I installed via SS 3.07. I’d like to update to 3.11 but can’t seem to get it to work. It keeps saying I’m on 3.07.
    Any help if appreciated.

    • You need to be on the stock side with SS disabled. Then uninstall SS 3.07 and also delete its APK in data. You then just install 3.11 APK, open and install recovery. You may need to update SU and busybox, though I didn’t run into that problem when I migrated from 3.07 to 3.11.

      • stealthmouse, thanks fo rthe reply.
        If I backup my slot 1 install of TripleCorev1 and then update from 3.07 to 3.11 as you said, will I be able to restore my Triplecore backup with 3.11?

  132. A request for next version update if possible – data size option of 1.5GB. With 8.0GB to play with, to get 3 slots one has to use the 1GB option, which is a bit small. And 2GB limits virtual slots to two due to size constraints. Thanks hash!!!

  133. Is there a way to boot a Safestrap ROM into BP Tools mode so I can perform service programming? If not, please consider adding this feature in the future release. Thanks!

  134. Hi Every body,

    I recently bought an droid 3 and am new to android. Thanks to Jrbliss, I have rooted my phone and thanks to Hashcode, I installed safestarp on it according to above instruction. Now I want to flash CM10 on my phone but I can’t find the step by step by instruction.
    Can you guys give me the step by step instructions or point me to some webpage that I can find the instructions. Thanks

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  136. Is it possible to install the leaked JB 4.1.2 to a rom slot, keeping my stock 4.0.4 alone till I know I want to upgrade. Moto Razr, XT912

  137. Hi Gang – I was one of the unfortunate folks who lost root when the JB OTA came out at Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Moto mistake, however, thanks to djrbliss, I was able to regain root yesterday with his new method. I re-installed SS 3.11 this morning, created a ROM Slot and got back out into my stock JB OTA fine. Just saying, so anyone in the same boat knows they have the option now! Search “Razr Blade: Droid Razr 4.1 JB root exploit” on… thanks Hash for the SS Utility. I used it before the OTA and now I’m using it again!

  138. I’m on a XT862 (Brazillian Milestone 3) and I can’t creat a rom slot. A few seconds after it starts creating userdata.img I get a permanent black screen (waited for, like, 2 hours for it to get back). After a restart, SS says the rom slot was created but it wasn’t, can’t mount any partitions.
    Tried every rom slot, tried every data size… same problem.

    One thing I noted, after the screen goes black, the back of the device starts heating a lot… not the battery but somewhere near the GSM and SD cards.

    Please help.

  139. I have a Razr M. I was running stock until today, when I

    – factory reset
    – rooted (successfully I think)
    – installed safestrap 3.05 and “Installed Recovery”

    however I can’t get any safestrap splash screen to show up on reboot. is there anything I need to do?

  140. On a droid Razr CDMA. For some reason, I can’t select the external sd card to install a zip from. When I select, it says its mounted “sdcard” instead of “sdcard-ext”, the latter of which is the external sd card and the former is the internal storage. I think this might be a bug, since the sd card is indeed readable.

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  142. I am running Razr ICS 4.0.4 safestrap 3.11.
    Problem is when i try to restore a backup that I made, could have just made it 5 minutes ago( does samething to any backups) all that happens is the M logo comes up then the safestrap screen and I hit the button to boot phone normally it just goes to a black screen. I have do the 3 button reset to get back to safestrap. I then have to switch over to the stock rom slot, and that boots fine. I then have to go back into safestrap and delete rom slot 1 and re-create it to be-able to restore any backups. What is going on, what do I have to do to just be able to restore a backup without have to delete the rom slot and recreate it everytime?

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  145. My fat fingers hit the wrong backup on my stock slot. Now when I boot it shows safestrap as disabled and I can’t select either option. I can’t boot into fastboot, safestrap, or my normal os. Please, please help.

    • Droid razr m that was running rooted 4.0.4. Never got a rom to load, just bootloop. Was ready to call it a night and return to my original settings when I picked the wrong backup. Now I just get the red M, safestrap disabled screen where I can choose either setting, then black screen.

      • Now I was able to get into ap fastboot but rsd lite fails instantly when I hit start and says “unknown fastboot command.”

  146. Hi!!!!! im in a ROM with Safestrap 1.08, how can i do to upgrade to 3.05??? have to unistall 1.08 first? thanks in advance!

  147. Is there a ROM anyone is using that has bluetooth and phone audio working together? Or, can someone please direct me to a ‘non-fastboot’ ROM to flash with SS?

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  149. Well I decided to overwrite my stock ROM tonight with another ROM.

    It worked fine, but then when I booted up the home touch key did not work at all alongside my data not being in the ROM. So I went back into Safe Strap, reflashed the ROM onto Slot 1 so I can start with a new clean install again.

    When I booted everything is fine, BUT now when I try to go back into Safe Strap the touch keys do not work to go into the SS recovery.

    SS says that it is “Enabled” and is the green font to indicate that, but it will not allow me to boot into SS Recovery. It simply waits the 10 seconds and then boots to the ROM.

    What do I need to do so I can get back into SS? I tried uninstalling then reinstalling it and it still does not work. I appreciate your help!!

  150. I have safe-strap 3 installed and I cant get any roms to stick in any slot after deleting one, I keep getting bootloops also my stock rom is gone??? any ideas

  151. for some reason every time I try to make a nandroid backup of my ROM, the screen just turns off for a sec and comes back live with no backup.. I tried reinstalling safestrap and still nothing…can anybody help? Can’t baHck up any slot… Restoring is OK though Im on xt912 rzr.UOn ss 3.11 thanx

  152. Hi,

    I ran into some issue using safestrap. while trying to install jelly bean 7. i accidentely deleted my stock rom. please help how can i fix.

    thanks much

  153. If this is the wrong place for this, I apologize. But, I’m at wits end on how to solve the problem.
    Download and installed via Safestrap both Ubuntu Touch zips as per instructions several days ago.
    All went well. Played with it for several hours over a couple of days.
    Now, after downloading and installing (three times) the latest zips, they will not work.
    Install seems to go okay. But, all there is during reboot is a blank screen.
    Waited for an half hour but nothing.

    Am I doing something wrong when installing via Safestrap?
    Used both Safestrap versions 3.05 and 3.11. 3.11 is currently installed in an xt875 Bionic
    Deleted slot 4, recreated slot 4, installed zips in proper order. No errors of any kind.
    But, the install does not work. Just a blank screen.

    Any help appreciated.

  154. I was just informed over on XDA that the phone needs to be rooted before safestrap is even useful. Nowhere in the above instructions is there any mention of the phone needing this to be done. One cannot assume that everyone that reads the instructions knows that rooting is required. A noob might not. Oh wait, I’m a noob and I certainly did not. Before I try and find decent rooting instructions for the Electrify-M, I still need to know if safestrap will even work on the phone.

  155. I can tell you this much, From what I’ve read, the Electrify is the twin of the RAZR V, and safestrap doesn’t work on that

  156. Switched to stock, turned off Safestrap (V3) recovery, upgraded to JB. Did not lose root. Now Safestrap crashes with “Unfortunately, Safestrap has stopped” message. RAZR MAXX XT912.

    • I did lose root; was fooled because “su” was working. I knew I lost root when I tried to un-root and couldn’t. Just went through the root process again, and re-installed Safestrap. SS is working again.

  157. Accidentally wiped the system partition for my Stock ROM. I’ve got another ROM in slot 1 that boots, but how do I restore the stock ROM? I tried reflashing OTA, rooting, and re-installing Safestrap through mattlgroff’s Droid RAZR Utility for Windows, but it’s still not back. Any help would be appreciated. Just trying to get my phone back to OEM stock and THEN install Safestrap and new ROMs properly.


  158. Hi absolutely love safe strap.But can’t seem to mount SD ext I have a droid razr running JB any advice I am running 3.11safe strap recovery

  159. Doesn’t appear to be much support over here huh…? My question is weeks old and the devs have not addressed it alongside several others who have similar issues.

  160. Okay. So I am dumb and jumped in too quickly. I installed Safesstrap. Installed a new ROM. Wiped everything and installed into the Stock Rom location. When I try to create a new slot. It shows me not having enough partition space. Can someone help.


  161. Do I have to uninstall 3.05 before I upgrade to 3.11? I feel like with all of the recent kexec developments I should be up to date…

    Thanks in advance yall

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  163. I use CM9 since last year with safestrap 1.0 *guess it’s pretty old
    Since my system just crashed recently, I decided to use CM10 instead
    In Droid 3 section, I only find Safestrap 3.0.5 with
    I use both, but this is the problem happen
    I can’t get data on CM 10 to work
    And after boot animation, there is notification that and has stopped working
    To make sure whether it’s OS bug or Safestrap bug, I install CM9 from before to 2nd ROM slot (CM10 on the 1st one)
    I can get data on CM9 to work
    but the notification about has stopped working still there
    this thing never happen when I use safestrap 1.0
    I really want to use safestrap 3.0.5 since my phone get really hot when I use safestrap 1.0
    But I’m not really sure now

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  165. This is aggravating!!! I have the Droid 4 and installed 3.11 Safestrap. But when making a rom slot. The Circles to make the partition are all lined up and are placed EXACTLY in the line of my dead screen. Basically from the menu button up I am unable to use. Any hope for me??

  166. I installed SafeStrap on my Droid Razr. It will not start. I downloaded the one for the Razr but every time i start it, it says that it stopped working

  167. HashofCodes:

    If you could kindly give me a minute or two of you expert assistance, it would be much appreciated..,

    What would be the best way to conserve the free space on my Razr M (XT907, 4gb ) while using your Safestrap software? Without having to restore over the Stock rom slot?

    I currently have a 32gb external SD card installed in my phone that I am hardly making use of, which is silly. I seemed to have quickly maxed out my phone’s internal SD card 0 shortly after installing a Eclipse mod and snapping a few pictures/videos and installing GTA3 (large game). As simple as this task sounds, I have been unable to find clear instructions online on how to free up my space.

    Maybe would there be any way to symlink the entire /safestrap directory to my external SD card? How about changing the default location that my apps/pictures are saved or installed to? (it doesn’t seem that my camera app has any configuration settings to change this location..). I am comfortable connecting via ADB and making changes in Linux if necessary.

    Thank you!


  168. I installed 3.11 today on my Razr Maxx HD, it seemed to work fine but i can’t reboot to the splash screen to hit the menu button to do the backup and add a rom etc. Any clues i’ve looked everywhere but can’t find anyone else having the issue. I do see the logo about the bootloader unlocked it almost seems like that is taking place of the splash screen.

    • Actually I just uninstalled 3.11 and installed 3.12 and that fixed it if anyone else ever has this problem.

  169. I installed SS 3.11 on my Droid RAZR Maxx HD rooted with stock and installed recovery but when I power the phone on there’s no splash screen. Any way to help?


  170. Hi, I installed SafeStrap 2012-12-30 v3.11 on my Droid 4 (4.1.2) System version 98.72.18.XT894.Verizon.en.US

    After it installed with no errors, when I went to start the app all I get is a message that says “Unfortunately, Safestrap has stopped”. It persisted after I restarted the phone too…

    I’d like to give Cyanogenmod a shot, so it would be awesome if I could get this to work!


  171. Awesome this work of yours! I’m curious ’bout resizing slots/positions once created. Is it possible? Thanks in advance…

  172. Hello,
    I used the Safestrap recovery and backed up my ROM. Then, I wiped system, factory reset, davik cache, cache, & factory reset again. Then, I used Safestrap to install the Deadrage ROM to my phone. The phone powered off. Now, when it comes, it shows the Greatful Dead, then the Safestrap recovery logo, saying Safestrap Disabled Starting System in 10 seconds, and the phone shuts off. How can I get my original ROM I backed up back? The recovery isnt responding to the touch-screen or holding the volume buttons down. I have the Razr M.

  173. Is it possible to change the setting of safestrap so that roms slots can be created on ext-sdcard rather than the internal sdcard partition. Just would help when testing rom builds as I have a 64GB card that i use. Btw using newest Droid 4 Version of safestrap.

  174. how to enter in safe mode on razr hd?

    everytime that I try to flash some rom, it doesnt work. after the safestrap splash screen, it becomes black and the rom never starts. then I have to force the shutdown and start the stock rom again.

    someone could help me?

    Im trying to flash RageHD ROM.


  175. Use cm 10.1 + gapps. I have it running on a d3 with safestrap in romslot 1. Much better than gingerbread. Great features. Must run an auto memory killer in aggressive mode and not a lot of apps. Little laggy but very usable. No camera. Don’t know about blutooth.

    One more thing, wipe stuff before installing.

  176. How do I access root data files of my “stock rom” when I’m currently on a flash rom 1? I’m getting boot loops on my stock rom slot and want to just get the SMS data file but not sure how to access it.

  177. Plz help me myfrirend! I can’t use may internal data from my droid 3 when I up rom to 10.1 (I still see it when I go into safestrap mode.. How can I use it as my SD card. Thanks!

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  179. I used this safestrap and im on Razr M 4.1.2 JB and i tried to flash my rom to PACMan 4.2.2 JB I believe. And i deleted the Cache Files and Delvic Cache Files and System files. But when i go to reboot it, the device gives me a Safestrap disabled system is starting in 10 seconds. And i cannot press the Recovery or the Continue buttons. And it just keeps doing this no matter how man times i force reboot it. Anyone know a solution?

  180. Hey can you replace the stock rom slot with a custom rom and have it boot up or can you only boot into stock rom on stock rom slot. tried doing it with a ragerom it wont boot unless on rom slots 1-4 but i need to be able to activate BP tools and boot right into the os otherwise if i cant boot right into the os and it goes into safestrap and i press next then it wont boot with BP tools and i need them in order to flash the phone to a new network. please help thank you!

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  182. Droid 3
    I installed safestrap and flashed aokp in romslot 2, but the network doesn’t work in that slot, does on the stock rom. My phone is flashed to Cricket.

  183. Please help someone! I have a VZW D3 global and have been using Safestrap v3.05 successfully, until now…

    I wanted to change ROMS, so I reboot into ss3.05, switch to Stock ROM, delete ROM slot 1, wipe (attempt to at least), create a new 3g data part for the Slot, flash ROM, and wipe dalvik. I activate ROMslot 1 and reboot into the bone stock ROM, noticing the SafeStrap splash screen says SS is DISabled.

    I don’t recall doing anything to disable safestrap.

    Also, in subsequent attempts to wipe & re-flash, I notice when I try to wipe anything, the terminal says it is “Unable to Mount….” what ever it was i tried to wipe. I am think the lack of wiping is the cause of my problems…

    I would really like to hear what others have to say because now my phone is constantly force closing the the phone process and text messaging app (making my phone COMPLETELY useless)!

    Thanks so much in advance!

  184. Having an issue with backing up the stock rom. It gets to android_secure:

    [.ANDROID_SECURE (1657 MB)]
    …Backing up /sdcard/.android_secure partition.
    Breaking backup file into multiple archives…
    Generating file lists
    E:error opening ‘/.android_secure’
    E:Error generating file list
    E:Error generating file list!
    — Error occured, check recovery.log. Aborting.

  185. So I did the BIG NO NO…… Restored my aokp rom to my stock rom…

    It just gets stuck in the aokp boot loop…

    have access to fastboot and have been trying to work with it but keep getting an errror on flashing the recovery and boot partitions of

    INFOPreflash validation failure
    FAILED (remote: )

  186. from above I’m on a droid 3

    I believe the system might be older then what i had as my stock rom and that might be why i’m getting that error… the devtree, preinstall, etc… are going though fine without the error

  187. Hi: Has anyone had success with installing the Carbon ROm on Droid Razr M?After installation my phone just gives the black screen and nothing happens.

  188. I really need some help on this..

    I am already rooted, and I was trying to install the SafeStrap v3.11. I installed it using the instructions provided, and I didn’t get the splash screen at all. I just get the regular boot-up screen on my Droid Razr M. Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

    • Actually, nevermind. I finally got it to work by installing 3.12. Only took me forever. Geez. LOL. :)

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  190. Why is it so hard to enter safestrap? I have to reboot a million times…each time pressing the menu boot, and 9 out of 10 times is doesn’t go into safestrap!
    Is there a secret way to get in easily???

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  192. Pingback: Anonymous

    • BTW, by “swap” I mean “non-destructive interchange of slot contents”.
      Reason: I have a daily-use rom in rom-slot-1 and want to try a “rom-slot-1 only” rom.

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  194. Pingback: Anonymous

  195. Droid 4 (rooted)
    I used to have Safestrap 2 installed so that I had access to nandroid backups (safestrap itself never worked on my droid 4 or my droid 1, whenever I selected ‘safe mode’ the phones would just freeze on boot and never finish). I have downloaded this latest version, removed recovery, uninstalled 2, deleted all safestrap folders (that I could find) and then installed this new version. It installed ok, but whenever I try to run it I get an error message that says “Unfortunately, Safestrap has stopped.” I can only select OK and it goes back to my homescreen.

    Any ideas?

  196. OK! Finally got th 4.2.2 to work on My Droud RAZR. My mistake was not reading the fine print. HAS TO BE INSTALLED ON ROM SLOT 2!!!!
    Once I read and understood that, it went like clockwork.
    Everything so far running smoothly. Thanks for the app.

  197. I used safestrap on my Bionic.
    Just installed v 3.12 on my Razr Maxx HD. I installed a new Eclipse ROM into slot-1. After installing the new ROM the phone would not boot except by usng PWR/VOL+/VOL-. I don’t remember doing that before. Does that indicate a potential problem? (I haven’t tried to boot the custom ROM yet.)

  198. My phone felt into water and now touch screen is not responding, so I’m not being able to “touch” the MENU option to enter recovery.

    I have a DROID3 with SafeStrap 2x. Are there any other combination of keys I could use ?

    Thanks in advance!

  199. Sherwood, What I do is just copy the image files that safestrap creates and rename them when needed. Its not swapping per say but it does work and its the best way to make a backup when needed, in my opinion.

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  201. Need Help

    Model- Motorola Atrix HD
    Stock Firmware- 4.1
    Rooted- Yes
    BootLoader Unlocked- Yes
    Hi I was loading a Custom Rom (LiquidSmooth 3.0) on to Rom Slot 1 using the Newest version of SafeStrap in Said It loaded but when it rebooted it went to the new boot scren and does not leave Slot Please help my Email is

    Thank You to anyone who trys to help

  202. Since I can’t see anyone mention anything about this, I will so others don’t have to scratch their heads infinitely :)

    In order for aokp zip to work you have to disable zip verification. I checked the md5s in so many ways I have md5 hard printed on my screen now because I thought the dl was corrupt.

  203. Tried to install Safestrap 3.5 from 3.11 and doesnh’t work. I’m still on 3.11

    Any help, please ?
    Motorola XT910


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  205. I made a backup of my Stock ROM. How can I delete it? How can I set Safestrap so that backups are automatically created on the SD Card?

  206. Is there any way to restore a backup of the stock environment to one of the slots? I have a Droid Bionic running SafeStrap 3.53, and I tried this. It allowed me to select the stock backup and appeared to restore it to Slot1, and the safestrap screen indicated I was ‘safe’, but once in the OS, the safestrap app indicated the safe system was not active, and all changes happened to the stock side of things, even though when booting to recovery, safestrap indicated slot1 was active. Actual installs of custom ROMs to safestrap have the system working as expected, though, so I’m assuming it’s something to do with the difference in backup files versus an install. What I’m after is a completely stock Bionic Jellybean system that I can debloat for my daily driver, while maintaining a fully bloated system I can return to when needed. I know the best solution would be to install a stock VZW jb build, but I have (as yet) been unable to locate one.

  207. How do install CM 10.1.3 Rc2 or latest CM 10.2 nightly in Droid Razr (spyder) stock slot using SS 3.53? Any guide? I failed so many times.

    • If you’ve already got that sucker rooted, could you check your /system/build.prop and report values for “ro.product.model”, “”, and “ro.product.device”, please?

      • Absolutely..
        “ro.product.model” = XT1080
        “ro.product. name” = obake verizon
        “ro.product.device”= obake

  208. hi for those of us with unlocked bootloaders examplesxt907, xt926 hd and maxx hd. and we enjoy the convenience of safestrap when testing multiple roms. is there any way to update the version of twrp that our safestrap versions are using? v.3.11 using twrp currently and would like to be on twrp for rom compatibility. really love the rom slot feature i wish twrp or the other devs would just pay you for your hard work to be able to use your safestrap/rom slot feature baked into the roms. lol. just thought i’d ask though. because its a shame that oh look bootloader unlocked, so now we get to suffer and no more safestrap.

  209. This may be a silly question, but if I have CM 10.1.3 in rom slot 1 and I do a backup of the rom and then proceed to wipe cache & dalvik cache of rom slot 1, does that affect the backup at all? I currently have Safestrap 3.53 on my xt912. I guess I basically want to know where the backups are stored and if they can ever be deleted. Thanks.

  210. SafeStrap creates a backup storage folder, also if wished, one can create their own folder, for example, on the Micro SD card, if no Micro SD, then create a custom folder in your device SD storage..

    • When a backup is created, unless one deletes it, the backup is un-harmed, only your OS is modified, NOT your back up..

      • ok thanks for the helpful reply! I appreciate it. For your first comment, does SS create the backup folder in internal storage or on my external SD card?

      • if I have rom slot1 active in SafeStrap and want to delete rom slot2 (I had flashed AOKP here and want to delete it) does that just delete everything in rom slot 2 so I can then set it up again with the partition size that I choose (such as 1GB or 2GB)? I already did a full wipe of rom slot 2 but I want to make sure I delete everything before flashing a new rom in slot 2. Thanks.

  211. SafeStrap, every version I have ever used, have all created a folder and stored the backup to the device internal storage by default, then I create a backup folder on my SD card, then tell SafeStrap where to save my backups, btw, one can also copy the backups to a computer, to reduce storage use on ones device, I keep the latest backup on my SD card, but I have also copied old backups from computer, back to my device SD card and restored a setup from months earlier.. I have also, many times, restored a backup from another exact model device with absolutely no problem, example, have two identical device’s running identical setups, hope this helps you..

    • When I’m in Safestrap and I want to reboot while I’m in rom slot 1, I notice now that the reboot gives me 4 options: System, Power Off, Recovery and another option. I don’t remember having these options before so do I just select Power Off and then turn on the phone again? Please help.

  212. Hi.

    I have a huge problem.

    I can’t remove the Safestrap from my XT910 Razr.

    The thing is: I’ve installed normally, done root, etc.

    Things are pretty ok.

    But, when I try to uninstall from the menu, nothing happens!

    And even if I remove ALL files from the internal sdcard, when I reboot the files are restored, like images, docs, config files, everything.

    I think safestrap creates some kind of “jail” or “virtual space” that I can’t mess with.

    Analyzing one of your scripts, I’ve noticed that one line uses ‘mknod’ to create a loop dev.

    Well, anyway, I’ve tried all methods over there and nothing. Even using fastboot methods to upload the original factory image didn’t solve the problem.

    My current version is 3.11. Everything were fine, but one day my phone had a FC and crash. And now I notice that several apps aren’t working fine and when I reboot my phone resets to it’s original state to the crash.

    Am I being to complex here?

    How can I fix this?

    Thanks guys!

  213. trying to flash the eclipse ROM to my droid 4 using the latest version failed repeatedly with no explanation. reverting back to 3.1.1 worked to flash the ROM. not sure if it is a bug, but figured i would alert you of the strange happenings.

  214. I can not get anything above 3.11 to install. I run the install fro the app. Everything seems to be fine no error or nothing, but when I reboot it is still 3.11. Please help.

  215. Can Safestrap 3.53 or 3.60 be installed on a Galaxy S3 (Verizon)? I have it on my Razr Maxx but I want to do the same on my wife’s GS3. If yes, would it be the same setup/installation as explained above and the same way to flash a ROM? Thx.

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  217. I currently have the apk Safestrap 3.12 installed on my Razr M running the newest OTA of 4.1.2. I am curious if anyone can help explain to me why it says E:unknown volume path [/] before doing anything on it, I have tried and tried to create rom slots, made sure its the correct rom slot for that rom and that it is a SS Rom, but have never had any success, It just loads to a black screen and I end up having to reactivate my stock rom slot. If anyone could explain this to me or give me suggeistions, it would be greatly appreciated.

  218. Same thing here as Turtle stated. I installed the zip (cm10.1) into slot 2 and go to reboot and all I get is a blank screen. tried slot 1 first with the same results. wiped everything and boot but it will not load. ??????? this bootloader mess is a bunch of crap. liked my galaxy S1 much better. I got this phone for the specs. But I cant even take advance of them. oh well I got back to stock looks like.

  219. Love it. Couple of things i noticed thoigj while trying ss3.61 on my droid ultra xt1080
    everything installed as steps said however i do notice that when rebooting i get the littlw robot logo and above in red stating that safe strap is disabled. Boots into safestrap do the backup on new rom slot then when i reboot i will once again get the start up for the logo only it gives three lines along the meaning of .bitmap



    Etc (will have to write the complete code down sorry) im assuming this is the.code for the.splash screen? it will then reboot on its own and shows the screen again saying n red that it is disabled. Boots into r/w protection off (droid logo starts with no sound on bootup) if i open the.safestrap app itself
    Safe system: Not active
    Any suggestions or similiar experiences. Or is this lookin normal.

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  221. I’ve got a Droid RAZR and I just tried versions 3.60 and 3.63. The installations seemed to work fine but the boot menu is all distorted to the point that I cannot use it properly. I don’t really have a way of getting a picture of what it looks like right now, but one way to describe it would be to say it looks kinda like a PC display looks when you attempt to set a desktop resolution that the monitor does not support. I noticed I could still press things so it seems the actual functionality is there. I just can’t tell what I’m pressing. Depending on what menu screen I get to I can sometimes make out parts of words but overall it’s not usable.

    Any idea why this might be happening?

      • Hey. This actually isn’t an issue for me any more. I apologize for not coming back to say so. The reason I wanted to update Safestrap was because mine wasn’t working properly. I wanted to back up my phone before updating the Android version. I decided to just not do the backup. Long story short, I flashed the phone with JB 4.1.2 and rooted. There were some issues along the way but I got around them. I also have Safestrap working fine now.

        Still, to answer your question, I think I was running Android version 2.5.3 (I think… might have been 2.3.5 or something) and the model number is XT912.

  222. Install 3.63 a few days ago for spyder. When I go to create a ROM it spams E:unable to mount /Josh after it creates and I try to flash a ROM it does the same thing. XT912 4.1.2 rooted is what I have

      • I have a Razr MAXX XT912 GSM and only shows 1825MB available for other rom slots.. ??
        Can’t anybody help me with this? I upgraded to latest Safestrap-Spyder-3.65 and still shows 1825MB free. Have an 8GB SD in slot and stock Android JB 4.1.2.

  223. Do I HAVE to keep space for the 2nd and 3rd slot? (Gs4) I’d rather have more space available to only ONE non-stock ram slot. The phone is not very usable when total available space on the stock SD card is split up into 3-4 slots :(

    • Not from my experience. If you have activated a slot, but aren’t using it, the just delete it and the space it was using is returned.

  224. hi, i want to reflash my stock bionic because i messed it up, currently have aokp 4.2 and cm 4.3 in slots 2 and 1 respectively, how can i rsd my stock rom again and backup this safestrap images to use them when i reroot the stock? or is there a way to reflash stock without erasing the safestrap slots?

  225. When are the downloads going to be fixed. just got a razr m and cannot download qany of the safestraps!?!?!?!?!

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  228. I accidentally installed my custom rom to the stock partition instead of romslot-1.
    It wont get to safestrap and gives me the dead android symbol
    Have I bricked my phone?

  229. RAZR-M-Safestrap.apk installed safestrap but when launched it states “Unfortunately, Safestrap has stopped. Is there an older version that I can try?

  230. problems with 3.65….i am coming from 3.11. i followed all the steps to the T. when the new splashscreen appeared the words were red and said disabled. not sure of the words but i know they were red. i was able to get back into the recovery. once i was in the recovery i noticed it said safestrap 3.65 at the top, so im assuming it installed correctly. so i try to install a new rom and all the rom slots are gray because i dont have enough space to create a new rom. the stock rom slot is active, so i try to reboot the phone using the stock rom. there is no rom in the stock rom slot either. and now i cant get into the recovery. phone gives me the red moto logo and then goes dark….. lost without phone.

  231. Good evening Devs,
    I installed the spyder 3.65 version of Safestrap a couple weeks ago. Last week, I tried updating my Cyanogenmod 10.2 ROM to the latest nightly. It got into a boot loop, so I factory-wiped then restored my safestrap backup. Not sure why, but safestrap no longer shows in my app drawer. Can I just re-install the sypder 3.65, or will it do terrible things to my existing installation?

    Thanks for all the great work.


  232. I have a Razr MAXX XT910 with safestrap and tried to flash CM to the stock rom, it flashed but would not boot. Now I cant install any of my OTA 4.1.2 Brasil roms back to the stock slot. What do I do?

  233. Hello hello,

    First off, thank you so much for making the root process so easy on the new AT&T GS4. Much appreciated.

    I’ve successfully installed v3.65 on my new GS4 and followed all recommendations. Created backup and copied to new ROM image. The Stock ROM works perfectly, but the New ROM image I created is very glitchy. Notification sounds do not work. It continually vibrates when I receive text messages. The notification bar at the top blinks and eventually the screen just stays black when trying to load some programs (specifically Pandora). I thought the backup may have loaded incompletely or the ROM image was too small to run smoothly. So I deleted the New ROM image and tried again. This time I maxed out System, Data, and Cache and restored from the Stock ROM backup. The same thing is happening on this new ROM. I’m not sure what the issue is.

    I’m very new to Android. Switched from Iphone, finally. So the hacking processes are very new to me. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  234. Can someone provide a link to complete, detailed instructions on how to unroot a verizon galaxy s4 (ME7 build) that has Safestrap installed? I tried flashing the ME7 factory image via Odin and that failed; however, I didn’t uninstall Safestrap first, so I don’t know if that was the issue or not; however, my phone was locked up for hours, so I don’t want to try again until I’m sure I have all of the correct steps needed. I’ve spent the past 2 days searching forums and have found a lot of information, but haven’t found complete start-to-finish instructions on the whole process. Would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction!


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  242. First of all, thanks for this app/recovery! I just came to and S4 from my trusty Galaxy Nexus, Id still prefer the old custom recover, backup stock and install new rom, save as much storage as possible method…. but at weve got an option!
    So I have SS installed and Im about ready to get this Hyperdrive rom going. However, there is one last question I cant find a clear answer to before I go forth. My understanding is that system apps (those contained in the rom) are in the partitioned space for the system (outside of the internal sd space) and then all the other apps we install use up internal sd space.
    So, if Ive already installed a bunch of stuff in the stock rom, and that’s taking up space in my internal sd already, what happens when I install a custom rom in a slot? Do those apps show up automatically or do I have to install them all again in the new rom? Assuming the latter, should I then un-install everything “additional” on the stock side first so I don’t use up that amount of space twice?
    Thanks. :)

  243. hey there.. ive been trying to install roms on my atrix hd and been having trouble. ive tried diffrent versions of ss and each time i load the rom and install then reboot i just get stuck on a black screen. ive searched everywhere for answers and am not sure where to go tried different rom slots as well. not sure what im doing wrong

  244. Um, i did something dumb and not sure how to recover.
    When i installed the CM xip file, the stock loader was “active”. when i saw it would not boot, i then tried to restore but it did not work. i then resorted to using ‘fastboot’ to see if i could restore stock that way. now when i try to flash to ‘fastboot flash cdt.cin cdt.bin’ is says that partition does not exist.

    phone model is bionic.
    safe strap seems to still boot up, but nothing mounts.

    i then went into the droid’s recovery mode and did a factory reset.

    i want to go back to original state (unrooted, stock image).
    Should i use fastboot to create the cdt.bin and get it all working ?

    kind of stuck, feeling foolish b/c it seems this problem started when i installed to the wrong slot:

    • i was able to fastboot most of the files, except for a couple of errors:

      # sending ’emstorage’ (0 KB)…
      # FAILED (remote: protocol error)
      # finished. total time: 0.000s
      # target reported max download size of 1056964608 bytes
      # Invalid sparse file format at header magi
      # sending sparse ‘webtop’ (142189 KB)…
      # OKAY [ 8.051s]
      # writing ‘webtop’…
      # OKAY [ 12.894s]

      now when i start the phone, i can hear the droid startup noise and safestrap appears to be gone.
      BUT there is no display on the screen whatsoever.

      i used the bionic FXZ file with md5sum 1481AC6035682B732F76A621A36A9153 at

  245. Hi,

    I’ve modified safestrap to mount /data and /cache from a plain partition (and only /system using loop) to aid in trimming filesystems (fstrim is not possible on a loop filesystem, so Android slows down after using safestrap for some time). If you remove cache.img and userdata.img from a rom slot and use my patches, it will behave this way, at the cost of having to manually restore data and cache before switching between stock and this altered rom slot. Other rom slots with separate data and cache should behave as before (but I haven’t tested it). Safety will stay the same (because stock /system will be in place as before).

    See my post here:

    Maybe you could integrate these two patches to safestrap?


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  247. can i use this as a normal recovery (as in just wipe the one ROM in exchange for a custom ROM)? i kinda dont like the idea of dual booting as it may leave me with no room to install many apps/games because i would be using a touchwiz based ROM each time i flash a new ROM.

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  249. I know you’re not supporting the D3 anymore, but FWIW, thank you very much for all you’ve done. I just used Safestrap to get myself a version of SteelDroid on my phone, which resolved a billion and one issues that I was having with the stock build. You are the man!

  250. Had a working safestrap and botha stock and alternate rom working. Then stupidly allowed an OTA update. I’ve re-rooted the device, but am not sure how to recover my safestrap setup. Should I follow instructions as if it’s an upgrade, or is there some other method?

  251. Just paid a computer “Tech’y” guy to install Safestrap on my Verizon Galaxy Note 3. I am running three custom ROMs and a Stock ROM. And I can switch easily between them at will… I LOVE this program!!!!! I been doing many different backup of these four ROMs at varous time-line points and I have amassed a huge 17.6 GB TWRP Backup folder on my phone’s 64 GB external SD card. I just successfully copied this big “bad boy” folder to my PC’s 900 GB hard drive using Windows Explorer. I now want to “flush the toilet” on the phone’s SD Card so that I can make some more room on it to do more backups and store other stuff, however, I am afraid to delete the files in the phone’s TWRP/Backup folder, because if I do, I don’t want disable my custom ROMs.

    Will deleting all the data in the SM-900V/Card/TWRP/Backup folder disable my custom ROMs from activating when I switch between them in the Safestrap Recovery Module, or as I suspect and hope, does Safestrap store the custom ROM slot “programs activating files” in folders other than the SM-900V/Card/TWRP/Backup folder?

    If so where?

    I’m not a computer “stone” or a “tech’y” guy, but I am computer literate enough to be dangerous…so if anyone can give me some advice, I would be eternally grateful.


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  253. Help. ATT note 3 sm n900a mj5.
    I rooted using kingo=success
    update chainfire SU=success
    install safestrap 3.71 hlatt version=success
    back up rom in safestrap recovery. message saying it was success, but the has External storage error.
    reboot ok. went back into SSR and make room for ROM 1. setup rom 1 and loaded RSL6 hyperdrive rom. Again same message. reboot, and it went to stock rom. this time stock rom is acting as if it has a virus. jumpy and kind of weird stuff.
    Went back into SSR. jump back into Stock rom. reboot. stock rom now act weird. Reboot into SSR and loaded back up onto Stock rom. Now i’m stuck in bootloop.
    As of now, I was able to use download mode, and stock recovery. other than that, it doesn’t matter which CFW or stock FW I loaded. It will not go pass bootloop. Can you offer any advice? I am thinking of removing safestrap or unroot kingo. I do not know of any method.

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  255. hey, I have the Verizon Galaxy Note 3. I love this app and I think you for whatever contribution you have to it. My problem is this, no matter how many wipes or flashes I do I seem to get errors in my ROMs and its pretty consistent across all wrong, I wonder if it’s possible that my rom slot is messed up. It just seems like nothing will run smooth. Any ideas. This thing it does the most is just freeze when I click on a link to a website that uses an app I already have to open it. For example Bleacher Report.

  256. Holy shit. . .so far perfect. Haven’t tried to install a ROM (CyanogenMod is what I’m thinking) yet but so far this is just perfect. I LOVE being able to boot into 4 other “phones” without having to destroy my stock ROM. Will reply back to myself once I try to install a ROM and tell you how it works

  257. I am working on an older Droid Bionic and Safestrap 3.65 and have a basic question:

    What is the recommended System, Data and Cache partition? What I am trying to do is create one ROM slot with a custom rom for day-to-day use but have a second rom slot (small and simple) just to play with other ROMs when I have time.

    Out of the 8GB, how would I divide this up so my rom slot 1 has the best performance and rom slot 2 enough to play with?

    Thanks guys!

    • That is exactly the config I’m running. I have a 700mb system/2gig data/300mb cache set up for both my daily driver and my ‘testing’ slot. This usually leaves me around 1gig free for internal storage (which I seldom use anyway).

      • Just out of curiosity, what are you using for your daily driver rom? Have you updated your Droid to JB? I did and I regret it since most of the rome that I have only run on ICS. Do you have some recommendations for some good JB rome? The one I have is CyanogenMod.

      • I’ve actually been fairly pleased with the stock ROM rooted and debloated. I started with an already JBed device, and the rooting process was a bit more entailed than I had dealt with before, but not impossible. What I love about SafeStrap is the ability to go back to the stock ROM if I ever have to call Verizon about service issues. It allows me an easy way to put back all the remote ‘analysis’ software VZW likes to use to see what’s going on with your device. Also, I have a lapdock, and have not yet found a custom ROM that takes advantage of it.

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  259. Wondering if there’s a way to remove empty rom slots to free up internal memory? I have a stock rom slot and one custom rom installed with 2 empty rom slots i would like to remove.

    Do I have to remove and reinstall SafeStrap and create only 1 slot, or can I remove the unused slots within the utility?

    Samsung Galaxy S3-Verizon-SCH-I535
    4.3 OTA JB ML1 firmware-stock TW rom
    MOAR 8.0 custom rom (slot 2)
    slots 1,3,4 empty

    • Unless you’ve actually ‘created’ the extra ROM slots, they should not be taking up any extra space. If you have, you can select the unused slots from within safestrap and there is a ‘delete’ button.

  260. Having some trouble with safestrap 3.65 and flashing the latest spyder 11.x ROMs. Is the recovery/installer software to blame or the image itself?

    Verifying zip signature…
    E: Error executing updater binary in zip ‘/sdvard-ext/c……’
    Error flasyhing zip ‘/sdcard/cm-11-20140310-NIGHTLY……’
    Updating partition details…
    E: Unable to mount ‘/date’
    E: Unable to mount ‘/cache’
    E: Unable to mount ‘/osh’

    I get that /osh one alot.. any idea what is wrong? This was a clean/fresh install of latest.. too.

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  262. I have 3.63 working fine on my Verizon Razr Maxx XT912. I want to upgrade to 3.65. Can I just install the 3.65 apk over the existing 3.63? Will I lose my existing Rom Slots/Stock Slot/Backups? Any other precautions when doing this? Thanks.

  263. what happens if i wipe the data/cache/dvalk on the stock rom? I’m asking this because I can’t seem to boot into my stock rom anymore, i just get a black screen and im wondering if this will fix the problem.

  264. Is there a special procedure for installing another rom in the second slot? No problems installing the main rom, but I’m having problems installing Golden Eye. I-337 MLD. I’ve looked but can’t find much that has helped. Thanks for the great work!

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  266. I have a droid RAZR Maxx running CM 10.1.3- Spyder. I installed Safestrap and used it to flash CM onto a custom slot. I want to reload my stock ROM, but mistakenly backed it up in CWM format instead of TWRP. I am trying to delete Safestrap so that I can use a CWM program to reload my stock ROM, but I can’t get rid of Safestrap. I have tried uninstalling recovery, but it won’t work. How can I disable Safestrap? I’m not a very advanced user, so I don’t understand a lot of technical terminology, but I have been attempting to learn as much as possible. If there is any advice you could provide I would be greatly appreciative.


  267. Hey Can u plz support Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102. Plz add a support because it have the same problem like S4 and Note3. plz help :)

  268. Hey I using v3.72, I was wondering if their is a way to disable or change the time of the boot delay screen (where it allows you to enter recovery or the regular os)?

  269. I flashed the odexed rom for kk, I dig the hell out of this build, so if I want to go to deodex can I use the same safestrap and odin method to get there?

  270. Hello,
    I downloaded Bobcat rom in Stock and Beans rom. I did booth because I can’t load bobcat into safestap. I set up the portion and when I go to “install’ ex sd the file does not show. I have even tried to copy the file and move it in to sd downloads within safestap and still can not see the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  271. Safe Strap and CyanogenMod v11 had brought new life to my Droid Razr Maxx. W/out the aggressive memory management, this phone would have gone to the landfill over a year ago, and sadly, I do not have the money to upgrade. With internal space of 8 Gb available for internal card space, and the other 8 Gb for system, I am out of space. I use stock Jellybean for stock, and cm11 for slot 1. Can I delete slots 2 & 3 and use this space to make one very big slot one? I already have a great backup of cm11 from today. is there a way to enlarge the slots once made and used? I know when slots are recreated, you can bump up the size of the partitions at time you recreate. I cannot even update Gravity Box, says out of room. Internal storage between 800 Mb and 1.2 Mb.

    Can I size slot one up by removing slot 2 and 3? Can I do this while slot is active? Can I deactivate slot 1 current cm11, activate stock, and then recreate slot one very larger and restore to this new, much bigger slot? This is my last chance, you are dropping razr phones. Please help me. Can I get a bigger slot for cm11 than the stock slots available?

    Please, please help!

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  273. I ran to a major issue and found a way around it and figured that I should post what happened. I had my Droid Razr Maxx to my computer downloading a video I recorded. I noticed that my phone rebooted after the copy was done and didn’t think much of it. A while later I noticed an error message about encryption failing and something about reformat the data partition, so I clicked okay not thinking much of it. After that my phone would just hang in the boot of SlimKat indefinitely. I boot to recovery and tried many things like try to switch back over to the stock OS, reset the phone to factory, etc. Everything gave me the error “failed to mount /data”. Everything on the web seemed to indicate that the phone was in a dead state and I couldn’t do anything in TWRP to fix it. I even tried to copy in an old backup of a slot to no avail. I was starting look at buying another phone but tried one more thing. In /sdcard0/safestrap there is a “active_slot” file. I change the text in the file to look at the slot I copied in. Amazingly my phone was able to boot. Later on I found a 2GB file in the LOST.DIR directory. I assume that when my phone rebooted the /data partition was lost and placed in the LOST.DIR. TWRP would fail to do anything without userdata.img file in place for the active slot. You can’t even switch to a different slot if there is a problem. Just to let everyone know.

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  275. I have what seems to be a major issue with my droid rzr maxx xt912. I went to romslot 1 created it to basically fill the remaining space that I had (now realizing that this may have been dumb). Wiped the romslot and then installed CM11. Then I tried to reboot into it. It just shutdown. Now I cannot boot into the phone at all (only get to the red M before it goes black) and I can’t seem to hold vol up and down and press power to get it to go into recovery. Any idea what the heck I did wrong and how I might be able to get it fixed?

    • I did find a way to get into what I believe is called the fastboot recovery. (Black screen with white text.) I selected recovery and it goes to a screen with an open droid with a red traingle and an exclamation point.

  276. I have a Razr Maxx HD xt926 device running 4.4.2 and it is unlocked and rooted. I attempted to install safestrap 3.6 from your link in downloads. Once I installed the apk then selected install recovery, everything appeared to work. When I selected the reboot into recovery option the phone just restarted. I then shut down and attempted to boot into recovery using PWR/VOL Up button combo, selected recovery and got the M logo followed by a black screen. Had to reboot using PWR/VOL Down to get out of it. How can I get SS to work properly?

  277. I was just wondering if there is any chance of a safestrap version supporting the galaxy s5 on Verizon which was rooted with towelroot

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  280. Hola a todos¡¡¡¡.Para el samsung galaxy mega 6.3 GT I9205 ALGUNA VERSION¡¡¡¡ la tengo arraigada con TWRP???

  281. I’m unable to restart or power off my phone when using a boot slot other than stock. It gets stuck at the splash screen. Any suggestions?

    Verizon Galaxy S5 Retail.

  282. Hi I’m having an issue with safestrap. I have a Verizon galaxy s4 with 4.4.2 I have followed all instructions rooted towelroot got the newest version of superuser downloaded safestrap 3.65 installed, opened, and installed recovery. The problem is after installing recovery the state still says “not installed” although I get the pop-up saying install successful? Also reboot to recovery is not lit up. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled tried restarting even taking the battery out and it still states the same “not installed”. Also when I use the power button and select restart the lock custom icon is there but the options for recovery are not? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • I had that same problem on my note 3.. you need to download busy box from the play store for free.. it just replaces or updates your installer… that worked for my note 3

    • Having the exact same issue (posted comment as well) on my AT&T S4 on 4.4.2. PLEASE let me know if you find a solution. Thanks a bunch!

  283. Please help…I have an ATT Galaxy S4 and installed safestrap no prob…flashed goldeneye no prob, used it for a cpl days then made a backup of it and tried to instal hyperdrive15 as directed by xda thread and when i rebooted just went black for a cpl mins and kept going back to safe strap so i tried to wipe again and install recovery both original and golden eye and getting fail…something about system not loading..advanced wipe will also not work and issue a fail only succes is regular wipe..also ive tried re installing goldeneye instead of recovery but get fail…always saying system not loading…Please help

  284. I am having a problem with my verizon note 3… rooted installed safestrap 3.72 and when i make a rom slot (any one) it wont have any system partition size ( 0MB (0MB free) I have the right amount of partition size in my data and cache but none in my system… now I cannot reboot any OS please help!! I am stuck in safestrap even the stock rom slot has no system partition

  285. I am having an issue installing safestrap v3.72 Beta for my AT&T Galaxy S4 on the OTA 4.4.2 KK NC1 firmware. I rooted with towelroot, disabled knox, and installed busybox. What is happening is when I hit install, the dialog box shows as if the installation is complete but the system status never changes to installed and the splashscreen does not show. I have also tried v3.73 which does the same thing. WHAT AM I MISSING? I would really appreciate some help please. I am hoping a custom rom will fix the GPS issue in the 4.4.2 update. Thanks very much!

    • First I’m assuming you did the update and on nc1 if thats the case v3.72 is what you should use and then before installing use the rootchecker app to make sure you are rooted and su is installed then after downloading the SS3.72 apk open and install then install recovery, your phone should reboot. If not hit install again and reboot your phone the safestrap screen should show up and press recovery on the bottom left…If for any reason this dosent work you might have done some kind of user error along the way and i would re flash nb1 with odin and do the update or flash nc1 but i have found i cant flash nc1 just nb1 and do ota update…anyway also i never had to disable knox! just allow usb debugging thru deveoper options and allow unknown apps in security…hope this helps

    • To all replies in this post. I had the same thing going on….
      What I forgot to do, or missed, was MAKE SURE you download “Selinux Mode Changer” and then click on the “permissive” box. That’s it…exit….and then try Safestrap again.

      Just another hint….somehow when I did the recovery, then created the slot 1, because I didn’t have other roms loaded, it or more likely me set the default boot to slot 1, which really messed up my phone. Finally figured out because of the slow boot, that SS was set to slot 1 for boot. changed it to the phones main boot and all was good. Hope this helps.

  286. I have installed the kit Kat beta safestrap on my att galaxy s4 with a locked boot loader rooted with towelroot. However when I hit install recovery in safestrap it says it is installing but after it cleans up it still says recovery not installed. I have already tried rebooting to recovery to see if it is there but it isn’t. What am I doing wrong?

  287. I have a att galaxy s4 most updated version of busy box run safestrap click install recovery says install complete still says no install. Where am I going wrong?

  288. I have an ATT Galaxy Note 3…. I was following the update guide to get to KitKat, but I didn’t sideload Safestrap. I’m stuck in Odin mode, and I have the twrp/safestrap combo…. is there any way to still use adb to install it?

  289. Safestrap is trying to install ROM’s on external_sd directory. How do I change the install location?

  290. I do not know if it’s just me or if everybody else encountering problems
    with your site. It looks like some of the text in your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody
    else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening
    to them as well? This could be a issue with my browser because
    I’ve had this happen before. Thank you

  291. worked perfectly fine on my XT910, congrats man!! I was lookin gfor a way to install my MIUIV5

  292. Hi Hashcode,

    Can u please explain how the splash screen comes that shows the options of various roms available.. Is it the recovery that is running ?
    I have been using this other app for multi roms, but i think the basics would be same for all..
    what binary gives this list of roms while the power key is pressed ?

    Please enlighten us !

  293. Hi I am having an issue with safe strap on my att i337 sgs4 when I install safestrap and I reboot it shows inactive and I get soft bricked and have to reinstall kitkat and reset my phone. I installed per your directions it said it was installed but issue continues please help.

  294. I know I am late to the party with my new S4, but thanks for making it so easy…
    Great Job…hate to see the support end….

  295. Pingback: [Fastboot Files] Gingerbread 2.3.5 for UMTS XT860 Milestone 3

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  299. Can someone list the install command and syntax for safestrap’s terminal? It keeps trying to install a ROM on the SD card…

  300. Just Rooted My G3 NoteATT Followed your directions and it all worked out. now gonna Study up Some more. please include me In updates. thank you

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  302. Having a issue with rom slots/internal memory (AT&T I537). As the picture suggest, I have no internal memory available or isn’t recognized by safestrap. So far, I’ve flashed back to stock (MF1 4.2.2 from MF3) via one-click and wiped internal storage space completely to no avail. Simply haven’t been able to find a definitive solution to fix.

    Hours of continuous searching. Anyone familiar with this issue? Possibly corrupted?

  303. By the way, I’m running 4.2.2 MF1 stock rooted with safestrap 3.65 installed. I’ve also had 3.7x installed to see if it would make a difference to no avail.

  304. OK so I gave my droid RAZR maxx to my friend and he put safestrap on it and rooted it. I needed it back for a bit(he got a new phone and mine broke) and I put my sim in and booted it and I can send and receive texts but I can’t make calls. Is this a problem with safe strap or when he unlocked the phone?

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  310. I rooted my XT885 and installed Safestrap recovery v. 3.73. On first reboot something came up what I think was the Safestrap startup screen but so badly distorted that you couldn’t actually see what was on it. Didn’t touch a thing and let it boot, after that got caught in a boot loop (never-ending splashscreen). Couldn’t power off the device, power+volume down got me into the same loop. Not sure, if the phone could be charged – screen that comes on before the motorola splash is still unreadable. Please advise what I shall start with.

    • Hello there friend got this motorola droid4 it already had safetrap installed on it I mistakenly touched the wipe icon and my pgone went off since then the phone comes on but remains on the moto logo on start screen after that remains blank screen can someone help me out

  311. Ah, hello there! I’ve had a bit of a problem with installing Safestrap and was wondering if someone could help me out. First, I’ll give my device information. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 from the Verizon carrier. My baseband version is NC5 and I’m running Android 4.4.2. I got the correct Safestrap version onto my device, but when I try to install it, nothing happens. It says ‘Install Finished’, but It doesn’t ACTUALLY install. It just looks like this:

  312. Can I boot to safe strap recovery with power +volume +home key once safestrap is enabled? Or is that always going to boot to my stock bootloader because of the nc5 locked boot loader

  313. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everybody else experiencing issues with your website.
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  315. Not sure if anyone has this problem but I wanted to find out if there is a tar verison of Safestrap or some way I can get Safestrap working when a Rom fails to load properly and Safestrap is lost.
    I am on Verizon Galaxy S4 – NC2 build. Sometimes when I install a Rom, it completes the install but if I have a issue (say FC systemui during startup), Safestrap is gone and I have to Odin a Stock Verizon NC2 rom to get back to a solid build, then install safestrap again and either restore a nand or install something different. I can only use the stock rom slot due to my device build. If I could flash a tar of Safestrap through Odin that would help so much and be so quick compared to the stock install… Any thoughts? Thanks! Otherwise, lovely!

  316. Can we get safestrap for Moto atrix 2 (Edison) which will support android 5.0 ROMs ??
    Safestrap 3.75 is already available for big brother Moto Razr (spyder)

  317. i bought a galaxy s4 active n realized that its locked and has safestrap recovery. i want to unlock and return to the stock rom for the s4 what should i do. (i dont know much about rooted phones and custom rom)

  318. i have installed safestrap in samsung i535 verizon 4.3 vrucml1 lock bootloader. After creating rom slot i have installed custum ROM. Restarted device after Samsung logo it show black screen. I pulled out battery and reinserted it and pressing power button no responds from device its need JTAG .after repairing dead boot I entered in download mode and flash official 4.3 vrucml1 through Odin. The ROM is installed as usual but after reset device show black screen without show anything like Samsung logo. Its again need JTAG. 3 time I try to installing official ROM through Odin its installed successfully but after reset its boot dead last time I flashed™stock.vzw-root66.tar™ with check option nand erase all in odin then after fleshing device reboot and after Samsung logo the device stuck on rolling message. ™the softwar in your device is not authorized by Verizon contact Verizon store for more help. what can I do sir please??????????

  319. How I remove the ROM slot of galaxy Verizon i535 in which I already installed custum touchwiz ROM . I was on stock 4.3 vrucml1 which boot loader is locked. I think safestrap app is not for i535 . My device is stop on the following messg.°The software is not authorized by Verizon in your device . context Verizon store for help° I also use pit file and band erase all option in Odin but unfortunately problem is still there. I raised my hands please sir help.Thank u.

  320. Pingback: Update XT910 z 2.3.5 do 4.X.X - Strona 2

  321. I have a Galaxy S4 for Verizon running NC5, which I rooted with towelroot, put into permissive mode with SE Linux, also using SuperSU, and then I loaded Safestrap 3.71 or 3.72. Then I loaded Eclipse TW 4.0.2 ROM into the main slot, since the extra slots weren’t working. Then, in order to use the phone with the least expensive PagePlus (an MVNO which piggybacks on Verizon) plan, I had someone flash it from 4G/3G to 3G-only. Only then did I realize that the Eclipse ROM was missing some functionality and the APN configuration was broken such that picture texts could not be sent in 3G. So could anyone please explain how to uninstall Safestrap in this circumstance? I don’t have a pre-Safestrap backup. Can I “Uninstall Recovery?” Or should I just try to do a factory reset? Or do I need to hu to down some other stock ROM and then load it with Safestrap or ODIN or something? Thanks for your time.

  322. I don’t see any uninstall options anywhere for Safestrap. Will this work to get me back to the original Samusung Galaxy S4 code, or will it leave me with a brick?:

    Settings > Accounts > Back Up and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device > Delete All/Erase Everything

    The custom ROM is in the “Stock ROM” slot, and I have no pre-Safestrap backups.

  323. I am in trouble please help me. I install safe strap in Verizon i535 4.3 . After creating ROM slot I I installed touchwiz ROM on the slot. After reboot my device struck on following message,,The software in your device is not authorized by Verizon .For more help go to Verizon store,,, After this i enterend in download mode and flash the stock ROM 4.3 on device through odin but after completion of software the device restart and again struck on the above message. In recovery I wiped every thing and restore factory setting option but unfortunattly same result. Please help me how I delete ROM slot partition to avoidabove message.Thank you

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  331. First off, thanks for the awesome tool. It sounds like it’s helped a lot of people.

    Now for my problem. I just rebuilt my Verizon Galaxy S4 (hardware I545.06). It had been upgraded to VRUFNG6, but I used ODIN to push VRUFNC5 to it, towelrooted it, and then loaded up Safestrap. It said that it had installed the new recovery (but Safe System: Not Active). I used it to reboot the device, which came up with the open robot with the spinning thing in front of it, then the robot died and I got the red triangle. Clearly recovery didn’t come up in Safestrap, and even the default recovery is fubar. The phone now announces that the ROM is custom during the first stages of boot.

    I could push VRUFNC5 to it again, the download from ODIN still works. But if I just do all the same things, I’m gonna get the same result. It’s not like the process is so complicated that I could have missed a step.

    I am very technical but new to the intricacies of Android. I’d love to get this fixed, but just as much I’d love to know what to research to understand what’s happening and be able to diagnose and fix it myself.

  332. Is there a way to skip SafeStrap on boot? I’ve flashed a compatible ROM, but every time I boot I get the “Recovery is not seandroid enforcing” error.

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  334. my phone (note3 at&t) is stuck on samsung logo i have tried N900AUCUBMI9_OneClickBin too to go back to custom rom but no hope it keeps showing this error (sw rev check fail fused 2 binary 1) i have a backup from safetrap i used once but i cant use safetrap now bcz of the brick am on :(((( plz plz plz plzzz help me guys

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  336. I messed up trying to install safe strap on my att galaxy note 3 900a now I’m locked on Android robot saying downloading Do not turn off target. What do I do.

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  341. please help s5 verizon sm-g900v
    i dont kno what happend i think my daughter wiped it please help on boot screen and cant get it to go past samsung screen please i need my fone ill go to orignal state idc…. i just want my fone back… another progrm wanted me to download this please he;p

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  344. None of the download links for SS appear to be nonfunctional. Is there somewhere else i can find them?

  345. Is there any way to get to recovery mode from vol up +home +power? If there is can u send me the Img file for galaxy s4 i337 nj4? My phonemail is prone to “could not do normal boot” and my current recovery doesn’t work correctly and also says “could not do normal boot” I have to touch computers sometimes to fix it

  346. Hello, its real to create Safestrap for Meizu (Meizu mx3 for example) phones?
    It has also looked bootloader, and most of the owners want to take clear Android Lollipop.

  347. HASH_C
    my xt912 moto boots safestrap in landscape mood and won’t come up even after 10 seconds without pressing the menu button too,,,your assistance would be well appreciated.

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  349. i am looking for Safestrap for Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD 183.46.15.XT926 verizon.en.US .. can any one tell me where i download ..i am very thanksfull to you for your kind act .. Thanks

  350. It is a terrible thing for those of use who still have and use a Razr phone. They are *way* outdated but were one of the very best smartphones available at the time. I had mine over 3 years, use a custom rom (CM11) and *everything* works, albeit quite slowly. I can stream music Bluetooth to car audio, use navigation, and sometimes even use the phone or text at the same time.

    I am a member in the XDA cm11 Razr development thread and we all use safestrap on our devices. We have one of the very best OMAP4 developers out there who does not quit or leave “loose ends”, even when CyanogenMod drops support or development. He still will release UNOFFICIAL rom updates with bug fixes, improve performance, and make features work. Since Safe Strap is no longer available anywhere to download (I did an extensive search for your requested RAZR-HD-Safestrap-3.05.08.apk file, Faisal and found, …nothing.) ALL and crackflasher links are gone and there are no mirror sites setup for it.

    We can still download Safe Strap for Razr phones because our developer has taken over development to support our devices, but we have OMAP4 devices. Your XT926 is a snapdragon CPU, not the older Ti OMAP4. This version of safe strap may work for you and then again, it might not. Let me check the download site to see what models are covered. These new versions of safe strap are fully backwards compatible but were made to support CM12 or “Lollipop” on the Razr. Source code is also available to build your own safe strap.

    This is Safestrap 3.75 for Motorola Omap4 devices and may not help you, but I am sure there are other Razr, Bionic, Targa, Spyer, or umts_spyder devices out there who can benefit from this.

    There is also a file if you choose to build your own here:

    Good luck. If you have the time and patience, look everywhere for the file you need for the XT926: RAZR-HD-Safestrap-3.05.08.apk

    …wish I could be of more help but this is as good as it gets so far.

    • Paul Baio (@Ohmsterino …Thanks you so much for reply and guide me .. your help is very usefull for me to find my device correct version .. now i m searching this version and hope i will find it .. :-) Thanks again :-)

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  352. My device: Samsung S5 Active AT&T (SM-G870A) – Stock ROM, rooted.
    This device has an encrypted bottloader, therefore I cannot install custom recovery.

    I have the following concern & question:
    When I tried to remove carrier ID, my device soft-bricked.
    I fixed it and made a backup with SafeStrap.
    I will try to remove carrier ID again with a different method.
    In case, it soft- bricks, will the recovery boot menu of SafeStrap still be accessible?

    Thank you ver much for your help.

  353. Sorry, could you help me with blocking a recovery is a Xianomi redme 1s, the recovery is in Chinese and leaves install app, please i need help me.

  354. For AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 i337 MF3 which safestrap to download
    1. Galaxy S4 (ATT) [JFLTEATT] or
    2. Galaxy S4 Active (ATT) [JFLTEATT-ACTIVE]

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